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Our end-to-end technology solutions for the hospitality industry would meet and exceed the needs of your customers and business partners. Industry leaders rely on Chudovo's expertise and engineering experience in developing powerful mobile applications and impactful custom-made systems that conquer the market, making further developers look up to our creations as exemplary of the new industry standards.
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Travel and hospitality industry
  • The expectations of the customers are always getting higher and are ever-changing. Thus, to adapt, companies in the travel and hospitality field need to merge advanced technologies to improve their businesses' productivity, enhance efficiency and maximize functionality.
  • In 2006 we started developing applications for the travel industry following the boom of emerging trends that tended to make the life of tourists and hoteliers easier. Ever since we have developed applications with the approach of implementing the best technologies and adopting modern development standards while following the last-word design trends.
  • Full-cycle Travel and hospitality software development services provided by Chudovo would meet modern travelers' expectations by creating high-end personalized experiences.
  • The team of Chudovo develops modern and scalable travel software solutions, tailored to the unique needs of our clients, assisting you in their further maintenance. We collaborate with travel agents and operators, hotels, hostels, booking websites, travel portals, and plane-ticket companies to consolidate the transition of how people travel in the modern world.
Why choose Chudovo for the development of your Travel & Hospitality Software?
  • Since Chudovo has been developing custom hospitality, transportation, and travel software services for many years, we know how to surmount your competitors who still doubt investing in tech solutions for the travel industry with our compelling state-of-the-art technologies, which would provide you with technological excellence and resilient digital solutions.
  • By choosing us, you get to work with a professional team who obtains a deep knowledge in a pool of deep domain knowledge in the Hospitality, Travel, and transportation software development industry.
  • You can always track how the travel application development is going by receiving constant timely feedback and systematic communication with Chudovo's team members, allowing you to deliver a predictable, error-free, and quality result on time.
  • We would facilitate your travel development project according to the initial plan while keeping the promised deadline and staying within the estimated budget.
Chudovo is a company that provides technological solutions and professional services for the hospitality and tourism industries. We know the needs of the industry to the deepest since our experience allows us to realize that every company in this industry requires a unique combination of services and products. Thus, we evaluate each project individually and provide them with a professional suite to drive growth and improve the customer experience.

With us, you can expand customer engagement capabilities and extend the reach of your business with integrations that will help you save time and increase your bottom line. Here are some of the custom solutions which we've developed over time to provide our clients with all the flexibility and versatility they need to stay competitive:
Data management and task automation

With the rise of electronic commerce, customers today demand high productivity and immediacy from companies so that, in a matter of a few hours, they can enjoy and make use of that good or service. Although the competitiveness in this aspect is extremely high, it is possible to take advantage of the other companies present in the industry through the automation of tasks.

When you manage large data sets, you can easily incorporate immediacy and non-stop tasks into your business efforts. This will allow technology to optimize your processes and access each operation without waiting or involving associates.

At Chudovo, we are experts in process automation, which allows us to guarantee that whether your company is a tourism agency, transportation provider, or even a stakeholder in the tourism sector, your company has the potential to increase its levels of performance and productivity, through the incorporation and execution of automatic processes. With us, you will leave slow manual operations that reduce your company’s agility behind, simply taking advantage of the advantages of automating logistics processes or logistic process automation.

Consumer travel portals

Whether you are a booking agency, accommodation provider, travel planner, or transportation company, you must provide your clients with a highly interactive travel portal.

We could build a consumer travel portal so that your clients get to know your services and facilities. We adjust the travel portal to your needs with a simple, current, and optimized design to be seen on any mobile device or computer.

Our team of professionals with years of experience provides added value to your travel agency project by building web portals with features such as central booking, tracking the sales, mapping travel content, offering layered access to the travel agents, and smoothly converging the travel portal application with the other apps.

Our extensive experience in the tourism sector in different fields, both specialized consulting and software development and design, sets us apart when undertaking a project for the travel industry.

Whatever your travel agency project, we will advise and manage your project, developing your ideas to carry out the travel portal you need. Still trying to figure out what features your travel portal should obtain? Contact Chudovo today, and we will help you decide on the features that would benefit your travel business.

CRMs for hotels and other software tools for specific providers

A CRM in the hotel industry is essential since its objective is to retain customers and that they return to stay in the same hotel or chain, thanks to the personalized services that it can offer. These services can only be achieved by knowing the customer; and to know the customer, we need a CRM.

Custom software for the hospitality industry, such as CRM, can be the starting point for developing digital marketing campaigns, starting loyalty programs, sending massive emails, and, in addition, evaluating the results and dynamics of the sales and demand generation processes.

It is a technological solution capable of recording, centralizing, and analyzing customer interactions, such as guests and other hotel industry users.

The team of Chudovo could help you build a CRM assembled to meet your organization’s needs and include the necessary features needed to run your business efficiently.

We can help you build a CRM to give you a clear perspective of your guests’ information to satisfy their requests and carry out business strategies focused on your clients.

Payment processing and management solutions

· Which payment methods would you accept?

· Would the customer information be saved for future transactions?

· How would the charges be processed?

These are just a few questions to be considered when creating a payment processing system for your travel industry enterprise.

What eases your hassle is that we already have experience creating various types of payment processing, transforming our know-how into an elegant and innovative payment processing channel.

Development and implementation of E-booking, ticketing, and reservation systems

Booking is the most common action that all travel and hospitality industry customers perform during their trips.

Chudovo can help you to build a competitive tool that will give your guests an ultimate booking experience whether they book accommodation, transport, entertainment, or dining.

At Chudovo, we develop and integrate the most suitable booking engine for your company, which solves the different problems when managing the places in your establishment.

Your booking engine will be so simple and fast to use that you will only have to take care of checking the status of the requests.

The reservation system, developed by Chudovo, would be able to offer all kinds of tourist products and centralize sales, being a powerful, safe, and functional solution.

Transformation of legacy systems

Modernizing the hospitality industry with all the cutting-edge technologies, you could streamline the efficiency of the processes, improve the overall business performance and boost customer satisfaction by seeing the new perspectives of serving your customers.

If you want to tackle modernization initiatives that align with business objectives, your organization could benefit from the fully automated migration that uses technology to transform legacy and data into modern solutions.

Mobile App Development

Today’s tourists expect to manage and change their trip details on the go, for which they need an app.

Our team of analysts, developers, and creatives could provide your business with solutions that adapt to the continuous evolution of customer requirements, and the market in which they participate. Based on our experience in the industry, and the requirements and objectives of our clients, we would generate the most appropriate and clear action plan to successfully implement a custom travel mobile app tailored for the end-user of your enterprise.

Loyalty and Reward System Development

In Chudovo, we know how to build powerful reward and loyalty solutions to retain your existing customers, building emotional rapport and commitment by encouraging them to commit certain actions. Hospitality companies need to motivate their clients to adopt particular behaviors cultivating the integration of alike commitment into their daily business operations.

Microservices and Third-party Integration

When you decide to integrate third-party and microservices, Chudovo provides hospitality-related enterprises with safe system transfer and refactoring.

We could help transform your system’s architecture into a more secure and efficient way of functioning, facilitating your business development and easing business maintenance.

Big Data Services

Big data plays a key role in giving you that competitive advantage to make you stand out from industry competitors.

Big data allows you to enhance the guest experience, increase the efficiency of the marketing strategy and streamline the business processes.

Custom Software Integration

In Chudovo, we can help you take advantage of existing systems, flawlessly integrating your hotel management software with third-party systems.

Custom Software Development Solutions

Build an extensive and intuitive custom software development solution to gather immediate and very accurate customer feedback. Analyze how guests react to the ideas you implement to improve your business, concluding the actionable analytics.

Whether you want to create a brand-new hospitality and travel solution or facelift an existing infrastructure, the CHUDOVO team is ready to get to the task and help you optimize a day-to-day workflow, ensure unmatched customer service, create new revenue streams, and adapt to continuously changing market demands.
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Bespoke software for Travel & Hospitality industries
We provide you with a broad range of software and applications development services for the Travel and Hospitality industry to reach an immaculate management process and boost your sales.
Since we have a decent industry-specific experience, we always target to convey the vying software solutions through:

· The phase of the deep discovery

· Compelling planning

· Benchmarking

· Thorough analysis of the marketing
Tailor-made software development
Tailor-made software development
Chudovo offers a full cycle of Travel and Hospitality Software development, which includes the next services:

· Engineering

· UI/UX design

· Security management

· Solution Architecture
Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and Support
The team of experts at Chudovo has all the skills essential to establish the smooth operation of your solution after it has been released. This is ensured by utilizing the following:

• Timely platform maintenance

• Support at L1, L2, and L3

• Optimization of performance

• Constant optimization of the apps/software architecture
How Can CHUDOVO Help?
Create tailor-made experiences
The smart use of data could help you to know your customers and anticipate their needs and preferred choices. Big Data engineers and Software developers of Chudovo can assist you in:

• Creation of the relevant recommendation and search engines

• Compare the prices with dynamic pricing engines and the customized tool integrated with GDS APIs

• Track the customers' journey to understand your customers better.

• Use advanced analytics to customize your service and product offerings in real time based on user's behavior and preferences.

• Make decisions and product development driven by analytics.

• Develop loyalty programs that would retain customers.
Grant absolute and uninterrupted connectivity and timely assistance
Approach your customers anytime and anywhere, enabling them to access the information or assistance promptly.

• Facilitate assistance to your customers by integrating the 24/7 Travel Chatbot AI applications.

• Simplify booking and checkout processes with cross-platform solutions from CHUDOVO.

• Speed up the boarding or the check-in process by integrating the recognition technology solutions, such as checking biometrics or facial recognition systems.

• Make the process of reservation booking in software and mobile applications clear and intuitive.
Stay ahead of the competition by deploying the innovative technologies
Fascinate your clients with state-of-the-art technologies.

• Visualize the journey to your customers' destination before their physical body travels there. Integrate the VR (Virtual Reality) 360 video tours to demonstrate the offered journeys in a modernly enhanced way.

• Automate IoT (Internet of Things) processes, streamlining workday business operations. Give more control over their appliances and provide services to the customers with the help of centralized devices such as phones or a tablet.
Workflow for Hospitality & Travel Software Development
When you choose Chudovo as your software provider, you get full transparency and consistency in the seamless processes of cooperating with us. You decide on the services to be developed – we happily fulfill your order. Here are the phases which we follow in the process of software development:
As a first step, we learn your project requirements, check how feasible the implementation of the project is and define the potential risks.
At this stage of the life cycle of a system, we create a project plan that will guide all interested parties or stakeholders to get the product specified in the requirements survey.

This phase includes tasks such as determining the project's scope, a feasibility study, risk analysis, estimated costs, allocation of resources in the different stages, etc.

These tasks influence the project's success, so initial planning is necessary.
In this phase of the systems life cycle, software engineers create an abstract model of the system to be built based on the functional and non-functional requirements stated in the requirements specification. This model details the software architecture, data structures, interfaces, and components needed to implement the system.

In the design phase, we decide on the possible implementations and study the general structure of the software.

It is a complicated stage; if the initial solution is not the most appropriate, it must be redefined.
In this phase, our team of developers generates the source code in the chosen programming language to implement all the initial project requirements and create an immaculate user interface realizing the program logic.

This stage involves choosing the right tools, a development environment that makes work easier, and the optimal programming language.

Usually, developing hospitality software, we split the development process into several phases since we are adept at the Agile methodology.
At the testing stage, we can detect the errors committed in previous stages so that they do not have repercussions on the end user.

This phase of the software life cycle must be repeated as many times as necessary since the final quality and stability of the software will depend on this phase.
After thorough tests, the quality and feature-approved product of travel software is ready to conquer the market and is delivered to its end users.
When you order software development from Chudovo, we don't leave you after its final release. We would be here for you for its performance maintenance and optimization processes, fix the bugs detected after the release and provide you with the lasting evolution of the software.


Add scalability and flexibility and ensure a stable connection for your business by using our Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud solutions.
Get your business an app that will flawlessly run on your customers' platform. Reduce the costs and time-to-market while reaching more users and maintaining the top quality of your services.
Increase customers' convenience, give them an excellent experience, and meet their rising demands. With global digitalization, insurers can manage Big Data and upgrade claims handling mechanisms with enhanced data management infrastructure and machines.
Monitor your operations in a safe and solid infrastructure continuously using IoT devices. They would help you gather Big Data which you could use to streamline all connected operations and gain valuable and accurate insights improving employee decision-making in the meantime.
Automate any operation using AI-based algorithms such as a machine or deep learning, gain insights valuable for business from Big Data, help your employees make fail-safe decisions, and much more.
Make your business data more secure by using a private blockchain, create a blockchain-based marketplace, explore the possibilities of key operations automation with Smart contracts, and much more.
Benefits of Working with Us
Brilliant specialists
Our company has a rigorous recruitment process during which we have gathered a team of top-notch specialists. Chudovo's professionals have the technical knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of service, resolving all situations in the shortest possible time and respecting commitments. We always set the bar high regarding the specialists that we provide for our clients.
Deep domain expertise
We have dealt with many projects in the hospitality and travel industry. So, we always stay tuned to the trends dominating the industry and are aware of the customer needs. Applying the state-of-the-art stack of technology and a professional suite of in-depth domain knowledge, our developers drive growth and improve customer experience by creating dynamic, user-friendly, robust, secure, and scalable applications.
Custom software development
Our team can help you expand customer engagement capabilities and extend the reach of your business, developing custom software solutions that make a difference. With our software development, you would have all the flexibility and versatility you need to stay competitive.
Affordable rates without any further hidden payments
Working with us, you will pay for your projects, enjoying full transparency and no hidden payments.

We provide solutions that adapt to the continuous evolution of customer requirements and the market in which they participate, reducing costs and increasing your client's satisfaction at a competitive price.
Leading-edge technologies
Implementation of modern technologies is a necessary element of leading the modern market. That is why Chudovo specialists explore the possibilities of Big Data, IoT, AR, VR, ML, and AI to give that competitive advantage to our client's businesses.
Timely delivery
In Chudovo, we always keep the promised milestones and deadlines since we have all the necessary expertise and a smooth workflow to develop the apps with all declared functionality within the declared time frame.
Various engagement models
Chudovo has a few models of engagement, so you, as a client, can choose the one that suits your budget and needs better.
Full customer satisfaction
Our main goal is to leave our customers 100% satisfied, meeting all your business needs. Thus, we always aim to achieve perfection in every provided service so you, as our client, can get the best value from your investment.
What do the solutions for travel agencies typically consist of?
The solutions for the travel industry usually include:

• Administrative panel for client acquirement and retention

• The necessary options for receiving online payments through various channels

• An engine for online booking of travel tickets, reservation of hotels, and transportation services
What are the most popular corporate software solutions for travel?
Some of the most popular software solutions for tourism are:

• Booking services (solutions to book plane tickets, rent a car, book living facilities, etc.).

• Ongoing support for the travelers

• Enforcement of travel policy

• Management software for travel expenses

• Mobile apps

• Safe credit card permissions
What software can we develop for the hospitality and travel industry?
We are a team specialized in the hospitality & travel industry, passionate about helping to keep your operation under control, your customers satisfied, and to grow your business. We represent and integrate brands with a global presence, providing top-notch experience and service in the next solutions:

• Cloud-based scheduling systems

• CRM for hotels

• Booking management

• GDS integration

• Solutions for managing the hotels and many more
What is the idea of custom software development?
Custom software development is designing and creating computer tools based on the company's particular needs that hire a team of developers. It is designed to satisfy the needs of a certain organization and its audience having all the necessary functions for the particular organization.

Simply said – comparing such a solution to the software available off-the-shelf, the main difference is a narrow set of requirements tailored to the needs of the certain organization.

Chudovo offers its clients a wide range of high-quality software development services to satisfy all the company's needs.

In the process of custom app/web development, our team of experts analyzes the characteristics of the company and the latest market trends seeking to optimize your key business processes to dominate the market after the product release. This process creates a customized system that multiplies the company's profits and establishes its solid position in the market.
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