How To Build MVP – 5 Main Tips + How much is it in 2023?

Startup failure rates were over 90% in 2020. And the most recent research by Euler Hermes is much less impressive. The data shows there will be 15% more global bankruptcies in 2022.

Because of a lack of demand from consumers, you cannot sell your product. When you have an exciting new idea, focus on what customers want and can use before adding unnecessary features or costs.

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Why Pharmacy App Development Is Trending in HealthTech

Health tech covers various parts of medicine, including treatment, surgery, communication, patient data storage, and medication. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been a need for more efficient software products.

Mobile Pharmacy app development is one such product. They are online medicine apps that enable pharmacies and patients to dispense and receive medications more quickly and efficiently.

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What Is New In .NET 7 – 7 New Top Benefits For Developers?

The .NET Framework has been updated to version 7.0 by Microsoft. The main features of this new version are faster startup times, better performance, and shorter compilation times.

This new version was created to address issues in previous framework versions and to add new developer features.

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Fintech Technology Trends to Expect in 2023-2024

Technology has grown in innovation over the years, and in one sub-section, we have seen improvements in the financial technology industry. Businesses and individuals have always needed a way to move money around and across borders faster, and fintech does that. And since covid happened, fintech companies have begun innovating to deliver efficient and secure financial services.

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11 Main Types Of Software Development

The Software development and publishing industry has grown to $442.5bn in 2022. The number is expected to keep growing as companies, developers, and individuals vie for their share of the billion-dollar industry with various types of software designs.

But to get a cut of this growth, you must know the current landscape regarding the type of software development currently available. In this article, we’ll define software development and cover eleven main types of software development and some examples of development software.

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Top Mobile App Development Frameworks For App Developers in 2023 + Features

Developing a mobile app from scratch is tedious and time-consuming. Thanks to technological advancements, different establishments have come up with mobile development frameworks that can serve as the foundation for building mobile apps tailored for specific platforms. The dilemma now becomes which framework to use and how to determine what’s best for your mobile app.

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7 Great Reasons Why Vue.js Is Best for App Development

Vue.js is a framework for building web applications. It was developed by the same team responsible for Laravel, a popular PHP framework. It offers developers a lot of flexibility and is easy to integrate with other technologies like Angular or React, if you need more features than are available out of the box. It also

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The Top 7 Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare in the Future

Cloud computing in healthcare is revolutionizing how we deliver medical services to the populace. For both the patient and medical care provider, cloud solutions development enhance medical care and health, enabling both parties to enjoy scalable and futuristic benefits. This article explains what cloud computing in healthcare is and how it helps improve healthcare delivery.

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Chudovo visits Web Summit 2022

This year Chudovo joined thousands of other tech companies at Web Summit.

Web Summit has become “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”, with an expected attendance of 70,000 people including 2000+ start-ups, and 1000+ speakers. It is a global meeting place for the world’s most disruptive technology companies and those interested in how IT innovators can transform their businesses.

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Tips to Find the Best E-Commerce App Developers in 2023

More businesses realize the importance of digitizing their processes and customer interactions. Aside from having an online presence, building reliable e-commerce applications is an excellent way for businesses to reach their customers.

Unfortunately, e-commerce development is backbreaking work. You’ll need one or more app developers to take on the task of building your business product. This article provides helpful tips for finding the best e-commerce app development team.

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