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High-quality front-end software development is a combination of a sound knowledge of flagship frameworks and expertise in creating pixel-perfect designs for top-notch user experiences. Chudovo’s professional front-end developers build outstanding applications perfectly compatible with any desktop, mobile, and wearable device
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Chudovo Front-End Development Company

Chudovo’s team offers frontend development from competent, skilled, and experienced specialists with proven expertise in a wide range of software and UI development projects. We provide high-quality front-end development services to meet all customer requirements and create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces through state-of-the-art technologies.

We help implement innovative ideas and use advanced tools to deliver quick-response, fast-operating, and stable apps. Our team is engaged in customers’ business goals and workflows which allows us to provide top-notch custom frontend and user interface development services.

Build Front-end Engagements with us
  • Experienced dedicated front-end developers
  • Agile Methodologies
  • On-time Delivery Assurance
  • Maintained Coding Standards
  • Security and IP Protection
  • Transparent Process
  • Tailored solutions
Chudovo team works with all areas of front-end development: it can scale up and support your existing product or provide custom front-end development from scratch. Chudovo front-end developers deliver full-featured user-friendly interfaces, legacy product modernization, and ensure the product support all the way through.
Custom Front End Web Development Services
We implement cutting-edge front-end development technologies and advanced solutions to design intuitive, rich, and high-performance apps.
Front-end Architecture & Design
We have expertise in frontend architecture and use its tools and processes to enhance the frontend code quality and improve app efficiency and stability.
Single Page Apps Development
We provide single-page application development services to boost performance and enhance UX flexibility.
UI/UX App Development
We have proven experience as a UI/UX app design and development company and create cross-device customer-facing interfaces adapted for your business needs.
Progressive Web Apps Development
We implement PWA technology to deliver mobile versions of websites looking and feeling like native apps.
AMP App Development
Our AMP app development services help create fully-functional mobile pages with a higher loading speed.
Technologies we use
Reactallows to keep impressive app performance while storing, updating, and processing high loads of data. This framework is adored by developers for fast development and simple progressive user interfaces creation.
Rapid development
React provides developers with a large set of tools and allows code reuse. It makes a React.js development service provider an optimal choice for startups.
React enables high scalability due to the component-based library and becomes a convenient solution when it’s required to display a large number of components.
Impressive UI
React helps concentrate on the project functionality, allowing to implement UI designs seamlessly.
Google’s Angular is about beautiful visualizations for enterprise-scale websites and applications. Angular development will perfectly meet your needs if you require building a large-scale project and need frontend development services for it.
Quick development
Angular helps to boost up the development of prototypes and MVPs as it allows a developer to write less code.
Stable code
Angular-based apps improve customer experience and enable to reduce additional development costs.
Constant support
Websites and applications built with Angular allow painless and convenient testing and maintenance on the post-release stage.
Vue.js works fine for both large-scale and minor projects, so it is quite universal. However, it is usually regarded as the best suitable solution for startup front-end development services.
Ease of integration
Vue.js is perfectly suited to give your project a boost. It enables the quickest and simplest technologies for seamless integration.
Vue.js allows you to implement an unlimited number of features and customize the app structure design depending on your needs.
Vue.js allows to drastically improve the performance time with the Smart Vue optimization.
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Why Chudovo Front-End Development?

As a professional front-end web development company with over 15 years of experience, we specialize in building complex, innovative, responsive, and user-centric solutions. Our interfaces are designed with close attention to detail and are tailored to look great on both desktop and mobile devices, providing your business with a strong online presence.

100 000+ man-hours experience
42 Front-End Projects
32 software developers in total
Benefits of Front-End Development Services for Businesses
Improving navigation

Your business website visitors will be able to quickly and easily find what they are looking for due to an organized, clean, and well-planned site layout and attractive visuals. This makes navigating your website simpler and can benefit companies by taking advantage of the economic advantages that come with front-end development. It also helps to maintain curiosity levels and keep visitors engaged as they discover interesting links and pages they may find vauable. These features aid in reducing the bounce rate significantly, so visitors stay on your website longer.

Visitor retention

UI design, when implemented effectively, can inspire trust and confidence in your brand, aiding you in reaching your communication objectives and potentially boosting traffic and conversion rates. In a corporate setting, the main aim of front-end application design is to emphasize the value for the user. Conversely, slow websites with inefficient design and visuals that fail to engage the user can lead to decreased user engagement and the probability of return visits.

If a business has a professionally designed interface, it increases the likelihood of customer satisfaction and return visits, ultimately contributing to increased sales and revenue.

Building trust

Developing a professional online presence can help businesses build trust with their customers and establish a brand that customers can rely on. Good interface design plays a critical role in achieving this, enabling visitors to easily find the information they need and helping them complete their desired tasks. By providing a user-friendly experience and fulfilling customers' search intentions, businesses can demonstrate faith, honesty, and reliability. In a digital landscape filled with options and alternatives, it is essential to be seen as a trustworthy business, and creating an attractive and efficient website can help achieve this.

Front-end development is the key to creating a good online presence, and businesses should ensure they have a professional website that provides customers with the information they need and reassures them of their trustworthiness. With the right interface design, businesses can build customer relationships and create a lasting impression of reliability and trust.

Increase brand awareness

For businesses of all shapes, sizes and types, front-end development, and UI development are essential for achieving their goals. Thanks to UI development, businesses are now able to generate an attractive, engaging website that can help increase their brand awareness. When customers learn more about a company through its website, they become more familiar with and willing to engage in transactions that can lead to increased sales and revenue. In order to reap the benefits of having a stronger brand presence, companies must invest in front-end and UI development to create an engaging and attractive website.

Aligning with commercial intent

The website should accurately convey the business mission. The design and graphics should be clear and user-friendly, giving customers a welcoming experience. The purpose behind the website should be stated, and the information provided should address the visitor's needs. Regular updates should be made to ensure the website remains relevant and encourages customers to return. The overarching goal of enterprise business front-end design is to garner greater attention in a saturated and complex market.

Time-to-market and Decreased project costs

Businesses looking to reduce project costs can benefit from the expertise of our professional front-end web development team. Our certified UX/UI designers will use templates and pre-made designs to quickly create high-quality interfaces without sacrificing quality. Hire us today to bring your projects to life ahead of your rivals.

Development of customized and secure solutions

Our front-end company is committed to providing professional, customized software solutions tailored to your business needs. Our experienced development engineers create complex software for your project, from initial idea to final product deployment and ongoing support. We guarantee the safety of your data with rigorous security checks and industry-standard protocols implemented throughout the development process. Allow us to assist you in achieving your business objectives with our expert software solutions.

Technological and quality solutions

Hire experienced professionals to build your complex web and mobile applications. Our front-end development services cover a range of languages and user interface frameworks. Our team creates websites and applications with high-quality, clean code and exceptional performance, all within your deadlines and budget.

Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource
Why Choose Chudovo for your front-end development services?
Our team has solid experience in frontend development which allows us to carry out the work for each stage of the project, including initiation, development, and support. We have proven experience in building customer-oriented web and mobile applications that boost the ROI through our frontend services.
How quickly can we start the project?
It depends on project requirements and developers’ availability. In general, our team gets your project started in 1-2 weeks after you first contact us.
What do you suggest, Vue.js, Angular, or React?
To obtain a perfect result, we suggest selecting a framework depending on the development and design goals. Our expertise in all of them allows us to select the most suitable framework that will work best for your app or a website while enabling scalability and the highest-degree optimization. Once we receive your requirements, we will consult you about the technology that will be a perfect fit for your app or website and explain why this choice will be optimal for your project.
What is the cost to hire a good Front end developer?
The price of high-quality front-end development depends on a specialist’s skill set and experience which is often expressed by the level of seniority of the developers. The location of your potential developers also has an impact on the budget of the project. For example, while rates for middle front-end developers in the US will only start from 60-70$ per hour, in Eastern Europe you will be able to find talents twice cheaper.
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