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Build secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performance back-end solutions for your web, desktop, and mobile applications as well as IoT ecosystems.

Our Custom Back-End Development Services

When users interact with applications and websites, typically, what they see is only the front-end side. However, behind the scenes lies a back-end side that acts as an engine of the application powering all interactions and functionalities made available to the user. The back-end is made up of server-side components that handle data processing, database interactions, data management, business logic, performance, and security of the application.
The back-end side is a core component of any application as it has a direct impact on the performance, stability, reliability, availability, user experience, security, and the features available to your users. Whereas the front-end side may win over users with its visual appeal, the back-end side is what makes them stay.
In that regard, it is important to ensure the back-end side of your applications is built by a qualified, experienced, and reliable back-end development company such as Chudovo.
Explore our services below to learn how Chudovo can help with your back-end development needs.

Our Typicall Back-End Software Engineering Team Members

Business Analyst
  • Gathers and analyses business requirements for back-end systems and services
  • Conducts market research, competitor analysis, and feasibility studies to inform back-end development decisions
  • Translates business needs into technical requirements and functional specifications for back-end development
Project Manager
  • Leads project planning, execution, and delivery
  • Defines project objectives, milestones, deliverables, timelines and allocates resources
  • Coordinates the teams working on the project and monitors progress
  • Facilitates communication with stakeholders providing regular project reporting and updates
Software Architect
  • Designs the overall architecture and technical blueprint for the back-end system and services
  • Defines system components, modules, interfaces, and communication protocols
  • Offers technology stack and tools for development to the stakeholders
  • Ensures adherence to best practices, high standards, and regulatory compliance
Back-End Developer
  • Writes server-side code
  • Implements business logic, data models, and algorithms
  • Develop and maintain back-end services, APIs, and data-processing logic
  • Designs, deploys, and manages databases for data storage and retrieval
  • Debugs and optimizes back-end code
  • Fixes the issues reported by QA engineers
Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Develops and executes test plans, test cases, and test scenario
  • Conducts testing activities
  • Identifies and reports bugs, defects, and issues in back-end functionality and performance
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, coding conventions, and security standards
  • Automates deployment and implements CI/CD pipelines and IaC.
  • Monitors and manages server infrastructure and cloud resources
  • Implements automated solutions for tracking system performance, security, and availability

Engagement Models in Terms of Back-End Solutions Delivery

Chudovo offers a variety of flexible and cost-friendly sourcing models to meet the unique needs of your business and project. Our sourcing models include
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Staff Augmentation

Hire back-end developers to strengthen the existing on-site team and bring the external expertise that may be lacking in the current in-house team. Staff augmentation is catered for businesses with an in-house team. It is suitable to address increased project demands, meet delivery timelines, or access the lacking expertise.

The typical process for back-end staff augmentation is as follows:

  • Discovery call to discuss project needs and requirements
  • Chudovo identifies suitable candidates
  • The client selects the back-end software engineers or other experts for the cooperation
  • Negotiations regarding the contract and agreement on KPIs
  • Project onboarding for selected candidates
  • Integration with existing team members
  • Regular performance review
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Dedicated Back-End Development Team

This model allows you to hire a dedicated team of back-end development experts who will work full-time under your guidance and management. This model is ideal for businesses with ongoing development initiatives and long-term projects.

The process of having a dedicated back-end development team is as follows:

  • Initial consultation to discuss project needs and requirements
  • Chudovo offers the client CVs of the potential candidates to form the dedicated team for the customer
  • Candidate screening by the customer to determine the best fit
  • Client reviews and interviews selected team members
  • Onboarding and integration with existing team members
  • Project Kickoff
  • Regular performance monitoring and reporting
  • Project completion, delivery, and transition
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Back-End Project Outsourcing

Outsource the entire development, management, and delivery of your back-end projects to Chudovo. Our back-end programming teams handle all aspects of development from planning to deployment and maintenance. Outsourcing is excellent for businesses that don’t have an in-house team, businesses that want to save on development costs, and businesses with projects that have tight delivery timelines.

The outsourcing process involves:

  • Initial consultation and discovery
  • Requirement gathering and their detailed analysis
  • Proposal presentation, negotiation, and agreement signature
  • Team formation
  • Project planning and kickoff
  • Project development and iteration incorporating client feedback
  • Quality assurance, and testing
  • Deployment and launch
  • Project review, maintenance, and regular maintenance

Why choose Chudovo for Back-End System Development

  • 100 000+ Man-days experience in back-end solutions development
  • 400+ Successfuly implemented back-end projects
  • 100+ Skilled back-end software engineers
  • 15+ Years working with the back-end development

Selected Back-end Development Projects We’ve Delivered

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Development of Payroll Calculator API

Industry: Finance

Summary: The software engineering team aimed to develop a payroll calculator API which was intended to be part of a W-2 form generator. The API would enable the W-2 generator to execute its automatic calculations, simplifying the process of reporting. Our business analysts analyzed and derived business rules for the payroll calculator API as the calculations for each state can differ based on the laws and taxation rules. The API development was done using Node.js & Express.js and deployed on the AWS cloud. The developed payroll calculator API was integrated with the existing W-2 form generator.

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Back-End Application for Time Monitoring

Industry: Finance

Summary: A US-based financial company with an existing business management platform needed employee time-tracking functionality added to the existing system. The platform itself has a microservices architecture and the back-end app should be implemented as a separate service. The microservice was implemented using a Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach to guarantee scalability and flexibility. Services communicate with each other through Azure Service Bus and data is stored in MongoDB and MYSQL. Communication was implemented using the mediator pattern and deployment was done on Microsoft Azure. As a result, a back-end project was delivered on time. The client, in turn, got a quality, reliable module that is extensively used for employee tracking.

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R&D Development of VMS

Industry: Business Services

Summary: Chudovo worked with a video security company to develop a video monitoring system (VMS) that would enable organisations to monitor complex units from multiple cameras from one source. This was a special project in that the client had an existing desktop VMS system but wanted a new web version developed to improve on the existing one and offer more functionalities. Chudovo handled the research and development (R&D) of the VMS, with our business analyst conducting in-depth requirements gathering and analysis to find ways of improving the application. Chudovo also provided a dedicated team of front-end developers and back-end developers. Our back-end engineering team designed the system’s architecture and built the back-end logic to support a web application. They also handled testing, deployment, and documentation of the application.

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Mobile App for Symptom Tracking

Industry: Healthcare

Summary: A startup in the healthcare space needed a minimum viable product (MVP) for an application that would be used by patients to track symptoms and by doctors to communicate with patients. The mobile development team collaborated with this startup and did the initial requirement gathering, analysis, and specification after which Chudovo helped with technology selection and designing the back-end architecture for the application. After the design and specification of the architecture for the application. Chudovo used C#/.NET to build the back-end and Xamarin for the front-end. The features such as symptom logging, medical tracking, data synchronization, data export and sharing, data analysis, notifications, and data reporting were implemented. The application was hosted on Microsoft Azure. The mobile development team was also responsible for the testing and deployment. The application is currently available on PlayStore and Apple Store.

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Web B2B Cooperation Platform

Industry: IT

Summary: Chudovo built a B2B cooperation platform that transformed and enhanced the cooperation of companies and clients in the IT field. On the platform, companies can source IT professionals to work on their projects, and development companies find outsourced projects to work on. The software engineering team developed the solution from scratch and handled requirements analysis, UI/UX design, front-end web development, system architecture design, back-end web development, testing, and deployment. The front-end was implemented using Angular, while .NET was used on the back-end. The solution had a messaging module, reporting dashboard, user management capabilities, search modules, admin tool for management, integration with the Stripe payment gateway, etc. The search algorithm for the team search was implemented by the back-end developers using the Munkres approach.

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Our Back-End App Development Steps

Back-End Applications Development Costs

Typically, the development of backend solutions ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 for standard backend solutions with clearly defined requirements. Solutions of medium complexity range from $30,000 to $120,000. Since each project is unique, the cost of development typically varies depending on the following factors:

Project scope - the scope and complexity of a project directly correlate to the cost of development. An increase in complexity, required features, and customizations raises the development cost.
Required integrations - Integrations with third-party services, APIs, or external systems directly affect the overall cost. An increase in the number of integrations needed increases the development cost.
Location of experts - We have experts from the EMEA and LATAM regions. The hourly rates of these experts vary according to region and affect the overall cost of a project.
Team composition and expertise - the skills, expertise, experience, and number of team members working on a project affect the development costs.
Technology stack - the choice of technologies used for development impacts the overall costs as some technologies require specialized expertise and licensing.
Data management - the volume and complexity of data that needs to be processed and stored impacts development costs as specialized database solutions and optimizations will need to be implemented.
Regulatory compliance - additional development effort is required to ensure projects comply with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. This impacts the cost of development.

Back-End Technologies We Use

Languages and Platforms
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MariaDB
  • DynamoDB
  • CosmosDB
Cloud Providers
CI/CD Tools
  • Jenkins
  • CircleCI
  • TeamCity
  • Bamboo
  • Gitlab
  • Buddy
  • Travis Ci
  • Puppet
  • Azure DevOps
  • Bitbucket
  • AWS Pipeline
API Architecture
  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • SOAP
  • RPC
  • WebSocket
Test Automation Frameworks
  • Selenium
  • Mockito
  • JUnit
  • TestNG
  • Serenity BDD
  • Cypress
  • Playwright
  • Cucumber
  • TestCafe
  • Jasmine

Benefits Of Back-End Development Services

Full-cycle Back-end Development
Our back-end development firm offers a complete range of software development services for web, desktop, and mobile solutions. Our developers are ready to take control of custom production at every stage from business analysis to post-production maintenance.
Latest Technology
Our experienced professionals provide top-notch back-end development services, utilizing cutting-edge and well-established technologies.
End-to-end Security
Our back-end engineering team uses the most recent security protocols to protect your data and software products. All back-end software is safeguarded, with data securely transmitted between components.
The Chudovo team provides solutions that allow you to seamlessly and efficiently scale your systems to meet changing needs without compromising performance. Grow your systems effectively and efficiently with our solutions.
Enhance Fault Tolerance
Keep your database and other technical errors in check. Let us help you switch to a fault-tolerant microservices architecture or tackle the existing issues with your monolith one.
Boost Application Reliability
To minimize downtime and guarantee flawless application performance in the future, our team of Chudovo developers meticulously designed the back-end with future best practices in mind. We utilize only the most pertinent tech stack to ensure optimal functionality and seamless operation.
Reduce Infrastructure Costs
Work faster and more efficiently, requiring fewer resources for operational capacity. Our orchestration, containerization, and load-balancing techniques help process numerous users with a cheaper infrastructure. It means lower costs for you.
Customized Solutions
Our back-end development team offers customized solutions for various web, cloud-based and mobile apps in multiple domains. Our tailored approach ensures that whatever your requirements are, we will help you reach your desired business objectives.

Featured Projects


What is the core difference between front-end and back-end development? Answer

Front-end development primarily deals with the user interface and user experience of an application or website. Essentially, the front-end side is what a user will see when interacting with an application. Front-end development focuses on design, layout, and presenting features in a user-friendly and intuitive manner so that users can find it easy to use an application.

Back-end development on the other hand deals with the service-side logic, databases, and infrastructure that powers the functionality of an application, which is then presented to the users through the front-end. The back-end side can be thought of as the engine that powers an application. When users interact with an application, the back-end logic is what will handle and respond to the actions made by users. Therefore, back-end development deals with developing server-side logic, business logic, and mechanisms for data processing, security, data storage, and all functionalities that will be presented to the users through the front-end.

Can I hire back-end or full-stack developers from Chudovo? Answer
Yes. Chudovo has a rich network of back-end and full-stack developers enabling companies to hire highly skilled and experienced developers to work on the IT projects. Additionally, the customer can scale the number of developers according to the needs of your project. We offer to hire a dedicated team of developers, hire developers to augment your in-house team or outsource the entire development of your projects to our software development company.
How long does it take to deliver a back-end development project? Answer
Delivery times vary depending on the complexity of the project, the scope of work involved, the resources needed, the number of developers working on the project, and specific requirements or customizations required by the client. Small projects with clearly defined requirements typically take between 1 to 2 months to deliver while medium complexity back-end development projects take 3 to 6 months. More complex projects that require lots of customization can take about 6 to 12 months. Chudovo works closely with clients to understand their requirements, conduct thorough planning and estimation, and provide a realistic timeline for project delivery. Our goal is the timely delivery of all back-end projects without compromising on quality.
Why choose Chudovo for back-end project development? Answer

Some of the reasons to work with Chudovo include:

  • Experience and expertise in back-end development - Since 2006, Chudovo has been pioneering and developing innovative back-end solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our over a decade of experience has allowed us to build a network of experienced and highly skilled developers, enabling us to guarantee all our clients access to top talent and quality work. Our developers have expertise in a wide range of cutting-edge back-end technologies.
  • Flexible engagement models - Chudovo allows you to hire experienced professionals to supplement your in-house team, hire a dedicated team of developers to exclusively work on your projects, or outsource the entire development of your back-end projects.
  • Rich portfolio of successful back-end projects - Chudovo has a rich portfolio of successful back-end projects developed for small businesses, startups, SMEs, and enterprises. We’ve worked with clients in the USA, Europe, and Asia. The software solutions adhere to industry standards and best practices.
  • Access to a rich network of developers - Chudovo gives you access to developers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Latin America (LATAM).
  • Hiring from EMEA and LATAM gives you access to qualified expertise at very competitive rates.
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