Chudovo Magento Development Company

Chudovo is focused on Magento E-Commerce solutions. Our engineers take part in building reliable online shops based on Magento. Our teams are specialized on Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions and have Back-end, Front-End, DevOps and Support background. Our engineers have Magento certificates and could assist in any type of Magento web development project. We have plenty of custom Magento development experience, and we'll be more than happy to help you to take your business to the next level.

How we can help
  • Magento websites setup
  • Custom Magento development services
  • Magento web development
  • E-Commerce Software Development
  • E-Commerce Website Design and Development
  • Integration with fulfillment companies, suppliers, dropshipping services
  • Magento SOAP web services, cron jobs, utilities development
  • Migration to Magento from other e-commerce platforms
Open-source platform
It provides you with plenty of customization and integration options and completely free to use and modify. It will even evolve more in the future.
Scalability and efficiency
Magento is built for scale and it can perform well in small and large online sales platforms, without any performance degradation.
With Magento development, you can protect your store and effectively manage internal access with multi-level security permission.
SEO support
Magento provides a lot of opportunities for your products and services to appear on Google and other popular SERPs.
Magento e-commerce web development supports all currencies and languages across the globe. This feature would be immensely valuable for stores that target wide geographical audience.
Magento is flexible
Regardless of your business’s scale, budget and requirements and budget, you can still find a proper edition of Magento.
Compatibility and integrations
Magento one of the most versatile platforms for e-commerce. Open-source nature of the project allows any Magento web developer to integrate platform with their systems or to add functionality.
Intuitive interface
Any content editor or admin with no PHP knowledge should manage it without obstacles.
Magento is one of the most user-friendly ecommerce platforms. Magento Ecommerce covers 20% of all eCommerce shops, making it one of the most popular eCommerce systems. Our experience as a Magento development company has shown it is fit for any size of business. Magento Commerce brings additional value and shortens the development time and offers superlative benefits for online merchants with high functionalities. Magento provides a user-friendly CMS coupled with a competitive front end experience tailor made to fit the needs of your customers. Core Magento features include a shopping cart system, site builder, product catalog management, and marketing tools. Choosing Magento means choosing to define a robust customer journey while maintaining the option to maximize your ROI with no limitations.
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Magento Solution Development Support
Each project has support activity from our ecommerce web developers on more later stage. Our engineers could assist in Magento support over implementation tasks like: Bug fixing, Magento security patches, Basic web store updates, Extension installation, Custom module development, Third party integrations
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Magento Development from Scratch
While developing online stores, we fully understand that customers may have a limited budget. So, we don’t even try to impose you to do something from scratch. We choose ready-made solutions with high quality code which we have already tested to optimize our staff’s time and make E-Commerce development cheaper without losing quality.
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Magento Outstaffing Teams
Our company focuses on development team organization, where each member is responsible for his part of the e-commerce development process. Reasonably, operative and productive teamwork is the first step in creating products business enterprises need. We could assist in Magento team setup with Junior to Architect back-end and front-end Engineers, DevOPS, QAs, PMs and Analytic
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20000+ man-hours Magento experience
magento ecommerce development
7 Projects
magento website developer
9 Magento Certified Developers
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12 Magento Software Developers in Total
Our engineers take part in migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2; development of front-end and back-end functionality; Modules, extensions and themes installation, configuration and customization; performance optimization; ongoing Magento maintenance and support.
Bar Code Equipment Shop
Our collaboration with this customer has strongly delivered on many key performance indicators and resulted in increased conversion rate. Magento team is working constantly to maintain and update the website, this includes monthly site changes and updates, new features implementation, responding to analytics and industry changes.
Bar Code Online Shop
Over 10000 users attend the shop daily, so our specialists along with on-site representatives build a reliable system which can cope with high load of clients and process a big amount of orders. At this point of time Magento team takes an active part in development of new end-user specific functionality in Magento 2 as well as in website replatforming from the older Magento version to the newest one.
The protein works
From the one hand, customer needed a partner who could help in replatforming from Magento 1 to Magento 2 to provide a stable website version, from the other hand customer searched for the partner who could make recommendations for Frontend optimizations and implement them to make the website up-to-date.
Technology Products Shop
Our engineers work on versions migration; themes refactoring; modules and extensions development and customization; databases and queries optimization; performance optimization.
Why Choose Chudovo OU Magento ECommerce Development?
With us you will increase your income and scale your business on one of the best ecommerce platforms. Our Magento eCommerce team of certified Magento developers leverage the best eCommerce practices. We can deliver high-quality eCommerce results on different Magento platforms. Our Magento development company has 12+ Magento certified developers with over 10 years of experience with a specialization in the ecommerce orientation. Chudovo is fully capable of meeting your customized commerce needs and offers a wide range of Magento website design and development services. As a leading Magento development company, we can escort your commerce presence too through our e-commerce development expertise. We have several Magento projects under our belt that you can check here
How do I get started?
Please, contact us and our team will thoroughly analyze your needs for free as well as help in your e-commerce business. If you already have clear requirements for the future Magento store or just general ideas, we will check and propose the best suitable solutions for the realization of your store.
How many Magento developers do I need to hire?
It depends on the project complexity, business needs and requirements. Some projects require the involvement of one or two Magento software engineers. There are also enterprise projects with complex web sore hierarchy and in this case it would be reasonable to build your own dedicated team with at least 3 Magento developers.
How fast could we start with building a Magento store?
It depends on project requirements and developer’s availability. In general project can be started in 1-2 weeks.
How often will you be reporting to me regarding the progress of my project?
The engineers log their times every day in task management & time tacking system (Jira or any other system) and Customer may review logged times and tasks progress at any moment. General reports can be also provided to the Customer on weekly or monthly basis.