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Let's turn your ideas into modern, high-quality and flawless mobile app solutions! From an idea to a market-ready solution – we provide full-cycle mobile app development complementing it with expert delivery and technical support..
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Chudovo – your provider of mobile development services

Our team of experienced mobile app developers builds impressive and highly effective mobile apps that deliver quality performance for users and businesses. We provide unique, customized mobile applications by considering your business values and overall strategy and adding advanced features and designs.

We have the skills to ensure even the most technical and feature-heavy apps look stunning - fusing the ideal blend of aesthetics and function for the best customer experience.

Leveraging our company's core strength and strategic approach to mobile application development, we support you from the start of your mobile app development to submission, treating your app launch as our own. Build intuitive, scalable, and feature-rich mobile apps with our mobile app development services with Chudovo.

Mobile apps development models

    We provide you with comprehensive, tested, and plannable software development that covers all phases as a full-service provider. We guide you through all the stages from collecting all requirements, analysis, UI/UX design, architecture planning, prototyping, front-end, and back-end development, to quality assurance.


    Creating an MVP is the best way to launch an idea on the market and start validating it as soon as possible. We offer you our experience to help you determine the feasibility of your project.


    Whether you want to develop a brand-new mobile app or redesign the already existing one, our specialists would help you achieve the main objectives with the best practices, aligning processes and services of IT to the central business objectives.

Reaching users on any platform
Android mobile app development
Android mobile app development
Chudovo has a professional development team to create feature-rich apps on Android. We have made many innovative and impressive Android mobile apps to help businesses improve their go-to-market strategy. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in providing customer-focused business solutions.
Cross-platform app development
Cross-platform app development
Our mobile app developers combine refined cross-platform app development processes to create highly-functional, performance-driven cross-platform apps that would reduce your development and maintenance costs. We combine Chudovo's cross-platform mobile development expertise around key technology domains to add value to your business, suiting your company's specific needs.
iOS mobile app development
iOS mobile app development
Chudovo's team designs iOS apps for the entire Apple product range and is a specialist in developing feature-rich iOS apps ranging from seamless apps for consumers to composite solutions for businesses. We help different agencies, companies, start-ups, companies and ISVs to build an understandable, easy to access and secure iOS app.
Mobile development stages
Mobile development stages
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Our mobile app development services
At Chudovo, we help our clients define a long-term growth strategy based on the specific business objectives, the current market situation, the level of competition and the budget. Our task is to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the mobile channel. Applications and services, developed by us, are built on advanced technology platforms that deliver milestone performance and state-of-the-art infrastructure. We provide excellent customized mobile applications by considering your business values and overall strategy and adding advanced features and designs.
Web app extension
Extend your presence on the web with custom mobile app development services from Chudovo.
Cross-platform app development
Enjoy the benefits of the cross-platform app functionality, making no sacrifice in the performance and look of your mobile app.
Native mobile app development
Ensure the sustainable growth of your business app by providing custom mobile applications tailored to the specifics of iOS or Android phones.
Smart devices and wearables
Bring your bright ideas of mobile app solutions for wearable products, intelligent homes, watches, and cars to reality.
Payment integration
Give the freedom of choice to your customers by letting them pick the optimal payment option.
Maintenance and support
We would provide technical support for the existing mobile app, including the bug/code fixes and the timely updates.
Why choose Chudovo mobile development services
Chudovo's team of expert professionals can add great features to your application, ensuring its flawless performance. We are always ready to offer the best support and pave the way for your application to stay ahead of the market and include the latest trends.
Rich features
Give your users what they expect, and more. From seamless authentication to in-app payments to video conferencing to social media sharing — we’ve got the expertise in app development services to deliver a feature-packed mobile app that goes on a home screen.
Top performance
We build apps that can scale, handling multiple simultaneous users with ease and minimal resource consumption. The backbone of mobile applications, developed by Chudovo that allows keeping the outstanding quality and the high performance is the showpiece backend and flexible yet resilient app architecture.
Innovative capabilities
Given the increased competition in the mobile market, we support customers by adding additional features that offer a better user experience. Stand out from the competition with innovative user-centric applications in a demanding and ever-evolving digital environment. We would enable your users with the next-generation tech app capabilities, letting your business face the industry challenges head-on with a flawless and boundless mobile application.
On any screen
Honor your customers with mobile apps easily adjustable to various screen sizes regardless of the platform. Deploy our cross-platform front-end expertise to create the attractive, functional UI design that would skyrocket your business letting your customers access the hyper-personalized mobile experience.
What types of mobile development services exist?
There are two types of mobile apps currently available on the market:

  • Native applications for iOS or Android
  • Hybrid or cross-platform mobile apps.

Deciding to develop a native mobile app for your business, you need to understand that two different source codes need to be written for application maintenance – one for the Android mobile app and the other for the iOS. Developing a native app is a long process with a high scope of tasks, which is more expensive than cross-platform development even though it offers much higher performance and creates a custom user experience due to the app's flexibility.

It is harder to achieve as high performance with cross-platform applications, counting their optimization difficulties. Even the cross-platform applications are cheaper to develop since their operation process runs on a single source code regardless of the device's type and OS.

What's the average price of custom mobile app development?
The price range of a custom mobile app varies from $2000 to $300000. It depends on multiple factors such as the desired features, the mobile app development company, the experience of the developers and the overall task complexity. The price mainly depends on the functionality.
How long would it take to develop a mobile application?
The time frame needed for the app development varies from a few weeks up to 9 months. When estimating the app development time, we consider such variables as the uniqueness of the desired features and the complexity of an app design, the use of third-party services, and possible development complexities.
With what distinguishing features you could enrich the apps developed by your company?

In Chudovo, we always do everything to ensure the sustainable growth of our apps.Thus, we integrate a range of cutting-edge, unique features that deliver quality performance for both users and businesses.

Here are some of the features we've implemented while the app development process:

  • Cross-platform support
  • Flawless integration with social media
  • Time-tracking in real-time
  • Modern push notifications
  • Live chat support
  • Integration with ML (Machine Learning)
  • Map integration
  • Messaging within the app
  • Search Bar enhanced with filters
  • Integration with Payment Gateway
  • Multi-lingual app support

Great ideas inspire us. Let's transform your ideas into industry-leading mobile applications!