E-learning app development

Our tailored eLearning solutions aim to assist our customers in creating seamless integrations and enhancing user-friendliness in both academic and business environments.

Custom E-Learning Software Development

At Chudovo, we offer a well-rounded and cost-effective eLearning solution that caters to both the educational and business sectors. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive platform that addresses the diverse needs of our clients, empowering them to deliver effective learning experiences.

As eLearning software developers for the education industry, we prioritize meeting high standards and addressing the pressing need for easy-to-use software with a broad range of functionality, including integrated video chat, personalized study plans, tracking and scheduling tools, interactive dashboards, and other features. Our approach to corporate eLearning solutions goes beyond the basics. We strive to deliver optimal results by updating and enhancing existing systems through customized eLearning app development tailored to our client's unique requirements.
  • Education Institutions
    Education organizations use our education software development services to engage their target audience effectively. Our developers bring innovation to the education industry by creating custom eLearning solutions catering to the specific learning process participants' needs. This approach allows for a deeper level of engagement and ensures optimal learning outcomes.
  • Enterprise
    Corporate training shows the best effectiveness after implementing tailored e-learning functionalities that take into account the specific needs of corporate students. Another advantage of enterprise education software is its optimized cost.
  • E-Learning Startups
    To ensure sustainable revenue and a growth strategy for your e-learning business, you need reliable educational software and management tools tailored to your requirements that include reliable content delivery and the means to monetize it.
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Service Offerings

In Chudovo, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies that include but are not limited to Cognitive learning processes, Mobile learning, innovative web solutions, and machine learning chatbots.


At Chudovo, we are leaders in developing solutions to build limitless learning opportunities for the educational sector, converting any content into an instructional, practical, engaging, visually appealing experience. We create eLearning courses for your institution from scratch using the best virtual training practices and state-of-the-art technology.
Powerful & Captivating eLearning App Solutions
Synergetic Services
Service focused on multimedia features.
Powerful & Captivating eLearning App Solutions
The developers of Chudovo obtain the needed expertise to create great user-friendly web or mobile apps. Our efficient app solutions would give your students impressive and compelling studying results.
Synergetic Services
Learning experiences, developed by our dedicated team, are a blend of cutting-edge technologies that boosts the student's learning skills in an efficient and contemporary manner.
Service focused on multimedia features.
The current reality is supporting and forwarding education applications based on media technologies. These features can help people explore their skills and reach lectures from anywhere. The focus on multimedia features augments the ease of learning new skills through the eLearning platforms.
Powerful & Captivating eLearning App Solutions
The developers of Chudovo obtain the needed expertise to create great user-friendly web or mobile apps. Our efficient app solutions would give your students impressive and compelling studying results.
Synergetic Services
Learning experiences, developed by our dedicated team, are a blend of cutting-edge technologies that boosts the student's learning skills in an efficient and contemporary manner.
Service focused on multimedia features.
The current reality is supporting and forwarding education applications based on media technologies. These features can help people explore their skills and reach lectures from anywhere. The focus on multimedia features augments the ease of learning new skills through the eLearning platforms.


Learning Management Systems
As a company specializing in eLearning software development, personalized solutions offer the most diverse options tailored to your needs and optimized for seamless content interoperability. Our LMS solutions can deliver everything from analytics and reporting tools to course planning and auto-publication functionality.
Educational Platforms
Our custom digital learning platforms are designed with a personalized approach to education in mind. These platforms provide you with comprehensive tools for enrolling, scheduling, course building, peer-to-peer assessment, media sharing, and conferencing on mobile and desktop for your convenience.
Online Training Software
Our online training software provides your employees with access to personalized learning courses, enabling them to upskill easily. Opting for custom training software is more cost-effective than maintaining a rented learning space and making regular payments to in-house teachers.
School Management and Administration Software
Our school management and administration software automates administrative routines such as attendance and grading, saving time on tedious paperwork. It also sends out mass newsletters to students and more. Applying our school management software ensures the efficiency of the educational process and promotes productivity for teachers, school administration, and students alike.
Our iOS and Android mobile learning apps facilitate learning, tracking, and content management at its best. With courses on mobile educational applications, students gain easy access to relevant content, leading to a deeply engaged and loyal audience.
Special Education Software
Our custom special education software empowers the learning process with advanced monitoring solutions catered to the requirements of individuals with special needs, such as children with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities. It enables them to access the general education curriculum with ease.


Education includes a broad spectrum of disciplines that ultimately involve various learning methods. Our team of professionals can create a fully customized bespoke solution or opt for an out-of-the-box opportunity for whatever educational app requirements you have. Since we've worked with various clients on the global market with diverse educational app needs and standards, we've gained the expertise to provide your business with any e-learning app you need.
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Virtual educational app
Enlarge the group of students with personalized tutoring of learning from their homes. Make this possible through our apps, designed to provide the students with a VR learning experience, live streams of lectures, video conferences, and pre-recorded audio lessons.
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IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) Apps
With IEP apps developed by Chudovo, you can improve data tracking related to disabilities, manage cases and perform all the relevant services with elevated visibility and prompt progress reports. Streamline your IEP compliance checks along with reporting features and evaluations.
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Management of institution app
Track classroom attendance and the performance of your students in real time. Moreover, these apps would allow you to enhance the admin's ability to check the status of educational payments.
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Mobile learning app
Make the eBooks, audio, and video lessons or reference links accessible to tutors and students at all times through cloud storage.
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Language Learning Apps
Our feature-packed language-learning solutions would help you build the perfect app for anyone who wants to learn a new language.
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Educational Apps for kids
At Chudovo, we develop the top-ranked educational apps for children, which engage them with rewards and gamification of the whole process, allowing parents and tutors to track their academic performance.
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Corporate LMS
With our reliable LMS solutions, big corporates can train and educate their employees on the topic you've decided on as an app creator.
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E-learning Apps for Disabled
Let disabled people educate through eLearning with our facilitative accessibility features, such as adaptive learning for any group of disabilities.

We follow these steps in our e-learning App Development process to get exceptional results:

Any e-learning training program developed in companies is as successful as the steps to build your LMS app. To truly justify your app requirements, you need a team that can obtain a complete and concise strategy tailored to your unique learning app needs.

Here is a standard result-oriented process that we follow for developing eLearning applications.

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Who could benefit from our e-learning app development solutions?

Chudovo delivers exceptional eLearning solutions not only limited to the educational sector but also includes business types covering the corporate sector. Custom eLearning solutions of Chudovo enable you to access the learning material promptly, promoting digital learning loaded with the latest eLearning trends to keep your users engaged.
Educational institutions
Corporate users
Businesses and startups
Charities/Non-profit organizations
Educational institutions

We build solutions tailored to educational institutions’ needs, enhancing the studying process and providing an excellent online experience for students. Chudovo specialists could build DLP (Development Learning Platforms) and LMS (Learning Management systems) on your demand.

Corporate users

Online solutions, developed by Chudovo, are an excellent way to streamline online learning and personal development or obtain a certificate for corporate users.

Businesses and startups

Chudovo develops customized solutions for enterprises and startups to level their performance and credentials.

Charities/Non-profit organizations

We can develop software to help you train your employees or engage volunteers reducing training costs.

The main benefits of eLearning are:

E-app opens up the opportunity of learning at any time. Learning apps have served as an educational and therapeutic resource for students during the pandemic.
These applications help provide education and reinforce the studies being a game changers in many industries besides the educational one.
The applications are ideal for addressing doubts or academic needs and developing strengths for education and corporate training.
These digital platforms can contribute to the academic and emotional intelligence of any category of their users.
More Opportunities to Collaborate – Empowering Teachers and Learners Through Collaboration and Social Learning
As the studying process is moving to the new online era of ever through connectivity, students and tutors can learn from each other.

Sometimes, it may be difficult for students to participate in discussions and collaborate in activities and tasks. But because of the appearance of the interactive screen, which is a student's device, the stress of social interaction in the classroom is minimized. We are witnessing the development of eLearning platforms that support the development of a dynamic and feature-rich environment for students to collaborate and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while being able to share their knowledge with others in the encouraging manner of the e-learning platform.

Most mobile eLearning platforms encourage students and their teachers to proactively participate, engage, collaborate, and interact with other learners and their teachers or other student communities.
Globalization of Education
Due to the globalization of education, many people can access to study, even those who live in remote areas with no schools or universities. Additionally, everyone can learn at their own pace, anywhere, and at the most convenient schedules.

Sharing an education among students from different countries will lead to the growth of essential values for us as a society. They will learn about other cultures, which favor respect and tolerance towards different ideologies and promote anti-racism, offering them a much broader world vision.

With access to courses across the globe, students will have a more significant job opportunity to access any workplace worldwide. This, in turn, will favor the world economy.

To the above, we can add the increase in competitiveness as a result of all those people who acquire more excellent knowledge, which favors our progress as a society, obtaining a superior quality of life for humans as a final result.
Immediate Evaluation of Student's Success
E-learning proposes an evaluation system in which students respond promptly to their studying results, stimulating motivation and promoting active adaptation to prompt problem-solving. This feature of the immediate reaction of eLearning apps allows teachers to give their students faster evaluation of their results. Moreover, these apps could have a built-in timer feature, so teachers wouldn't have to worry about timing their tests to evaluate the gained knowledge. With a mouse click, tutors can easily manage the platform's tests and quizzes, making testing much more straightforward than ever before.

Students love those features of eLearning apps since they can get immediate feedback on the information they've just learned, making them study more efficiently and see the results of the recently gained knowledge.
Modern and elaborated Learning Experience
Interactive eLearning experience allows you to have a wide range of customizable didactic resources to design activities that evaluate and develop students' different skills (logic, linguistics, musical, body, naturalistic, spatial, interpersonal, and intrapersonal). You can collaborate with students and teachers from all across the globe and attend virtual classes, enabling students to interact with experts worldwide to better understand the subject they learn.

With this, students formed in an interactive classroom are receptive and develop a taste for learning. Therefore, they can explore the full potential of mobile devices even in their homes because technology is much more than an entertainment source; it is a tool created by and for knowledge.
Greater Participation and Active Learning
Even the most reluctant student will appreciate the bright and clear images on the screen and the possible interactivity during the activities and lessons presented. A photo of the tropical jungle is perceived entirely differently from watching a video that simulates walking through the tropical jungle, including environmental sounds that will make this learning experience unique.

Many resources are available for greater interactivity that will involve students and motivate them to participate more in the lessons. Offering different features such as quizzes, video and audio files, and assessments always kept the students from being bored due to the availability of other learning methods.
Exploit the Flexibility Provided By Elearning Apps and Learn at Your Own Pace
Using e-learning platforms doesn't push students to follow the exact schedule or curriculum. As students can access lessons from different devices, as long as they have an internet connection, they are more flexible with any restrictions that provide them from studying, such as inconvenient schedules or the limits of classroom hours or educational institution location.
Cost Effective and Scalable Solutions
Learning in the traditional classroom is much more expensive than investing in an e-learning course. The reason for cost reduction is simple – there is no need for physical classrooms and resources like notepads, books, or pens. The only cost involved is building an educational app – hiring a dedicated team of programmers who can develop an app for your academic enterprise and scale it due to its growing needs in the future in case you want to expand your business locally or globally.
Limitless Accessibility
eLearning is flexible and convenient. E-learning is associated with limitlessness, and one of the critical advantages of e-learning is that students can access online courses from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating all the hassles associated with coordinating place and time and eliminating one of the big problems that a face-to-face class would have.

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Why should you invest in eLearning applications? Answer
According to analytical data, analytics estimate that the need for online education will remain the same and only rise over time. Thus, an e-learning app is a wise investment in which popularity will grow and pay off generously.
How long does creating your own LMS(learning management system) take? Answer
The time that you have to spend on the creation of an e-learning application from scratch varies, depending on how complex your idea is, what amount of features and functionality you need to implement, how complex you want your design to be, the team of what level you've chosen and what technical stack would be applied to elaborate your e-learning app. Usually, the average time for creating LMS from scratch is five to six months.
What is the cost of collaboration on an educational and e-learning application with your company? Answer
The average cost of a custom e-learning app development platform depends on various factors. The complexity of the features and the size of the educational program, the features it has to respond to the learning needs of your target group. The number of hours and costs corresponding to it might be pretty extensive, which also influences the final price of the development. Also, among the things to consider when calculating the price are your platform of choice, the level of necessary customization, etc. Once you share all the abovementioned factors, we can give you an exact and detailed pricing estimate. But when you work with Chudovo, one thing is sure – that you will get an adequate cost-quality ratio of the effective final solution.
What are the primary requirements for an efficient learning platform? Answer
When you create your own LMS, there are some basic features that it should obtain. They consist of the following:

- A straightforward and intuitive cognitive interface

- Various sets of instructional resources

- Responsive design for maximal simplification of user interaction

- Applying a combination of instructional tools
What e-learning and educational app development services does your company provide? Answer
Chudovo has a wide range of multi-faceted e-learning and educational app development companies, which makes our clients settle with our services as we can cover all your needs. The above means that it doesn't matter what sort of software, services, and features you need in your educational app – the specialists from Chudovo have got you covered, so you can expect nothing but the finest solution which will beat the market. To meet the needs of our clients, we provide a range of e-learning applications packed with standard and custom-specific features to meet your needs as our client.
Our apps would make a smooth transition of your ideas into a modern and responsive e-learning platform, which will result in a profitable digital income stream.