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Chudovo is an educational software development company with extensive expertise and experience in e-learning software development. Explore our educational software development services below to see how Chudovo can help you create educational software that meets your needs.

Our e-Learning App Development Services

Sectors Benefiting from our e-Learning Application Development Services

Academic Institutions
hudovo's educational software caters to academic institutions revolutionizing the learning experience making it more engaging for learners and instructors. Our solutions integrate multimedia content, simulations, and virtual labs to boost engagement and interaction in the classroom. We provide personalized learning tools to help instructors tailor content to the needs of their students and help learning institutions streamline administrative tasks such as student enrollment, scheduling, and grading.
Corporate Training
For corporate entities, Chudovo develops software that offers customized learning paths that align with specific job roles, skills, and organizational objectives. We can develop scalable solutions that accommodate businesses of all sizes, ensuring seamless training delivery and employee skill development. Additionally, aside from saving costs that would be incurred with physical training, our solutions help organizations monitor employee progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the impact of training initiatives on performance and productivity.
Government and Public Sector
Chudovo's e-learning software solutions for government and public sector entities optimize resource management, facilitating efficient allocation of budgets, personnel, and facilities to meet educational goals. Accessibility features ensure compliance with regulations, making educational content accessible to all citizens. Secure data handling protocols safeguard sensitive government information, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and instilling trust among constituents.
Professional Associations
Professional associations benefit from our education software solutions providing members access to relevant training courses, certifications, and resources for skill advancement. Community engagement features such as forums and networking opportunities foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among members. Data-driven insights and reporting tools empower associations to analyze member engagement, track learning outcomes, and enhance educational offerings based on informed decisions.


Education includes a broad spectrum of disciplines that ultimately involve various learning methods. Our team of professionals can create a fully customized bespoke solution or opt for an out-of-the-box opportunity for whatever educational app requirements you have. Since we've worked with various clients on the global market with diverse educational app needs and standards, we've gained the expertise to provide your business with any e-learning app you need.
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Virtual educational app
Enlarge the group of students with personalized tutoring of learning from their homes. Make this possible through our apps, designed to provide the students with a VR learning experience, live streams of lectures, video conferences, and pre-recorded audio lessons.
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IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) Apps
With IEP apps developed by Chudovo, you can improve data tracking related to disabilities, manage cases and perform all the relevant services with elevated visibility and prompt progress reports. Streamline your IEP compliance checks along with reporting features and evaluations.
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Management of institution app
Track classroom attendance and the performance of your students in real time. Moreover, these apps would allow you to enhance the admin's ability to check the status of educational payments.
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Mobile learning app
Make the eBooks, audio, and video lessons or reference links accessible to tutors and students at all times through cloud storage.
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Language Learning Apps
Our feature-packed language-learning solutions would help you build the perfect app for anyone who wants to learn a new language.
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Educational Apps for kids
At Chudovo, we develop the top-ranked educational apps for children, which engage them with rewards and gamification of the whole process, allowing parents and tutors to track their academic performance.
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Corporate LMS
With our reliable LMS solutions, big corporates can train and educate their employees on the topic you've decided on as an app creator.
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E-learning Apps for Disabled
Let disabled people educate through eLearning with our facilitative accessibility features, such as adaptive learning for any group of disabilities.

We follow these steps in our e-learning App Development process to get exceptional results:

Any e-learning training program developed in companies is as successful as the steps to build your LMS app. To truly justify your app requirements, you need a team that can obtain a complete and concise strategy tailored to your unique learning app needs.

Here is a standard result-oriented process that we follow for developing eLearning applications.

Educational & E-Learning Software Solutions We Can Deliver

Selected Education Technology Software Development Projects

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This e-learning software for geometric shape drawing provides an interactive platform to help learners comprehend 3-dimensional geometry. Users can manipulate 3D math models in real-time, allowing for rotation, zooming, flipping, and other modifications to help investigate and learn about geometric shapes comprehensively. The UI constructor, designed as an interactive web application compatible with mobile and tablet devices, facilitates the creation and modification of various objects in real-time mode. Using the software, users can create different geometric shapes from scratch, stream videos, modify shapes, images, and videos, and have enhanced learning experiences through clear geometric animations.
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Competency management systems help organizations to track, manage, and assess employee skills efficiently. Chudovo helped develop a competency management system that provides a comprehensive overview of staff qualifications, to allow for effective resource allocation, collaboration between departments, and informed decision-making. The system came with features such as single-employee dashboards, team skills matrix templates, flexible technical competence assessment forms, and talent finders. It also allowed organizations to identify skills gaps, plan development initiatives, and ensure workforce compliance.
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Chudovo developed a unique solution in the form of a language-learning and dating application. The app facilitates language learning and communication through video and audio calls, and chat functionalities. It also comes with an online dating component that adheres to the strict regulations for dating applications. The app enables users to find study partners based on language preferences and location using GPS search. It also comes with features such as customizable learning goals, secure video, and audio call connections via Twilio, and various subscription plans offering enhanced search and chat features.

Pricing Models for the Educational App Development

Fixed Price Model

In this model, the project scope, delivery timelines, and cost are agreed upon before the project begins. The client then pays a fixed amount for the entire project regardless of the time and resources spent.

This is ideal for simple projects with predefined features and well-defined large projects with clear scopes and budgets.

Time & Material Model

In this model, the client pays for the actual time and resources spent on the project. The billing is based on the number of hours worked by the development team and the cost of materials used.

This model is ideal for medium-sized and large projects that require ongoing development and iteration.


What are the key features of E-learning solutions? Answer
The features of e-learning solutions vary based on the type of software. For instance, learning management systems (LMS) development typically has features such as course management, content creation, student tracking, and assessment tools. A virtual classroom software will have features such as live video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, and breakout rooms for group discussions. School management software, however, may have features like student enrollment, attendance tracking, grade management, and parent-teacher communication.
How does educational & e-learning software impact the education industry? Answer
Educational and e-learning software has transformed the education industry by providing interactive and personalized learning experiences. These tools facilitate remote learning, enhance engagement, and cater to diverse learning styles. Additionally, they offer real-time feedback, analytics, and accessibility features, fostering a more inclusive and efficient educational environment.
Can Chudovo integrate third-party tools or APIs into our educational software? Answer
Yes. Our engineers can help you integrate third-party tools and APIs into educational software solutions. We can help integrate your educational software with learning management systems (LMS), content repositories, payment gateways, or other external services.
Can Chudovo assist with migrating existing educational software to a new platform or technology stack? Answer
Chudovo specializes in seamless software migration services for educational applications. We can help migrate educational applications to a new technology stack or a more scalable infrastructure. Our engineers can also help modernize legacy educational applications and provide post-migration support to guarantee a smooth transition with minimal disruption.
How does Chudovo ensure the security and privacy of educational software? Answer
At Chudovo, we take the security and privacy of educational software seriously. We employ industry best practices for data encryption, access controls, and secure coding to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, we conduct regular security audits and assessments to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Our team of experts also adhere to strict compliance standards and regulations guaranteeing that all educational and e-learning software we develop meets all necessary security requirements.
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