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Improve the effectiveness of remote care, enhance patient experience and outcomes, and boost IoT devices care performance with a intelligence-driven approach to healthtech software development

Healthcare software development company

Improving patient care and reducing expenses are two major objectives of healthcare organizations. Nowadays software development is crucial in efficient healthcare, from patients to healthcare providers. Chudovo collaborates with healthcare companies to help them optimize technological innovations, automate internal processes, enhance customer experiences, and manage medical information efficiently.
  • We design secure and regulatory-compliant software solutions that facilitate communication between patients, healthcare providers, medical device vendors, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical suppliers to create a robust healthcare ecosystem.
  • Chudovo has the extensive domain expertise to recommend appropriate solutions to overcome specific business challenges and avoid potential obstacles during delivery and deployment. Contact our healthcare experts to find these and other answers to your questions.
  • We assist medical institutions in revitalizing their existing software by upgrading, extending, or undertaking a complete rework. Our developers are proficient in transforming your current software, enhancing its security, reliability, and ensuring compliance with current standards.
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Healthcare Software Development Services We Offer

Our healthcare software development services cater to all industry institutions, including medical, telemedicine, and remote care, focusing on maintaining physical and mental well-being. Our expertise include:
  • Custom Healthcare Software Development

    Expect a sophisticated project plan, a feature-rich value list, a secure and dependable architecture, complete regulatory compliance, and optimal software performance as inherent benefits when develop new software solutions with Chudovo.
  • Healthcare Software Modernization

    We re-engineer existing healthcare software solutions to make them meet the latest healthcare and telehealth security, usability, and interoperability standards.
  • Third Party Integrations

    We align custom-built software with internal systems, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Patient Portals, and e-RX services for prescription solutions. We also integrate with interactive streaming platforms for Telehealth solutions.
  • Healthcare RPA

    We increase the performance of healthcare institutions and departments by automating routine processes with robotic software applications.
  • Healthcare mobile app development

    We develop mobile applications tailored for healthcare, promoting accessibility, convenience, and improved patient engagement through user-friendly interfaces.
  • Healthcare IT consulting

    We assist medical organizations in creating optimal digital environments. We consult on integrating technologies seamlessly into the existing ecosystem or develop strategy for the new healthcare software product development and launch.
  • Medical device software development

    Create software solutions for medical devices, ensuring seamless integration and functionality in the healthcare ecosystem with Chudovo.
  • IoT Healthcare solutions development

    We specialize in crafting innovative and interconnected solutions that leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionize healthcare.
  • Patient engagement software development

    Our specialists are proficient in Developing innovative software to enhance patient engagement, improving communication, education, and interaction between doctors and patients.
  • Audit and Assessment of existing IT environment

    Conduct a thorough assessment of your current IT environment, providing valuable insights to optimize systems, enhance security, and align technology with organizational goals.

Healthcare software development solutions

Our services in healthcare software development offer cutting-edge digital solutions that enable healthcare organizations to achieve their objectives. Our software is designed to enhance the productivity of doctors, patients, and back-office employees, resulting in more efficient and effective healthcare services. By leveraging our digital solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

Telehealth Platforms

Our sophisticated telehealth platforms provide a secure and highly functional environment that enables physicians to schedule appointments, conduct remote patient visits, submit prescriptions to pharmacies, and share medical images.

Mobile Apps for Patients

Patient portal apps simplify appointment scheduling and reminders, medication and prescription tracking, and test result management. They also provide a means to update doctors and other personnel on important health developments.

Medical Inventory Software

Managing medical inventory can be challenging, given the volume and variety of items. Our custom medical inventory software solutions enable you to monitor and manage inventory levels effectively, ensuring that your personnel always have the necessary tools.

Hospital Management Software

Hospitals are busy places, with new patients arriving regularly. Custom hospital management software solutions help streamline day-to-day operations, enabling everything to run smoothly and providing management with the information they need to make decisions.

Medical Billing Software

The typical healthcare provider deals with many patients, including billing and payments. Our custom-made billing software solutions streamline billing processes, making your operations more efficient and effective while reducing errors.

Healthcare CRM Software

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions make it easy for you to keep track of your patients. Our custom healthcare solutions team provides doctors and other personnel access to details like previous interactions with patients and their medical status, enabling them to provide tailored services that enhance customer loyalty.

Healthcare AI/ML Solutions

AI and ML can assist healthcare providers with the constant influx of health data. Through the utilization of these tools, you can treat patients more effectively and process the information needed to achieve success. We’re ready to assist you with smart speech recognition software and chatbots, reliable text and medical image recognition tools, as long as other AI/ML technologies integrations in your healthcare software

Hospital Management Software

Effective management of healthcare facilities requires close attention to all aspects of care, and new Hospital Management Software from Chudovo can streamline all administrative tasks and provide real-time data on each department, allowing for informed decision-making.

Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)

Chudovo’s EHR/EMR solutions development services allow your organization to be able to process sensitive medical data safely and efficiently and therefore provide high-quality medical services for your patients and increase revenues.

Medical Practice Management Software

We develop custom patient information management software that is compatible with common standards, Reporting, billing, and claim processing tools, scheduling apps and comprehensive medical-records solutions


Laboratory information management systems development: automated solutions for data collection, monitoring, and analysis


We specialize on development of IoT software for wearable devices with health monitoring and medical recommendations to patients

The Specifics of Healthcare Software Application Development

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For Doctors

Doctors carry out various tasks and rely on applications to aid them in their duties. These functions include the automation of medication prescriptions, patient consultations, and staff communication. Medical applications designed for healthcare professionals can streamline interactions between specialists and patients, provide access to medical and patient information, and promote prompt cooperation among healthcare providers.
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For Patients

Utilizing customized medical software has greatly enhanced the quality of service and patient experience. It is evident through the following advantages: Reduced waiting times in queues and clinics due to the utilization of advanced appointment scheduling systems; Efficient communication between healthcare providers and patients through various devices, enabling remote access to routine examinations and medical treatment; Enhanced regulation of medication prescriptions and convenient access to health records, such as medical examinations, are just a click away.
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For Clinics

Chudovo collaborates with medical and life sciences firms to revamp their operations and build adaptable software infrastructure, enabling innovation and change as the healthcare industry digitizes. Our bespoke healthcare software development services enhance hospital workflows, accelerate drug discovery, and increase patient involvement. We focus on delivering personalized, preventive care by improving financial and equipment management, service quality, and data flow.
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For Self-Care

With the ability to access medical information from virtually anywhere in the world, people can save valuable time for medical professionals. Healthcare software development companies offer patients self-help tools, which can alleviate the burden on doctors and provide more space for those with acute symptoms. As a result of these advancements in healthcare technology, patients are experiencing better outcomes, and healthcare institutions are becoming more efficient and sustainable.

Our Approach to Custom Healthcare Software Development and Evolution

As a custom healthcare software development provider, we focus on the end-user experience for patients, physicians, and nurses. We prioritize convenience throughout the process, from the initial planning of functionality and architecture to the design of the user interface and user experience. Our expertise allows us to integrate and improve medical software, regardless of complexity, seamlessly. By following our proven methodology, we ensure the delivery of tangible business outcomes for our clients.

8 Ways Custom Software Development is Transforming The Healthcare Sector

Below are the key eight areas of healthcare where the introduction of cutting-edge software solutions has had the most impact:
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    1. Advanced Diagnosis

    Advanced diagnosis technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing patients with efficient operations management and advanced diagnosis. AI-powered tools accelerate medication development, and modern software solutions are available in the market that aids in the early identification of critical illnesses.
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    2. Customized Solutions

    Every healthcare organization has exceptional patient care, functional areas, technologies, and methodologies. Therefore, commercial software can only meet some of their requirements. Such specialized needs can only be met by custom software. Automation, AI, machine learning, etc., help the organization.
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    3. Data Privacy & Security

    Data security is of utmost importance in the healthcare industry since it produces a lot of data daily. Hybrid applications protect patient data from malicious attacks and breaches. Patients feel secure providing personal information in such a tailored application.
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    4. Superior Patient Care

    AI-driven software resolves the issue of long lines at hospitals that not only put your patience to the test but also delay the consultation process. Treatment delayed is always treatment denied, but with AI-driven software, this issue is easily resolved.
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    5. Growth Potential

    Modern software is replacing the paper-based environment of the traditional medical record maintenance system with a digital one. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) can store patient data from many people in a safe location hosted on a cloud. It lowers operating costs and raises any healthcare organization's return on investment. Thus, hybrid software has a pivotal role in supporting massive business growth.
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    6. Multiplatform System with Easy Accessibility

    Leading businesses create software compatible with various devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktops. The data is synchronized if all parties involved in a healthcare organization use the same software. The primary users of the system are physicians and patients, who both have mobile access. Access to real-time data allows the consultation process to be completed more quickly.
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    7. Increased Quality of Healthcare

    Custom software transforms the conventional healthcare system by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and automated and advanced systems. Every small process, from patient appointment scheduling to data storage, is redesigned. The custom software streamlines outdated procedures to a greater extent to conform to the current healthcare standards.
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    8. Increasing Scalability

    Off-the-shelf software has limitations that prevent it from providing dynamic business growth and scalability. When you hire a software company to develop a custom solution, the vendor ensures that the custom solution scales your company's growth at all levels. Healthcare organizations can achieve long-term sustainability with specialized software for hassle-free operation, smooth maintenance, and effective work processes.


Creating mobile or web apps customized for medical professionals to connect with patients, utilize medical data analytics, and access patient health reports is the core of custom software for medical devices.

Optimize workflows

Utilizing technology improves efficiency and accuracy in work processes. Custom medical solutions help your staff focus on providing better patient care.

Personalized care

Modern patients want to be informed about their health and demand personalized services from their healthcare providers. It has increased demand for health apps, telemedicine, and at-home testing.

Enhanced security

Custom software for medical devices adheres to industry standards and regulations to ensure the security and privacy of personal information. Applications must comply with web app safety development standards and other regulations to be approved.

Tailor-made solutions

A custom-built software platform catering to your business needs helps provide better client services. Investing in a tailor-made or custom-built platform is recommended for patient-care facilities instead of a custom software service that may not meet your business needs or function within a specific capacity.

Scalable and agile solutions

In-house healthcare developers may be burdened with other tasks, causing them to lose focus on software development. Working with an external agency provides flexibility in managing resources, including skilled software developers who can create more robust and agile applications.

Expert team

Larger software development projects may require a bigger pool of solution developers. Outsourcing healthcare software provides access to a skilled team of developers and eliminates the need to invest in infrastructure and a team of skilled developers.

Increased productivity

Offshore healthcare developers can develop applications without requiring extensive briefing and training. It allows businesses to focus on improving essential medical services and analytics.

Faster time-to-market

Working with custom development teams provides access to healthcare specialists who can develop apps quickly and efficiently. It ensures that applications are well-designed, superior, and reach the market sooner, enabling patients to receive treatment quickly.
What is the cost of software development in the medical industry? Answer
Estimating the expenses before initiating clinical software development for your organization is crucial. The cost of software development within the medical field can range from $50,000 to $500,000, and even more depending on various factors such as complexity, project specifications, duration of collaboration with the vendor, and others. Below, we will discuss these factors in detail to provide a better understanding of how they impact the final price.

• Type of Collaboration

Deciding the type of team you want to work with is essential. You can hire an in-house team if you have sufficient resources or opt for an outsourcing team of software engineers, which is a more convenient and cost-effective solution.

• Team Composition

The composition and expertise of the development team significantly affect the cost. The number of employees, experience, skills, and technological stack of software developers involved in the project are crucial factors in determining the final price.

• Project Complexity

The project's cost depends on the type of software or medical website you wish to develop. The design complexity and the number of features you want to incorporate into the software also play a significant role in the final budget.

• Development Timeline

The complexity of software development is directly proportional to the amount of time and cost required for the healthcare development project.

• Team Location

If you choose to work with an outsourcing team of software engineers, the price will vary depending on the location. Eastern European outsourcing destinations offer the best quality-price balance and are therefore recommended.
What are the trends that you follow to build Healthcare software? Answer
The healthcare sector focuses on the best interests of patients, so the growing trends serve to improve patient experience and simplify medical management. New technological innovations in the healthcare field include Medical Practice Management Software (MMPS), Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, e-prescribing software, IoT devices and personal treatment plans, telemedicine, and virtual nursing. This newest round of developments will make treatment easier, and improve the patients’ lifestyle.
What are the key benefits of custom healthcare software development? Answer
Custom healthcare software development suggests many advantages to the project owners and their patients. Error-free prescription systems, streamlined treatment management, and optimized medication use in final customers’ facilities. The custom software also helps in managing and manipulating personal medical data cost-effectively.
How does Chudovo ensure faster ROI for healthcare software? Answer
We use Agile software development methodologies and iterative releases to create custom software for the healthcare field. For our healthcare projects, we’re able to deliver an MVP in the assort time deadlines and then release updates within several weeks. Such an approach enables healthcare businesses to start benefiting from the early stage of the process.
How does Chudovo ensure the software security and HIPAA compliance? Answer
As information security professionals, we help companies protect their reputations and prevent disastrous data breaches by designing secure software architectures, testing compliance with HIPAA requirements, and conducting security testing.
How does Chudovo reduce healthcare apps development costs? Answer
We created a cloud-native architecture that incorporates proven third-party components and public APIs with the goal of decreasing costs. With a team of skilled healthcare software developers and testers in place, your organization can expect timely software delivery.
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