10 Important E-commerce Trends in 2021

Needless to say, 2021 is all about online shopping. Astonishingly, the breakout of COVID-19 made possible the ten years of e-Commerce development in merely 90 days. At present, the industry is at the heights of growth and expected to break all the past records in the near future. The hype of new trends in the e-Commerce world, regardless of the niche, says it all.

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Docker Engine 20.10 and Docker 3.0.0 Update in 2020

Based on containers, Docker makes the applications easier to build, deploy, and run. What is docker? Using these containers, a developer can package an application with all the necessary components such as libraries and make it available as a package. In this way, the developer can be sure that the application will run on any Linux computer, without reference to specific settings that differ from PC to PC.

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Innovations in the new PHP 8 main version

The PHP development team released PHP 8 on November 26, 2020. This last important update suggests many new functions and significant optimizations for software solutions compared to the previous versions. The 8th version of PHP focuses on the creation of new tasks. Named Arguments, Attributes, Constructor Property, and JIT are some of the new main features. We will explore these new features and what they mean for both users and PHP programmers in this article.

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Chudovo Listed TOP Magento Development Company
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We are very thankful to SuperbCompanies for such a high appreciation of our efforts and happy to be receive an award – cool badge of Magento Development Companies in 2020. We also express profound gratitude to all our customers who entrusted us with their projects helping us become one of the Magento development leaders in IT branche. We proceed working on our existing projects and hope to produce even more excellent ecommerce business ideas in the coming 2021!

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New Features in Windows 10 – Detailed Overview

This article lists new and updated functions that IT professionals may find interesting. This update also has all of the features and corrections that did not appear in previous total updates for Windows 10, version 2004.

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Chudovo Talente is started as new service

Chudovo OÜ has launched a new branch within the company – Chudovo Talente. We bring together leading employers that have challenging and interesting projects with skilled IT specialists. Chudovo Talents is a reliable partner for those companies who are looking for highly qualified IT experts for long-term or temporary assignments.

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MS Visual Studio 2015 RTM

At July 20, 2015 Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2015 RTM. This Release to Manufacturing (RTM) of Visual Studio includes many new features and updates, such as tools for Universal Windows app development, cross-platform mobile development for iOS, Android, and Windows, including Xamarin, Apache Cordova, Unity, and more.

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Technology trends

This overview is based on relevant trend reports and on the outcomes of a trend workshop carried out in the course of drafting development plan, which focused on the significance of key technology trends of Estonia. The list of trends is not exhaustive and serves as a starting point for further analysis.

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We have already made donation to the needs of the Ukrainian army, while our employees are among brave Ukrainian citizens defending their freedom. We also encourage everyone to donate in support of the defenders of Ukraine.