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Improve the effectiveness of remote care, enhance patient experience and outcomes, and boost IoT devices care performance with a intelligence-driven approach to healthtech software development

Improve your healthcare business

Your Company Develop Healthy Societies as:
  • Medical device manufacturer - Chudovo is ready to provide you with tamper-proof and user-friendly customer-end software for your developed hardware solution.
  • Healthcare startup - Entrust your MVP development to experienced professionals and hit the market with the high-quality Healthtech product.
  • Medical and research laboratory - Efficient custom digital solutions to accelerate the accuracy and integrity of test results.
  • Hospitals and private medical practices - We will help you to eliminate all the unnecessary tasks and improve the caring quality with software systems.
  • Health Insurance Providers – Improvement of the management of requirements and benefits for health insurance providers.
Chudovo Can Help You with:
  • Development of IoT software for wearable devices with health monitoring and medical recommendations to patients
  • 3D modeling and other medical visualizations for medical decision making, education, better communication with patients, or sales
  • Medical workflow automation. Digitalized information systems for maintaining operations capable of providing the better patient experience.
  • Laboratory information management systems development: automated solutions for data collection, monitoring, and analysis
  • Telemedicine projects: virtual medical assistance applications and their support
Custom Healthcare software tools and services
Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)

Chudovo’s EHR/EMR solutions development services allow your organization to be able to process sensitive medical data safely and efficiently and therefore provide high-quality medical services for your patients and increase revenues.

We’re ready to assist you with:

Development of safe and secure EHR/EMR systems
Improvements and customizations EHR/EMR systems
Integration of electronic health records solutions with other clinical software

Medical Practice Management Software

Working with Chudovo Medical Practice Management Software will help your healthcare business meet medical standards and achieve business goals. Our top developer has a deep expertise in developing healthcare IT solutions.

We’re ready to assist you:

Patient information management software that is compatible with common standards
Reporting, billing, and claim processing tools
Scheduling apps and comprehensive medical-records solutions

Telehealth & Telemedicine

At Chudovo, we make TeleMedicine and TeleHealth solutions that help your healthcare business be the best it can be, so you can provide all of your patients with the best healthcare treatments available.

We’re ready to assist you:

TeleHealth app development and integration services
World-class UI/UX design for TeleMedicine solutions
Data protection, security, and support services

Healthcare Software Developers

The Healthcare Software Developers at Chudovo deliver high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization. Our experts are industry-specific, and they’re guided by professional standards to ensure compliance. Our team will work closely with you to design a cutting-edge solution sure to drive success.

We’re ready to assist you:

Healthcare Business Analysts with proven expertise
Experienced healthcare PMs and software developers
Healthcare UI/UX Designers, Architects, and QA engineers

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Remote Patient Monitoring Software, created by Chudovo’s IT team, will make it possible for doctors to examine patients, track their progress and make sure they get the care they need, no matter what conditions they might be in, and within full compliance with all legal requirements.

We’re ready to assist you:

RPM software to collect and assess medical data
Reliable solutions to track medication adherence
Digital solutions for mental health

Health Information Management Software

Trust many years of experience in the development of secure healthcare systems to benefit from a complete and top-performing Health Information System by working with Chudovo.

We’re ready to assist you:

Effective tools for paperless patient registration
Adaptable eConsent solutions for generating forms
Medical Records Management for processing patient info

Healthcare AI Software Solutions

AI and ML can assist healthcare providers with the constant influx of health data. Through the utilization of these tools, you can treat patients more effectively and process the information needed to achieve success.

We’re ready to assist you:

Smart speech recognition software and chatbots
Reliable text and medical image recognition tools
Healthcare analytics and Augmented Intelligence

Mobile Healthcare Applications

Make sure to offer the best possible care for your patients by using mobile healthcare applications that are available at Chudovo. We work with leading IT companies and will make sure you get the best apps.

We’re ready to assist you:

User-friendly mobile applications for patients
Secure and feature-rich mobile apps for doctors
Advanced mobile apps for entire medical facilities

Healthcare Data Analytics Software

Protect your reputation, grow your business, and attract more loyal patients and partners by choosing the Healthcare Data Analytics Software from Chudovo. Our software will be customized to meet your specific needs.

We’re ready to assist you:

Solutions to input and process medical data
Healthcare data extracting and cleansing
Seamless support for medical data-related issues

Health Information Exchange Software

To be at the forefront of healthcare, you should use cutting-edge Health Information Exchange Software. Chudovo is the industry’s leader in this area because we are a company of professionals with special expertise.

We’re ready to assist you:

Development of Health Information Exchange interfaces
Flexible repositories for HIE data aggregation
Top-notch solutions for HIE data management

Hospital Management Software

Effective management of healthcare facilities requires close attention to all aspects of care, and new Hospital Management Software from Chudovo can streamline all administrative tasks and provide real-time data on each department, allowing for informed decision-making.

We’re ready to assist you:

IoT systems for location control in hospitals
Development of hospital information management software
Hospital CRM systems and medical decision support tools

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Advanced Healthcare software solutions will help you to:
Launch consumer health applications
Launch consumer health applications
Our team of healthcare app developers will provide your business with software easily synced with health-tracking wearables, sensors, and medical devices. The compilation of these features strengthens remote patient monitoring. It becomes possible with powerful data collection, processing, and visualization options so that patients and doctors can make balanced decisions based on accurate health data.
Adapt to the requirements of the demanding patients
Adapt to the requirements of the demanding patients
Patients today are not only consumers of healthcare services but also demanding clients of healthcare providers. As a result, custom healthcare software development should be concise and beneficial, delivering convenience, affordability, and performance at every stage of treatment.
Workflow optimization
Workflow optimization
To increase the patient's comfort and improve outcomes, the entire process must be smooth and streamlined. Our solutions will help you to get an optimized workflow that monitors everything from patient admission and health education to release.
Improve interoperability
Improve interoperability
Use medical big data and analytics to gain knowledge to improve diagnosis and disease management, increase revenue, and encourage strategic decision-making.
Utilize creativity. Healthcare provided by innovative organizations
Utilize creativity. Healthcare provided by innovative organizations
Healthcare software developers at Chudovo assist clients in locating the most cost-effective IT solutions and tailoring them to their specific business requirements. Regardless of practice size, our services assist healthcare providers in migrating workloads to the cloud, integrating back-end systems, and bringing their technological solutions into regulatory compliance.
Benefits of Custom Medical Software by Chudovo
Improved efficiency
Chudovo answers the call of an industry clamoring to get administrative work done better and faster, offering expert back-office teams, automation, and personal service so you can focus on what you went into healthcare to do
Built-in scalability
As a healthcare software development company with years of experience, we’ve identified and set up best practices for designing scalable medical solutions
Multi-faceted skills
Beyond providing healthcare software solutions, we offer a wide range of services that include consulting, quality assurance, data management, and cloud optimization
Focus on usability
While people tend to focus on function, the role of user experience (UX) design in healthcare often goes overlooked. Out healthcare development services department offers patient- and employee-centered design solutions that can help avoid surgical errors, burnout in staff, and improve patient safety
What are the trends that you follow to build Healthcare software?
The healthcare sector focuses on the best interests of patients, so the growing trends serve to improve patient experience and simplify medical management. New technological innovations in the healthcare field include Medical Practice Management Software (MMPS), Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, e-prescribing software, IoT devices and personal treatment plans, telemedicine, and virtual nursing. This newest round of developments will make treatment easier, and improve the patients’ lifestyle.
What are the key benefits of custom healthcare software development?
Custom healthcare software development suggests many advantages to the project owners and their patients. Error-free prescription systems, streamlined treatment management, and optimized medication use in final customers’ facilities. The custom software also helps in managing and manipulating personal medical data cost-effectively.
How does Chudovo ensure faster ROI for healthcare software?
We use Agile software development methodologies and iterative releases to create custom software for the healthcare field. For our healthcare projects, we’re able to deliver an MVP in the assort time deadlines and then release updates within several weeks. Such an approach enables healthcare businesses to start benefiting from the early stage of the process.
How does Chudovo ensure the software security and HIPAA compliance?
As information security professionals, we help companies protect their reputations and prevent disastrous data breaches by designing secure software architectures, testing compliance with HIPAA requirements, and conducting security testing.
How does Chudovo reduce healthcare apps development costs?
We created a cloud-native architecture that incorporates proven third-party components and public APIs with the goal of decreasing costs. With a team of skilled healthcare software developers and testers in place, your organization can expect timely software delivery.
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