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For nearly 20 years, we have been developing banking and finance software for enterprise-level companies and innovative startups, driving cost efficiency and sustainable growth.
  • In today's digital age, it's necessary for banking and financial organizations to create a great customer experience through omnichannel solutions.With our fintech software development company, you can focus on your business strategy, while we take care of all stages of fintech software development.
  • Get custom software that is fast, safe, efficient, and packed with features your customers will love.

    Cover your fintech customers' entire workflows, giving them more control than ever.
  • Get software that gathers, stores, and analyzes industry data, which you can use to make decisions that are best for your business. Do you need the best software for your brand? Order custom fintech software that will help you get ahead — and stay there!
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Why your company needs a digital boost

When designed and implemented the right way, digital solutions can help you optimize, reconfigure, and innovate your business.
  • Use data to understand your clients better

    By utilizing data-driven insights, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their clients' preferences, needs, and pain points. This valuable knowledge allows organizations to tailor their offerings, refine marketing strategies, and ultimately foster stronger relationships with their clients, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Build financial products your customers want

    Use intelligent platforms to replace generic products with a personalized and timely offering, creating a seamless and tailored experience that enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. By harnessing advanced algorithms and data analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your customers' preferences and behavior, allowing you to develop innovative financial solutions that cater to their specific needs and aspirations.
  • Create a frictionless omnichannel banking experience

    Integrate multiple digital channels and reinventing your customer experience with automation and advanced analytics. Seamlessly connect your customers across various touchpoints, enabling them to effortlessly transition between online, mobile, and in-person interactions, while providing consistent and personalized services at every step.
  • Improve your customer service

    Deliver faster and more efficient customer support through the implementation of robo-advisors, chatbots, and automation tools that work alongside your human bank workers. These intelligent systems can handle routine inquiries, provide instant responses, and assist customers in navigating their financial needs, freeing up your human staff to focus on more complex and personalized interactions.
  • Widen the range of payment options

    Provide your customers with a diverse array of choices, including digital wallets, in-app purchases, peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, cryptocurrencies, and more. By catering to evolving consumer preferences and embracing emerging technologies, you can offer seamless and convenient payment experiences that align with the needs and preferences of your diverse customer base.
  • Enhance the security of transactions and data

    Implement robust solutions built on cutting-edge technologies such as biometric verification, mobile authentication, or code-generating apps. By leveraging these advanced security measures, you can protect the sensitive information of your customers, ensuring secure and encrypted transactions while minimizing the risk of fraud or data breaches.
  • Optimize your bank’s operational efficiency and costs

    Leverage the power of automation through digital workflows, machine learning, or NLP. Implement intelligent systems that can automate lead scoring, procurement processes, or invoicing, reducing manual effort, streamlining operations, and minimizing errors.
  • Offer self-service banking options

    Create innovative banking tools that respond to the growing autonomy of customers and their expectation to have their needs met 24/7. Develop user-friendly mobile apps, interactive websites, and self-service kiosks that empower customers to perform a wide range of banking tasks, from checking balances and making transfers to applying for loans and managing investments, all at their convenience.

Solutions that will move your company forward

Banks, insurers, and fintech companies grapple with many challenges today. Our experts will help you select the right solution to your needs – and support you in a broad range of areas of fintech product development.

Digital banking journey review

Analyze your existing setup to identify areas for improvement in your bank's digital customer journey. Assess the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of your mobile apps, websites, and virtual assistants, and make refinements to ensure a seamless and intuitive navigation experience for your customers.

Digital banking tools development

Create banking platforms, mobile apps, and other tools that are tailored to respond to the specific needs of different customer segments. By customizing your digital banking solutions to cater to specific demographics, such as millennials, small businesses, or retirees, you can provide targeted features and functionalities that address their pain points and enhance their overall banking experience.

Financial processes automation

Leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and workflow automation. Apply these technologies to streamline laborious tasks within your back-office processes and customer support operations. Automate repetitive tasks like data entry, document processing, and customer inquiries, enabling your staff to focus on higher-value activities that require human expertise.

Team extension

Overcome the challenges of insufficient technical resources in your fintech product development journey. Partnering with CHUDOVO you can augment your existing team with experienced professionals who can contribute their expertise and skills to accelerate your project's progress. Whether you need guidance in strategy and planning or require hands-on support in software development, we offer comprehensive assistance to ensure the successful execution of your fintech initiatives.

Online payments audit

Consider leveraging technologies like blockchain to enhance the security of your online payment processes and safeguard your users' data. By incorporating blockchain technology into your payment systems, you can add an additional layer of security, preventing unauthorized access and fraud while protecting sensitive user information.

Customer loyalty program development

Focus on winning your customers' loyalty by providing them with valuable tools and resources. Consider incorporating digital assistants, personal finance management platforms, or product comparison platforms into your loyalty program offerings. These tools can empower your customers by helping them manage their finances effectively, offering personalized recommendations, and facilitating informed purchasing decisions.

Insurance offering ideation

Build innovative insurance products and services that empower your customers to discover their coverage gaps, review potential solutions, and select flexible policies. Leverage advanced data analytics and customer insights to identify specific pain points and areas where traditional insurance offerings may fall short.

New business model discovery

Create innovative solutions that can transform the financial landscape. Explore concepts such as banking-as-a-platform, which enables collaboration between financial institutions and third-party developers, fostering the creation of new financial services and experiences. Additionally, consider leveraging the power of cloud computing to develop insurance cloud services, offering scalable and efficient solutions for insurance providers and policyholders alike.

FinTech Application Development

Banks, brokers, and payment providers alike can benefit from custom fintech application development. Our team of software engineers would love to create a custom solution that meets your business needs. We have deep experience in crafting customer-centric applications, database management solutions, and more.

Legacy Applications Re-Engineering

Using outdated software to handle financial transactions is risky. It’s time to transform your legacy system into an app that's safer in today's digital world.

Data Analysis Solutions

Your custom software will harness the power of AI and machine learning to configure scalable data libraries; these can help you analyze all data you collect, no matter the volume or complexity.

Blockchain App Development

Our robust blockchain solutions meet stringent hardware and critical network requirements and are resistant to data tampering.


Check the processes we follow to deliver custom fintech applications to our clients. They cover all stages of the custom fintech software development – from idea validation to after-launch maintenance and support.

Why choose our fintech software development company


Long-term Partner for Digital Transformation

Our fintech app development company is committed to fostering long-term client relationships, regardless of project size. We are well-versed in the latest FinTech software development technologies like cloud, blockchain, AI, big data analytics, and robotic process automation. So we can support you through each phase of digital transformation, from strategizing to development and execution.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

With a deep understanding of the financial regulatory landscape and associated risks, we deliver advanced risk analytics and compliance solutions to our clients. We guarantee transparent data ownership, establish a secure architecture, and incorporate robust authorization to develop secure applications. Additionally, we employ logging, encrypt sensitive information, utilize tokenization, and implement various other data security practices to safeguard your data.

Dedicated Fintech Engineers

Our team of FinTech engineers is highly experienced professionals with exceptional seniority levels. We have a wealth of experience building apps for the finance sector, and our developers have worked on projects ranging from custom trading platforms to mobile banking applications. By hiring our FinTech developers, businesses gain access to top-tier talent with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

Product UI/UX Design

A successful financial service requires a user-friendly interface with thoughtful UI/UX practices and proven technologies that provide a human touch. Our data visualization techniques transform complex financial data into easy-to-understand visuals. Additionally, our advanced analytics dashboards enable businesses to identify trends and make data-driven decisions based on a deeper understanding of their financial data.


Our DevOps team is dedicated to providing seamless and robust infrastructure and software delivery solutions, whether it be cloud-based or on-premises. We rely on cutting-edge technologies such as CI/CD pipelines and Kubernetes to streamline the deployment process and ensure the smooth delivery of software products. Our solutions are scalable and resilient, with the flexibility to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients.

Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive quality assurance services cover every software development life cycle aspect, from initial QA audit to performance and automated software testing. Our focus on quality assurance ensures our clients can deploy software products that meet their expectations and exceed industry standards.

Data Science

Our data science team specializes in Big Data analytics and training AI/ML models that turn data sets into valuable sources of business insights. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we empower businesses to make effective, real-time decisions based on the information derived from their data.

Agile Approach

We understand the importance of speed to market in the highly competitive fintech industry. Our Agile approach to software development, paired with our experience in delivering projects and adaptable team size, allows us to expedite the launch of new fintech products. By constantly releasing and improving those, we help you provide value to end-users and stay ahead of the competition.
What’s the Function of FinTech Software Development? Answer
Financial software products are designed to optimize client-facing and internal business functions within the financial services domain. They can be used to enable faster payments, create a banking mobile app for user-friendly safe access to m-banking, or employ big data to provide trading advice.
How much does it cost to build a fintech product? Answer
Fintech product development costs depend upon a wide range of factors. We need to conduct a discovery phase to define the project's budget and timelines. However, considering the minimum required number of specialists of the appropriate level, the cost of fintech software development services will range between £20,000 and £60,000 per month.
How long does it take to build a fintech product? Answer
It depends on the project's complexity, but in most cases, it takes from 4 to 6 months to develop an MVP.
What are the steps to create a secure and compliant financial platform? Answer
Fintech applications must comply with diverse security requirements, such as identity management, built-in cybersecurity measures, and adherence to global and regional security regulations. Achieving this requires high expertise in software development financial services, encompassing data encryption, role-based access control, DevSecOps, secure application logic with one-time passwords, and rigorous penetration testing.
Is hiring a dedicated team for fintech software development a good idea? Answer
Hiring a dedicated fintech app development team is a good option if you want to build a reliable, secure, and robust solution but do not have the time or means to hire and manage an in-house development team. Business analysts will explore your idea and specify all project requirements, while designers will find the best suitable solution for UX/UI. A software architect will create a scalable architecture to ensure the product will support the growing number of concurrent users, and define the most suitable tech stack and optimum functionality. Financial software developers will create the key product features based on our specific requirements. Quality assurance engineers will perform different kinds of tests to make sure that the fintech product is accessible and bug-free. DevOps engineers are responsible for the automation of the fintech app deployment part. Finally, the project managers stabilize and optimize the fintech software development process. The joint effort of all those specialists will bring you a fully-functioning product tailored to your specific needs.
What are the main features of fintech solutions? Answer
The functionality of financial solutions varies depending on the solution type. However, some features are common for all financial apps. They include intuitive navigation, personalized experience, secure sign-in, digital payments, and account management. If you want to implement some specific functionality, feel free to contact us. Our expert fintech software development team will explore your project idea and provide you with an optimal feature set.
What are the solution types for the financial industry? Answer
There are several types of fintech applications. For example, accounting platforms help businesses track their revenue and expenses. Meanwhile, payment gateways simplify online shopping by making it easy for buyers to pay online with their debit or credit cards. Other fintech solutions worth mentioning are online banking systems, digital wallets, insurance systems, crowdfunding platforms, tax management applications, and investment systems.