KendoUI new features

KendoUI is powerfull HTML5/Javascript tool for creation UI using predefined controls from Telerik. Also it includes server part for ASP.NET, JSP, and PHP; support integration with AngularJS and Bootstrap.

New Widgets


Easily enable users to interact with self-referencing hierarchical data. The widget comes with built-in sorting, filtering, editing and export.

KendoUI new features

New Features for Existing Widgets

Export to PDF and Excel

Export to PDF for the following widgets: Chart, Grid, Diagram, Map, Gauge, Barcode, QRCode and Scheduler and export to Excel for the Grid.

KendoUI new features

Offline Data Storage

The DataSource component now supports offline storage, allowing users to manipulate data in your app even when offline.

KendoUI new features


Enable individual users to load their custom grid settings, such as sorting, paging, filtering, grouping and column state. Split header cells and display as many “nested” columns as you want.

KendoUI new features


In addition to the day, week, month and agenda views, you can now display appointments in a timeline view.

KendoUI new features


The Kendo UI Chart widget now has better performance and richer customization capabilities thanks to the drawing API core engine.

KendoUI new features


The PivotGrid is now in RTM, coming with KPIs support and sorting capabilities.

KendoUI new features


Kendo UI Diagram supports CRUD operations, letting your users easily edit, update, delete or insert data within your HTML5 app.

KendoUI new features


The Kendo UI Gantt now has a resource and advance edit features.

KendoUI new features

New for All Widgets

New Theme

New modern theme, inspired by the principles of Android Material Design.

KendoUI new features

AngularJS Integration

Improved AngularJS integration, now featuring mobile application transitions and view interactions.

iOS8 and Android Lollipop Support

Our mobile widgets look and feel in conformance with iOS8 and Android Lollipop design concepts.