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Chudovo is a healthcare software development company that develops custom healthcare solutions for MedTech organizations and medical practitioners. Our team of medical software development experts provides affordable and stress-free healthcare solutions development services.

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Software Development for Healthcare: Selected Projects

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The messenger hospital app ensures secure messaging among doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and patients. It comes with authorization, authentication, and message encryption and adheres to strict compliance standards for healthcare solutions. Access to the chat is restricted, requiring doctors to answer disease-related questions before messaging.

It also supports integration with the electronic health record system for seamless access to patient information within the messaging environment. It also supports file attachments with secure transfer through encryption, facilitating the exchange of medical documentation. Additional features include group messaging and push notifications.

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The telemedicine app development project focused on creating an MVP from scratch, to enter the market, followed by additional functionality to meet customer needs. The initial version featured video communication for live doctor-patient consultations and automated invoice generation. Subsequent releases introduced mobile and tablet compatibility, dynamic graph creation from home-use medical device data, and user action auditing.

Integration with wearable devices like the Apple Watch and Samsung Watch is in progress. Chudovo's tasks included architecture design, front-end and back-end development, and CI/CD configuration. Chudovo designed the platform's modular architecture to allow easy integration into e-health ecosystems, with HL7-compliant suppliers able to access new features and propose custom modules.

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Chudovo development team takes part in the development and maintenance of a mobile application for diabetes management that offers a personalized solution to monitor and control blood glucose levels effectively. The mobile application is integrated with insulin pumps and glucometers, it imports therapy data via Bluetooth, providing insulin and glucose data at a glance on the patient's smartphone.

Additionally, it comes with calculators and built-in insulin injection functionality. Users can easily adjust insulin dosage based on their program. The app also facilitates data documentation, with features like data entry, diary, and practical statistics, while offering PDF/CSV reporting for sharing with healthcare teams.

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Chudovo's team managed and enhanced the customer's existing healthcare app ecosystem. This included developing and supporting applications for patient registration, treatment history tracking, medicine prescription processing, and document formatting. They also integrated the system with external pharmaceutical automation systems and ensured compatibility with the BizTalk Server for data exchange.

Chudovo's responsibilities included recovering and rebuilding core applications, deploying CI/CD, developing new features, fixing bugs, and providing 24/7 DBA support. The project architecture followed Domain Driven Design, Multitenancy, and Layered architecture principles to ensure scalability and maintainability

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Chudovo developed a communication app for medical feedback gathering, addressing the customer's need to streamline post-operative communication. The solution enables patients to provide feedback before and after medical procedures via a special form filled out by the doctor and a short questionnaire accessed through a unique QR code.

Patients receive notifications prompting them to fill out the questionnaire over five days, with the system automatically generating reports and visual graphs based on the responses. Additionally, patients can send messages to the doctor directly or anonymously, providing feedback on the institution and medical device used post-operation. The app also includes an admin panel for managing doctors' contact data and enabling/disabling features as needed.

Our Approach to Custom Healthcare Software Development and Evolution

As a custom healthcare software development provider, we focus on the end-user experience for patients, physicians, and nurses. We prioritize convenience throughout the process, from the initial planning of functionality and architecture to the design of the user interface and user experience. Our expertise allows us to integrate and improve medical software, regardless of complexity, seamlessly. By following our proven methodology, we ensure the delivery of tangible business outcomes for our clients.

Healthcare Application Development Timelines and Costs

Custom healthcare software development means that in most cases, no two projects are the same. It is difficult to have a fixed price for all projects as costs vary from one project to another. Typically, the cost of custom healthcare development varies according to the:

Scope and complexity: more extensive projects with complex features cost more to develop
Application types: the final price depends also on the types of apps to be developed (web, mobile, desktop)
Features and functionalities: the specific features required affect the development costs. Advanced features such as telemedicine and AI-driven decision support systems increase development costs
Technology stack: some technologies are costlier as they require more specialized skills or licensing fees, which in turn affects overall costs
Regulatory compliance: compliance with healthcare regulations adds complexity to projects and may require additional security measures. This increases the cost of development
Customization requirements - highly customized solutions cost more to develop.
Development team composition: the size, composition, skills, expertise, and cooperation model for the development team affect the overall expenses.
Integration needs: the need for integration with other systems affects development costs, particularly when complex integrations that require additional time and resources are involved.
Testing and quality assurance: healthcare software requires thorough testing and quality assurance. Thorough testing contributes to the development costs.

The sample costs and delivery timelines for commonly developed solutions are as follows:

Types of Custom Healthcare Solutions our Teams Develop

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Medical Applications for Patients
  • Health & symptom-tracking apps
  • Telemedicine applications
  • Medication tracker apps
  • Urgent care apps (emergency medicine apps)
  • Patient portals and patient engagement platforms
  • Mental health and therapy apps
  • Personal health record (PHR) Apps
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
  • Symptom checkers and health assessment tools
  • Medication Management and reminder apps
  • Wellness and fitness tracking apps
  • Chronic disease management apps
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Medical Applications for Doctors and Medical Professionals
  • Medical education & training applications
  • Medical appointment scheduling software
  • Medical apps for remote care, remote patient diagnostics and monitoring
  • Messaging apps for medical staff
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems
  • Practice Management Software
  • Electronic Prescription (e-Prescribing) Systems
  • Healthcare Analytics and Reporting Tools
  • Surgical Planning and Simulation Software
  • Medical Reference and Drug Information Apps
  • Medical Inventory Management Systems
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) Platforms
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Medical Applications for Hospitals, Clinics, and Other Healthcare Institutions
  • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
  • Electronic health records systems (EMR/EHR systems)
  • Medical billing software
  • Pharmacy inventory management systems
  • Hospital management systems (HMS)
  • Software for electronic prescriptions
  • Healthcare analytics software
  • Staff scheduling and rostering software
  • Asset tracking and equipment maintenance systems
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting solutions
  • Pharmacy management systems
  • Patient management and bed allocation systems
  • Operating room management software
  • Hospital inventory management systems

Other Areas of Expertise for the Healthcare Industry

AR/VR Solutions Development
  • Virtual reality simulations for surgical training
  • Augmented reality anatomy visualization apps for medical education
  • AR-based patient education tools for explaining medical procedures
  • Augmented reality physical therapy apps for rehabilitation exercises
  • VR meditation and relaxation experiences for stress reduction
  • AR-powered medical device training modules for healthcare professionals
  • Virtual reality tours of hospital facilities for patient orientation
Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • AI-driven medical imaging analysis software for detecting abnormalities in X-rays
  • Natural language processing chatbots for answering patient inquiries
  • AI-powered symptom checkers for remote patient triage
  • Predictive analytics tools for forecasting healthcare resource utilization
  • AI-based virtual assistants for healthcare providers
  • Natural language processing algorithms for extracting insights from clinical notes and medical literature
  • Machine learning-based personalized treatment recommendation systems
Computer Vision Solutions
  • Image recognition software for automated pathology analysis
  • Facial recognition systems for patient identification and security
  • Image recognition software for machine-assisted diagnosis
  • Computer vision algorithms for tracking surgical instruments during procedures
  • Video analytics solutions for monitoring patient safety
  • Automated radiology image analysis software for detecting abnormalities
  • Gesture recognition interfaces for controlling medical devices hands-free
  • Automated visual inspection systems for quality control in medical device manufacturing
Internet of Things Solutions
  • Wearable health monitoring devices
  • Remote patient tracking and monitoring systems
  • Smart medication dispensers with IoT connectivity
  • Connected medical devices for real-time telemetry data collection Internet-connected infusion pumps with dose tracking and remote monitoring
  • Connected medical implants for continuous health monitoring and diagnostics
  • IoT-enabled asset tracking systems for medical equipment management
Blockchain Solutions
  • Blockchain-based electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Decentralized clinical trial platforms
  • Blockchain-powered medication traceability solutions
  • Patient-controlled health data exchange platforms
  • Secure telemedicine platforms
  • Smart contracts for automating healthcare insurance claims processing and payments
  • Tokenized healthcare incentives and reward programs
  • Blockchain-powered genomic data-sharing networks for medical research

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Who owns IP rights for the developed healthcare solutions? Answer
At Chudovo, we understand the importance of intellectual property rights in healthcare software development. The clients retain full ownership of the IP rights for the healthcare solutions developed by the healthcare development teams. We work closely with the clients to ensure that the terms of our engagement are clearly outlined in the project contract, including the ownership and licensing of intellectual property. Our goal is to empower our clients to leverage their healthcare solutions to their fullest potential while respecting their rights to their intellectual property
How do you ensure that the healthcare software you develop complies with security standards and regulations? Answer
At Chudovo, we prioritize security and regulatory compliance in all our healthcare software development projects. We adhere to industry best practices and standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and HITECH to ensure that patient data remains secure and confidential. Our development process includes rigorous testing and validation procedures to identify and address any vulnerabilities or compliance gaps. Additionally, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific regulatory requirements and tailor our solutions to meet their needs.
Why should I hire your healthcare software developers? Answer
Choosing Chudovo's healthcare software developers ensures you partner with a team experienced in developing secure, compliant, and innovative healthcare solutions. Our developers possess deep expertise in healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, and FDA guidelines, ensuring your software meets stringent industry standards. Additionally, we prioritize patient data security and confidentiality, embedding robust security measures into every stage of development. Chudovo has a proven track record of delivering scalable, user-friendly, and customized healthcare software, our developers are committed to helping you achieve your healthcare technology goals efficiently and effectively
What experience do you have in developing Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software? Answer
Chudovo has extensive experience in developing EHR and EMR software solutions for healthcare providers. Our team of healthcare software developers and domain experts understands the unique challenges and requirements of healthcare data management and software development for healthcare. We have successfully delivered custom EHR/EMR solutions that streamline clinical workflows, improve patient care coordination, and ensure compliance with industry standards. At Chudovo, we have the expertise to deliver both standalone EHR systems and integrated solutions with other healthcare IT systems.
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