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12th anniversary in the new development centre

12th anniversary in the new development centre

On 19th of January Chudovo OÜ celebrated its long-awaited anniversary. 12 years of efforts and hard work already yielded fruitful results:

  • hundreds of successfully implemented projects and embodied into reality ideas
  • tens of current challenging, but at the same time interesting and unique projects
  • reliable international partners and extraordinary customers
  • company presentation in the Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Estonia and Ukraine
  • gradually growing amount of highly-qualified and certified specialists
  • active work on customer side and organizing business trips
  • taking part in organisation of international events

If look back in time, our way began in 2006 as a sub-provider. Only in 2014 after years of ups and downs Chudovo became an independent company and confidently continued its development. Step by step we overcame lots of arising difficulties, steadily moving towards the goal.

At the beginning of 2018 Chudovo moved to the new office at Sichovykh Striltsiv 50. Exactly in our new home we celebrated 12th anniversary, which is a proof that all the efforts sooner or later will bring the results.

Movement to the more comfortable and spacious office has many advantages. Among them:

  • improving collaboration
  • optimal location, including good traffic junction
  • optimal placement of employees
  • optimal distribution between working and recreation space

All of the above mentioned criteria definitely should improve the level of job satisfaction and performance.

With 2018 begins the 13th year of company activity. Some people believe that the number 13 is unlucky. Fortunately, we are not superstitious and we are more than sure, that this year will bring us a lot of challenges, interesting projects and invaluable experience!

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