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At CHUDOVO, we draw upon our extensive experience working with the major cloud services providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to help organizations realize their transformation goals and achieve the most from high-performance cloud deployments, be it public, private, or hybrid. Our custom cloud software development services allow enterprises and tech innovators to ensure their infrastructure investments are future-proof and simplify their transition to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS models.
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What is Cloud Development?

Cloud development is the creation of applications or computer programs hosted on web-based platforms. It provides more freedom when creating and releasing new products.

Prominent cloud services providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are aiding businesses in taking on public and private cloud computing initiatives.

Businesses can integrate the latest cloud technologies in their web apps and other cloud-based solutions by leveraging cloud services such as multiple remote data centers, development tools, operating systems, etc., via a Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform.

Outsourcing IT, Infrastructure can help companies concentrate on their core purpose, transforming their software-based business models and providing a significant advantage. It has proven to be a game-changer for many.

CHUDOVO provides a secure and efficient approach to cloud application development through our well-established agile processes, the latest design patterns, and automation. Create cloud apps and services with confidence, speed, and economic value.

Chudovo Can Help You with the following:

We provide full-cycle development services to build applications from the ground up, employing SaaS & PaaS models and modernizing them. As a cloud application development business, we serve organizations of all sizes and locations. We have over twenty years of experience providing comprehensive services from tech consulting to implementation, maintenance & support.

Our team utilizes their technical expertise and comprehensive strategies to help you transition your applications & workloads to virtualized environments or optimize them for cloud-native services. We can create custom cloud applications and deploy them in public, private, or hybrid clouds.

To ensure modern software development best practices, we utilize cloud microservice-based architectures to consolidate applications into independent components, providing your business with enhanced agility, performance, and scalability. Additionally, we develop cloud-native apps using tools and approaches such as Kubernetes, Containerization, Docker, Gitlab CI/CD, and others to enable automated management across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Our extensive range of customers covers various industries, including fintech, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & E-Commerce, Telecom, travel & hospitality, and more.

Partnering for your success
AWS is the market leader, offering the most comprehensive range of cloud computing services and products.

Startups and small businesses can take advantage of the cost-efficient AWS and its wide range of tools to build up their business from the ground. AWS is ideal for launching a new business, and for existing businesses, Amazon offers low-cost migration services to migrate their infrastructure to AWS easily. With its flexible pricing, AWS is the perfect solution for companies looking to get the most out of their computing needs.

As your company expands, AWS offers the resources to support it. With its pay-as-you-go model, customers can rely on a flexible computing approach without worrying about the need to readjust their usage. In addition to budgetary concerns, companies can confidently "set it and forget it" for their computing needs.

The use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides greater security than self-hosting a website or storage, due to its many data centers located around the world. These data centers are monitored and maintained constantly, and the diversification of locations guarantees that a disaster in one region will not result in a global data loss.

CHUDOVO can help you create a strategy for migrating to AWS or developing cloud-native applications, and optimize your AWS-based infrastructure for cost-effectiveness.
Maximise the potential of your business with Azure's tried-and-tested solutions. Take advantage of the combination of Azure products and services to solve your business problems.

Many businesses that use other Microsoft products often opt for platforms due to their quick connection speeds.

Microsoft Azure offers comprehensive, cost-effective solutions, bringing together DevOps, E-Commerce, the Internet of Things (IoT), Disaster Recovery, Business Intelligence, AI, and more, all under one virtual, Cloud-based "roof."

Using Microsoft Azure, you can create, operate and oversee applications across multiple on-site, cloud or combined settings, with the tools and structure you need at your disposal.

Chudovo provides complete, end-to-end services for migrating corporate services to the secure Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Maximizing potential through utilizing the cloud technology of the leading provider in the sector.
GCP's extensive armory offers up to 200 solutions to meet the needs of all types of companies, big or small. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, data analytics, extensive data centers and storage, and software development tools are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vendor's offerings.

If you're searching for pre-packaged solutions or tools tailored to healthcare, retail, gaming and other industries, your provider has you covered. There's no limit to what you can find, so why not begin your exploration of the Google Cloud benefits? We would be delighted to assist you with this. Give it a try and discover the possibilities.

We specialize in Google Cloud Development, utilizing its competitive advantages to the fullest.

Cloud computing provides researchers with many attractive benefits, such as speeding up the processing of large datasets and enhancing collaboration through shared tools and data storage.
Are you looking for cloud application development services? Our experienced team offers various services, from consultation to implementation and support.
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What are the different types of cloud services?
IaaS Cloud Computing Services
IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, is a complete cloud computing service that offers a digital infrastructure with computing, storage, networking, and security tools. With IaaS, customers can configure, install, and manage any software needed, such as middleware, OS, apps, development tools, and business analytics - eliminating capital expenditure for internal infrastructure.

Small companies and startups that lack the resources to purchase the necessary Software and hardware to construct an internal network can benefit from IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) providers. These provide hardware and basic infrastructure that the company can use to build on while giving the maximum control and responsibility for the Software and hardware stack. Examples of IaaS providers include Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, Google Compute Engine (GCE), and Microsoft Azure.

CHUDOVO offers comprehensive expertise in setting up any infrastructure, from private to public and hybrid cloud. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions allow customers to access on-demand storage, networking, servers, and other computing resources.

Our experience includes:

• Constructing virtual machines.

• Customizing components for clients' infrastructures.

• Pooling storage and computing resources.
PaaS Cloud Computing Services
Platform as a Service provides access to operating systems, programming tools, middleware, databases, and other necessary components for software development, all through the internet without needing installation or downloads. Based on the same infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), PaaS makes developing and running applications easier and more efficient.

PaaS offers a collaborative way for developers to build applications without owning the results or being responsible for any outcomes. It is a major benefit for firms developing web apps or Software, as they can access the necessary development tools without purchasing them directly. In contrast to IaaS, PaaS is available to a broader community, not just an individual business.

Examples of Platform as a Service (PaaS) include Apache Stratos, Microsoft Azure, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Google App Engine.

We guarantee maximum mobility in the cloud with our PaaS development, providing a range of development tools, including those for continuous integration. Our solutions offer prebuilt application components such as backends, simplifying database migration, and data integration. We also support and maintain the development environment.
SaaS Software Solutions
Software as a Service (SaaS) is a modern, cloud-based solution. It is web-based, and the SaaS provider maintains the necessary operating system, infrastructure, middleware, and data to make the program available to users on demand.

Startups or other new businesses looking to maximize their earning potential and minimize overhead costs can benefit from Software as a Service (SaaS). With SaaS, initial costs are minimized as there is no need for a large up-front payment but rather a payment plan or subscription fee. It makes SaaS an ideal and convenient cloud service for businesses just starting.

Examples of Software as a Service (SaaS) include Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Cisco WebEx, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

We have expertise in developing SaaS applications, encompassing cloud-based solutions with the swift deployment of data integration, robust security & scalability, control over service levels, and more. Our scope includes all aspects of development, from architecture design to unit testing, debugging, and integration.
Our services
At CHUDOVO, we help our clients design a comprehensive cloud development strategy, migrate their applications and workloads to virtualized environments and refactor them for more efficient use of cloud-native services. We perform a detailed assessment of your existing IT Infrastructure, build a clear roadmap to maximize cost-efficiency and guarantee that all your business requirements are met before any development or migration.
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    Application re-architecting
    Improve scalability and performance by transitioning your applications from monolithic to microservices architecture or making their capabilities accessible via APIs.
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    Cloud migration
    Maximize the benefits of cloud migration by identifying the most suitable strategy for your business goals - infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), containerizing services, or a cloud-native approach.
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    Cloud-native development
    Unlock the power of scalability and flexibility of the cloud by constructing and operating your serverless apps with fully managed services such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions and databases, e.g., Amazon DynamoDB and Azure Cosmos DB.
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    Cloud Data Management Solutions
    CHUDOVO's cloud solutions development for data management creates comprehensive strategies to cover the data lifecycle, including backup and recovery, protection and security, visibility, activation, orchestration, and automation.
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    Cloud SDK Development
    Our team offers traditional cloud app development services and software development kits (SDKs) that give our clients the power to control their cloud-based solutions.
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    Cloud ERP Solutions
    Our cloud ERP solutions, powered by intelligent technologies such as predictive analytics, digital assistants, and machine learning, enable our clients to transition to Intelligent Enterprises. Our cloud ERP Solutions provide our clients with access to mission-critical applications anytime, anywhere, allowing them to grow, innovate and maximize their resources and time.
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    Security audit
    Verifying the system's security against international standards, such as traceability of requests, security layers, authentication, and encryption requirements.
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    Big data cloud computing
    Developing cloud software to create secure storage for large amounts of data and ensure its accessibility, agility, and data management.
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    AI/ML cloud computing
    Combining data storage and AI, storing information, and gaining meaningful insights through powerful algorithms is now possible.
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    IoT cloud computing
    A network of interconnected devices with the capability to transfer data and analyze the outcomes. Infrastructure to enable this.
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    Support & maintenance
    Regularly assessing and enhancing the cloud infrastructure per business and industry requirements.
What is the cloud app development process?
Our approach to app development, based on best practices, is designed to reduce time to market and yield a superior product. It typically involves:
Strategy and design
Cloud app development.
Implementation and migration.
Monitoring, management, and support.
Ongoing security services.
Strategy and design
We invest time to comprehend your business objectives and needs and work with your subject matter experts to develop business requirements documents and statements of work. These documents outline the tasks necessary for the app's creation.
Cloud app development.
Our designers and developers then employ their creative and technical expertise to bring strategic plans to life.
Implementation and migration.
Once the product is complete and tested by our teams, handing it over to your teams begins; implementation could involve granting the correct personnel access, providing guidance in training, and running beta and user testing to detect any issues that may arise when rolling out the product. Migration may involve importing data into the cloud solution and aiding you in ensuring the smooth incorporation of the new features into your workflow.
Monitoring, management, and support.
Our optional full-scope services include managing and maintaining your cloud solution. Our teams ensure your cloud-based resources are operational and ready for use. We can also address any technical issues related to the cloud application, troubleshoot and resolve them promptly, allowing you to continue providing services to your clients.
Ongoing security services.
Our teams can provide ongoing support for your cloud application through custom security integrations, risk management, security audits, and other services.

Cloud Deployment Models We Specialize In

Transform your data management forever. Unlock a wealth of possibilities through modern cloud implementation and its integration.

Private cloud
Creating an infrastructure tailored to one organization's needs and characteristics requires investing in physical data storage and additional security measures.
Public cloud
Most companies use a cost-effective option by subscribing to web platforms offering cloud storage. The cloud architecture is already established and can be customized to meet specific needs.
Hybrid cloud
Combining on-premises Software, and private and public cloud infrastructures, businesses can enjoy enhanced agility in the competitive market through various data management options.
Distributing data between two or more clouds from different vendors, this advanced hybrid cloud configuration delivers greater operational flexibility, improved work transparency, and increased data load handling capabilities.
Distributed cloud
One main cloud manages, adjusts, and updates several geographically distributed public clouds. This single data center differentiates it from a multi-cloud, providing improved data management.
Community cloud
It is a collaborative effort to share a single cloud infrastructure among organizations with similar objectives and requirements. This initiative helps streamline the processes associated with joint projects, research, and tenders.
Benefits of using Cloud application development services
We assist our clients in making the most of cloud computing solutions tailored to their business needs. We prioritize and determine each product's best cloud platform or approach through comprehensive analysis. We are not limited to the most popular providers and can adapt to specific requirements and even use local cloud platforms. Our team will help you ensure your Software and data infrastructure is ready for the future, irrespective of the domain or complexity of the product.
Reduced IT Costs
The cloud has seen widespread adoption due to its cost-effectiveness. Cloud migration can lead to a decrease in managing and maintaining complex IT systems, including system upgrades, network hardware, and software expenses. There is also the potential for reduced labor costs as smaller IT teams are needed within the organization, and energy consumption may be lower. All of these can result in considerable cost savings for end-users.
The cloud provides excellent scalability. It allows operational and storage requirements to be quickly and easily altered to meet the varying needs of an organization with just a few clicks. It is a major break from traditional IT that necessitates redistributing computing resources or buying new hardware to accommodate new demands.
Automated Updates
Regularly applying updates and security patches is essential to keep IT environments reliable and secure. Cloud services, which are usually connected to the internet, are frequently patched by their providers. The ease of hardware maintenance at centralized locations also benefits cloud providers by guaranteeing that critical infrastructure devices are always up-to-date and safeguarded.
End-users have a reliable and secure way to communicate and share data beyond conventional methods via easy remote access. It allows stakeholders to simultaneously access, view, collaborate on, and report on vital files, projects, and documents. This capability significantly benefits organizations, particularly the ability to securely share records and documents remotely from all over the globe.
Business Models
Partnering with Chudovo for cloud software development brings the following business models:
Managed Services

Outsource your cloud software development, support, and maintenance for ongoing IT capabilities that are kept in top-notch shape, enabling you to focus on your business.

Dedicated Teams

Create a tailored cloud software development team wholly devoted to your project and acts as an integral part of your business.

Contract Teams

We enter an agreement outlining the tasks to be completed and the project’s duration, and our team commences the work.

What is a cloud-based app?
A cloud-based app requires an internet connection to access and runs partially or entirely on remote servers rather than being hosted on a local device. An example of a cloud-based app is social media, where much of the data is held on remote servers and cannot be accessed if you're not connected to the internet. Another type of cloud-based app is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which provides software functionality without requiring the user to install the app on their device. SaaS allows people to access apps on multiple devices and often provides a subscription-based payment model.
Why will cloud development be profitable for your business?
With the rapid advancement of technology, many organizations have options for conducting and developing their operations. One of the emerging trends in data center management is Cloud Computing, which is increasingly being adopted as a foundation for business models.

Cloud Computing is not just a passing trend but a new business model that any business can use. Many people still think of it as just a backup system. However, it can cater to a wide range of corporate requirements.
How long does it take to make a cloud-based app?
Based on our experience, the complexity of the app features is one of the most important factors when it comes to the time taken to develop a cloud-based application. Generally, the longer it takes to create the functionality, the longer the timeline. However, the best and quickest way to determine the timeline and any dependencies would be to contact us directly. When writing to us, please share details of your goals and aspirations, and our team can provide you with potential timeline scenarios.
What is the difference between cloud apps and traditional apps?
The contrast between a cloud-based and a traditional app is where the app's data and infrastructure are located. For traditional apps, all of the necessary components for running the app are contained in a downloaded package, allowing it to be utilized with or without an internet connection. Updates to the app must be manually installed to be available.

In contrast, a cloud-based app relies on an internet connection to access most of its features. Its data and infrastructure are stored remotely, with only the user interface and any functions needed to link it to the remote elements residing on the device.
Storing data in a central database is a mainstay for cloud data management, but businesses can still create backups and use data recovery methods. Additionally, there are cloud-to-cloud recovery solutions to secure the data. Cloud management is seen as more secure than on-premise data management, reducing the risk of device or hardware breakdown, data breaches, etc. Furthermore, cloud-based applications are safer than on-premise applications, as cloud service providers often implement better data security protocols.
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