Transportation And Logistics Software Development

Our software development is focused on enabling logistics and supply chain companies to take advantage of emerging technologies for better real-time transportation means management, optimized communication and better customer service.
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Transportation And Logistics Software Development

Challenges in Modern Logistics & Transportation Industry
  • Since technology came into our lives, it has invaded every corner of our daily life. The transportation and logistics sector is not an exception.
  • The Software for Transport Logistics Management, designed to help in the management of tasks necessary in the logistics sector, such as supply management, processing orders, fleet management, shipping goods, maintaining the proper storage of materials etc., is the technological milestone that brings the greatest benefit to transport companies.
  • In the transportation and logistics sector, meeting demand and supply are the key factors to succeed. Transportation and logistics are facing tremendous changes, such as moving to the digital revolution phase, meeting ever-changing customer expectations and bringing new business models.
  • In this competitive environment, there is always the pressure to deliver products quickly; therefore, companies should use alternative modes of transportation and smarter routes to achieve their goals.
How Chudovo Help Innovate Logistics?
  • Chudovo leverages its leadership to provide logistics application development solutions to clients in all transportation and logistics industries, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • We know how difficult it is to manage logistics regarding transportation. To help our clients overcome that, we specialize in developing logistics solutions tailored to each retailer's business needs. We follow a business mobility strategy that can enhance management capabilities and increase sales of timely delivered orders.
  • We help transportation companies meet emerging technology needs for greater efficiency. We have deep domain expertise and significant experience implementing trusted IT solutions that can help reduce risk and open up more opportunities for your business.
Enterprise Logistics Software

Cover the ever-evolving needs of your enterprise with a custom software solution that will scale with its growth and serve many users. Whether you need to build accounting software for a logistics company or incorporate a complicated multiple-module solution that would replace several apps, we will cover your needs. You could rely on us whether you need a CRM, cargo logistics management software, or fleet management solution.

Logistics Analytics Software

Ensure that all logistical operations run smoothly and the results are delivered on time with logistics software, ensuring full visibility.

The software delivered by our experts would have advanced analytical features, so you could oversee every aspect of the logistics and supply chain to ensure proper coordination, allowing you to analyze the retrieved data. With advanced analytical features, you could coordinate the workflow more efficiently since now every aspect of the logistics and the supply chain would be visible to you. Improve the profitability of your business, provide your customers with a better experience, optimize the delivery process and increase the operational capacity planning by getting logistics analytics software developed by our experts.

Logistics Application Software

Chudovo is a logistics software developer that helps you minimize errors in all processes: our software automates most logistics processes, so it detects any errors and offers the opportunity to correct them immediately, for example, in billing, a wrong delivery address or a departure from the warehouse out of time. This increases the quality of customer service. Thus, your enterprise becomes more efficient.

A range of customized software developed by Chudovo, such as desktop or web-based solutions, could help you manage your transport and logistics operations, making compliance with your corporate policy as easy as never before.

Logistics Automation Software

When the automation of logistics processes is implemented correctly, you can eliminate an imposing number of manual processes improving effectiveness, fleet coordination and route planning with higher flexibility in your freight forwarding business.

When you decide to implement the logistics automation software, you will be able to reduce the costly errors usually associated with the mistakes conducted during the manual processes. Thus, automating the processes significantly increases efficiency, and the company gets numerous benefits. Moreover, when you automate the logistics processes, you also get additional benefits such as full transparency and traceability of shipments and automated updates on the information connected with shipping, storage, and information about inventory status.

Logistics Forecasting Software

As a person in charge of the logistics business, you, like no other, know that fluctuations in the supply chain and market demand a change in the blink of an eye. The good news is that with logistics planning software, you can use valuable data and predict the demand utilizing AI, ML and smart algorithms. Chudovo will create an application that will do all of the above and help you expose the potential risks early and discover the market opportunities to respond quickly to supply chain changes. With our software, you could predict your company’s capacity based on the periods to optimize the costs of logistical operations.

Logistics Inventory Management Software

Businesses of any size need logistics warehouse management software added to their tech stack to maximize the efficiency of tracking inventory and supplies. As a business owner, you should get real-time updates about the inventory levels of your enterprise so you would always have an optimal time to refill the supplies having just the right amount of goods in stock. Eliminate the risk of human errors by automating critical tasks where the mistakes could be very pricey. Chudovo would add all the needed features to help you efficiently manage the company’s inventory.

Cloud Logistics Software

Cloud-based logistics software could enrich your business with many perks. Depending on your company’s goals and regulations, we could provide you with an adaptable, riskless and responsive application hosted on the public, private or hybrid cloud. With cloud logistics software, you could avoid the cost of hardware maintenance while getting a kick out of the software deployed on the cloud.

We developed robust software for the transportation industry that would revamp and optimize the workflows, fulfill the innovation needs and decrease the expenses, bringing balance to the budget distribution.

Let's put you ahead of the competition with state-of-the-art applications that would fuel growth and profitability.
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Logistics Management Software Development
Ordering logistics management software development from Chudovo, the quality, versatility, reliability and robustness of the product delivery would delight your customers in their journey of purchasing from you. We offer a unique solution in logistics management so that companies advance in the logistics transformation they need. Chudovo develops state-of-the-art software that integrates modern technologies and always provides the user with online information. The thoughtful design grants an easy operation for the users incorporating the finest logistics practices allowing your company to have a Logistic World Class Operation.

Optimize logistics operations while reducing costs, get thorough control of the operations, and ensure smooth logistics processes with complete traceability.
Transportation Software Development
Transportation management requires efficiency and the lowest cost for the company and its customers. Therefore, it is essential to use technological advances through our management software.

We have in-depth knowledge of the logistics market and a strong IT foundation. We use a centralized database that allows remote access via the Internet. Its structural design allows our customers to operate with multiple languages, clients, operational bases, and warehouses. We can help you optimize each step of the supply chain, making it fast and effective while ensuring that you provide high service quality at the peak of your business's performance.
Supply Chain and Logistics Tracking Software Development
Our comprehensive global systems manage supply chains from order to delivery, including analytics tools that drive insights and continuous improvement. By ordering supply chain and logistics tracking software from us, you could gain full transparency to all processes connected to transporting your company's goods. Our transportation, order management, distribution and customs systems are best-in-class, consistent and integrated across our extensive network, providing visibility and trusted implementation. Chudovo's skillful development teams work with logistics experts to create tools and systems that help you manage and optimize your supply chain. Direct access through our secure online platform gives your network of suppliers, partners and customers the ability to create and track bookings, maintain order data and manage order fulfillment.
Logistics ERP Software Development
By purchasing the development of Logistics ERP Software, you would gain control of all stages of business-related processes seeing all the necessary data at your hand. Get all the orders, inbound and outbound sales, and deliveries in a centralized hub, fully controlling all business processes.

Improve your delivery times with detailed and updated information on all tasks. Knowing where your order is at all times and providing more precise information to your customers would lead to their enhanced experience that would facilitate your business growth.

Get a data-based business advantage by anticipating trends based on customer behavior. Make your decisions data-backed and exploit the benefits of Industry 4.0, where every piece of information you have about your competitors will be a plus in adaptability. Accumulate statistics from multiple sources and manage all the supply chain points with distribution and logistics ERP. Always have precise control of 'stocks' in the logistics chain
Transportation Management Development
Having an optimized transportation system generates a significant reduction in total costs. Gain real-time visibility optimizing the transport strategy and achieve a significant decrease in the costs associated with optimizing your daily transportation operations with the help of Chudovo. Our company will deliver a solution that will give you greater competitiveness, reduce logistics costs, diminish errors and increase the speed of answers. Your processes would be more competitive than ever, with the improved performance and productivity you would gain working with us. With our transportation management software, you will be able to analyze or control the results of each period in a very short time, planning, executing and optimizing the physical movement of goods. Manage the trade compliance information and documentation to ensure the timely delivery of freight and interests in a proper way.
Shipping Logistics Software Development
If you want to develop a shipping logistics management solution, Chudovo is an excellent company of choice. We deliver transportation software that adjusts to the operations of each enterprise.

Working specifically with cargo transportation companies lets us know their needs. For this reason, our development group has implemented lines of products and services that consider the internal management of shipping and logistics transportation companies. Thus, our applications adapt to customer requirements rather than the other way around.

Our main objective is to facilitate the logistics processes and increase agility in the logistics process. Chudovo will develop the software so that all the processes involved in a logistics company would be carried out quicker, which benefits everyone, since deliveries are always made on time, reducing the consumption of resources. The user-friendly platform tailored for your organization's unique needs would allow you to print the slips for packing the distributed goods, compare the shipping rates, find the best carrier for completing the job, send notifications to your clients, and so much more from a single platform.
Logistics CRM Software Development
Build tight relationships with your leads and maximize revenue with CRM transport logistics software. Our developers have been delivering CRM logistics software solutions to companies of all sizes. From configuring Salesforce logistics software to building custom-tailored applications that serve your business only, we are qualified for any project. Improve customer relationship management to keep clients loyal to your service and outrun competitors.

Logistics CRM developed by Chudovo would allow you to build tight relationships with your clients and maximize revenue.

CRM developed by Chudovo combines functionalities designed specifically for the sector with usability designed at the user level. Our developers would deliver a CRM logistics software solution with a short and completely automated learning curve.

With us, you can be in full control of commercial flows, getting detailed monitoring of all commercial activities of your company. Give up intuition and embrace guarantees! In the logistics CRMs developed by Chudovo, all tasks are centralized. At the end of the working day, you would close your logistics CRM, ensuring everything is done: logistics, collections, payments, taxation and much more.
Supply Chain and Logistics Software Development
Our developers have a solid track record of building products that enhance the supply chain process transparency, help you track suppliers and customers, allow you to manage sales and logistics, provide you with relevant data to perform demand planning and forecasting, and more.

Augment your supply chain network with modern custom supply chain logistics software. With our solutions, you would work more comfortably and efficiently since they increase connectivity, raise visibility and augment the customer experience helping you make data-driven decisions. In this way, it is much easier to know where an order is in the process of its delivery and to solve any problems that may occur. This increases the efficiency and service of the company.

As a manager, you would have more information and control over what is happening in all aspects involved in the distribution of goods.

In this way, you would achieve greater agility to correct errors and increase efficiency in deliveries since the products we develop for logistics companies enhance the transparency of the supply chain process.
Stages to Build Transport and Logistics Software for your company
We are focused on delivering your logistics software project on time, within budget, and up to your requirements.

In creating logistics software, our main focus is timely delivery, following the initial set requirements and budget.
Discovery and Planning
Software Design, its architecture and Development
Discovery and Planning
In the first stage, we discover the software product requirements to be developed and extract them into the SRS (System Requirements Specification) document. For this, we study your business logic, find the spots restricting the system, and identify the project's scope so we can develop it successfully.

During this stage we:

• Analyze the business and conduct the research

• Create a project roadmap

• Estimate the costs and project duration

• Conduct a Proof of Concept
Software Design, its architecture and Development
At this point, the team of programmers, UI/UX designers and certified project managers will determine how your logistics app will generally work. It is time to consider the network, hardware, use cases, etc. The architecture stage also includes the first version of the system and is one of the most important points in the development process.

This stage includes:

• The specifications of design documents

• Development of an MVP

• Migration of data

• Development of custom system integration
Tests serve to detect loopholes in the software. It is the moment to verify that the software works correctly with the indicated tasks, and for this, the tests of each module can be carried out separately and later in an integral way. This stage is the perfect opportunity to execute the necessary measures to ensure system quality.

During this stage we:

• Test the functionality of the developed software

• Conduct non-functional testing

• Assure the quality of the delivered product
We present your system to the live production environment to finish the software development cycle. The expanded installation, operations and end-user functionality guides follow it.

Deploying the logistics software, we:

• Provide you with an end-user training

• Support you in system adoption

• Conduct a post-deployment review
Once the software solution we have developed is operational, technical assistance will be essential. It implies user support, necessary software updates, implications, and support during the service. This stage is vital for the maintenance and improvement of the system, as well as for dealing with possible errors and responding to new requirements.

As a part of post-production software maintenance, we:

• Help you maintain the software

• Optimize the systems

• Assist you in backup and disaster recovery

• Conduct the hosting and infrastructure maintenance

Optimal service models for transportation and logistics software development

Digital consulting
Chudovo is the optimal software development company that assists transportation and logistics businesses from the basic operations of dispatches to decision-making at the administrative and cargo logistics level.

We create transportation software that adjusts to the operations of each company. Since every transportation company is unique, rather than trying to fit your company into the existing software, we create the software to make your business meet customers' expectations now and as your business grows while relying on the best agile practices.
Solution operations
We help companies with tools to optimize their logistics processes while maintaining the necessary traceability, quality and customer service. With Chudovo, you can rely on the proven software development practices and frameworks that, together with our developers' harmonious work, would ensure the flawless operation of your company's infrastructure.
Advanced technology
By implementing cutting-edge technologies, we help transportation companies meet emerging technology needs for greater efficiency. We have deep domain expertise and significant experience implementing trusted IT solutions that can help reduce risk and open up more opportunities to streamline the logistics and transportation businesses.
Development teams
Assemble, organize and supervise the development team of your transportation and logistics project. Choose the favorable engagement level and the leveraged tools in the product development process to speed up the time to market. Our developers would help you improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction, which means a better chance of acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers in an extremely competitive market.
What are the main benefits of using logistics management software?
Cost Reduction
Software for transport and logistics allows us to obtain maximum efficiency in planning routes. Optimized routes generate significant savings in the supply chain and logistics aspects.

Reducing delivery times is not only an essential factor in increasing customer satisfaction, but it also makes it possible to use the resources associated with delivery better. The decrease in costs related to fleet management happens because of the lower fuel consumption and optimized deliveries.

This implies, on the other hand, greater customer satisfaction. Moreover, extending the useful life of vehicles and materials involved in each delivery results in a highly favorable equation for the company. In other words, it is the ideal way to build a relevant and sustainable competitive advantage over time.
Warehouse Management
The correct automation of the processes allows being able to control the management with the suppliers in an agile way and reduce the supply times. This way, the logistics software helps companies optimize the warehouse distribution processes.

In addition, it allows you to track the company's activities at all times and in real-time, such as controlling supply delivery dates, production deadlines, and shipping dates. The warehouse management feature would greatly assist you in having complete control over every storage-related process, making it easier for industry planning, directing, organizing, and staffing. Efficiently managing your warehouse would benefit you as a company as well as your customers in a significant way.
Inventory Management
Implementing modern technologies is a critical factor for agile decision-making that allows logistics companies to face the changing market demand and optimize stock management.

Having complete control over inventory ensures that there is operational efficiency in logistics and transportation. Sales count, stocks, current requests, and en-route deliveries are essential in the logistics process and must be tracked accurately. Thanks to the inventory management opportunity of modern logistic systems, all this information is available to your team in a single control panel; therefore, you will get all the valuable details. In addition, this software allows you to seamlessly manage inbound and outbound orders and see which items are out of stock or in stock, enabling prompt decision-making and effective problem-solving.
Transport Management
To guarantee the safety of your cargo truck fleet, logistics software provides you with managing tools to track transportation at all times, allowing you to take care of these assets and the safety of your personnel.

Knowing the status of operational units optimizes performance so you can determine if they align with the strategic planning and evaluate if the detailed best practices are being followed and the proper documentation is available. Monitoring the productivity and safety of vehicles and operators before could be considered a utopia; today is a reality.
Order Management
The feature of managing the orders in logistics software simplifies the process of fulfilling the order. The order management tool includes features not limited to just receiving and managing orders. Still, with such a platform, admins can organize the inventory databases, process the orders, retrieve the data, enable the fulfillment systems, and streamline the returns to these systems.

An efficient system of managing the orders speeds up the order-to-cash cycle and increases processing efficiency.
Improve visibility of delivery processes
The vehicle tracking function over the Internet or from any mobile device lets the client and the company know the delivery status at any stage. In this way, you will be able to monitor, in real-time, how the shipment is going and if there is any inconvenience to correct on the fly.
Automated Functions
Logistics software is a tool that automates many secondary but necessary processes in the logistics process. This way, you can avoid human errors and improve the quality of service since possible incidents that may occur in this regard are reduced. Besides automating the daily mundane processes, the software would assist you in shipping route layout, load tendering, and planning so all your operations become seamless.
Enhance Customer experience
Good logistics process management allows customers a fast and good quality service. In this way, the company also gains a competitive advantage, achieves a reputation for excellence in the market, builds loyalty, and attracts more customers.

Only if all logistics processes and resources are optimized the company's competitiveness will improve. You can achieve this by deploying modern logistics software.
What is logistics management software?
Logistics management software is a tool that facilitates and improves the efficiency of the entire logistics process, providing management and control tools for the company's benefit. Logistics management software offers different technological solutions that generate a lot of value in various logistics operations, whether oriented towards e-commerce or more traditional B2B logistics. It helps the company at all stages, from production to delivery of goods to the end customer, warehouse administration, inventory management, order and delivery processing, transportation route planning, and information management.
What is logistics software?
Logistics software is a collective name for all applications that streamline logistics operations and let all the cycles inside the logistics process run smoothly. This can be a digital product like trucking logistics software for managing dispatch records, tracking drivers, and paying invoices. You may also come across an ERP solution that brings all logistics processes into one hub that enables your company to manage them and centralize data.

As its name suggests, logistics software is a program or digital solution that facilitates and improves the efficiency of the entire supply chain process. This goes beyond the mere distribution of parcels associated with logistics activities since it implies control and traceability of the packages that go from the manufacturer to the final customer, going through all the stages, such as transport and distribution, as well as the storage and inventory process.

Logistics software is part of that balance that Industry 4.0 brings because it creates harmony throughout the supply chain, being a common thread in production, transportation, logistics, distribution, sale, and storage. So, its implementation is a part of the growth that organizations need to keep up with the digital transformation. Logistics software helps to achieve short response times and provides intelligent logistics models. Also, it can anticipate customer needs, track traceability, and much more.
What software is popular to use in logistics?
Logistics companies use different applications depending on their preferences and financial means. Even though not all of them prove their effectiveness, the general-use app, deployed in various industries, might not cover transportation and logistics companies' narrow needs and demands. Thus, companies from the logistics sector instead prefer developing custom software tailored to their unique company's specifics or selecting variants from the market that are specific to the industry.
When do you need custom transportation app software development?
The only way logistics companies stay competitive is by embracing cutting-edge technologies to transform their work into a forward-looking approach. Only a few years from now, almost every company dealing with logistics and transportation will move toward digitalization to gain a competitive advantage. The earlier you start, the higher the chances of getting ahead of competitors.

The uses of custom business applications for logistics are as wide as a particular company or logistics department's needs. Bespoke software development for the logistics and transportation sector allows the control and management of most of the actions related to logistics processes enabling the fleet managers to control a massive amount of logistics data quickly, which in addition to improving the security and efficiency of these processes. Custom software for transportation management also provides information on the traceability and status of the product throughout the entire process of its logistics. Suppose your logistics enterprise doesn't need to build an app from scratch. In that case, we can also help you adapt the solutions already available in the market, adding the features required to satisfy your organization's needs with the help of Chudovo's software developers.
Can you deploy the transportation or logistics software that already exists on the market, or can you only develop custom solutions from scratch?
We can help you with both. We can help our customers adopt next-generation technologies, such as cloud solutions, increase the competitiveness and flexibility of the already existing solutions, and support you with L2/L3 installation. If you need to integrate third-party services and platforms via APIs, we can help you keep the leading positions in the transportation industry by applying open-source development practices. While building transportation and logistics management apps from scratch, we cover UX/UI design, architecture, development, market roll-out, and maintenance of your brand-new logistics software.
Are you looking for custom logistics software developers? Deploy your award-winning and compelling Transport and Logistics software for your company with us.

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