Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams

Extend your in-house capabilities with the dedicated software development team
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How you can benefit from our dedicated development team services

The need for dedicated development teams has emerged especially since it takes considerable time, effort, and resources to find the right talent across multiple verticals. The dedicated software development team acts as an extension of the client's internal engineering team. We can help you opening your own R&D center and in building your own branded team from scratch as well as can find the engineers as extenstion to the team. Each team includes dirrent professionals and the composition may be different. In general, team may include experts such as frontend and backend developers, software architects, project managers, business analysts, designers, QA engineers, security experts and other professionals when necessary.

Even though an extended version of the core team at the organization, the dedicated teams are capable of functioning almost autonomously once the client shares the requirements. The dedicated team has every unit including administration, HR, product management, and even resources for infrastructure maintenance. Creation of dedicated teams not only saves the organization’s resources, but also brings about a big boost to the customer's company development.

Chudovo specializes on building dedicated development teams for the customers from all over the world. Most of the customers come from Europe and USA. Offshore development team centers help customers meet their software development needs, give the opportunity to deliver their products with an appropriate quality faster, to save money, to plan the expenses and to anticipate future directions of the company's development.

Nowadays, all industries are experiencing development and moving in the direction of digitalization. Building own dedicated team with Chudovo is one of the best ways to make this process faster. If you are looking for the reliable partner Chudovo is the right choice for your business. We have an expertise and are quite flexible in terms of client's needs. It is possible to hire one engineer as well as hire the whole team that includes the specialists of different directions and experience levels. As soons as customer approves the extended development teams members they become his employees that are available in full-time mode.

We build the dedicated team for you basing on the project requirements and your needs. The recruitment department recognizes good tech experts and provides the best candidates for you. You may interview the candiates by yourself and approve only those who seem to be the match to your dedicated team and project. We take no additional fees for the recruitment.
Direct communication
You communicate directly with the engineers and manage them directly in the same way as you in-house development team. Communication can be established through audio/video channels, invitations to the client office, or even through client visits to the extended team’s location.
Efficient cost planning
Since there is high visibility into the number of team members and time logs, cost planning becomes easy and can efficiently predict future costs well in advance. This helps the client to allocate their funds in other initiatives since there is minimal risk of sudden or uncontrolled cost hikes. Moreover, it has been estimated that remote teams significantly save costs.
Developer involvement
The developers in the extended teams are exclusively dedicated to the projects assigned by the client. Given that the developers are well qualified with a proven work ethic, they have their interests not only in delivering quality projects but also in self-development. This brings about a mutually benefitting setting of developers and clients who require top-talents.
Dedicated teams come with a lot of flexible options which are perhaps even more flexible than internal teams. Benefits such as inviting the dedicated team to office site, requesting infrastructure or administration facilities, increasing the size of the team with minimal notice, arriving at the dedicated team’s location for inspection, and many more. You have full control over the team and have a flexibility in the terms of scalability. You may extend the team and add additional engineers whenever you want.

Build your dedicated team / set up own development center

A dedicated team’s recruitment is streamlined and often quicker than the internal team’s recruiting methods. This is especially because we Chudovo manage multiple dedicated teams and have potential experts who could join the teams on-demand. This not only ensures the best talent, but also brings together team members who are aligned with the client’s culture and requirements.
Chudovo proposes comfortable office for the engineering teams. This space comes with all the facilities and amenities that are essential for delivering client projects. Office managers take care of all needs of the engineers to make the work as comfortable as possible. Chudovo creates work environment and offers an extensive range of additional amenities such as hardware, equipment, security facilities and futher more depending on the project to ensure maximum comfort for the team working in the space.
Our team takes over all activities related to legal & tax administration. This includes but not limited to services of legal advisors, management of payrolls, tax computations and submissions, budget allocation, contract drafting, and account management. All the nitty-gritty is handled by the respective experts responsible for different areas to make the dedicated software development team not be distracted by related administrative activities.
Client and developer support
The most important aspect to make the client-team relationship work is clear and precise communication. Communication is an integral determinant of project success, which is why experts such as client managers are assigned specifically to communicate the client’s needs to the team and the team’s progress to the client. These experts ensure that the work quality is well analysed and relayed to the client at regular intervals. While the client’s side is well cared for, the developers are also looked after to ensure a healthy working environment. HR operations such as addressing employee grievances or managing occasional team outings are also integral and well maintained.
If your organization is looking to scale with high-quality and high-speed development projects, a dedicated team is the first step towards a well-planned expansion without any disruption in the existing processes. Expand your development capacities by opening your own distributed development center.
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Our tech expertise in building dedicated teams

Our tech expertise in building dedicated teams
Software Engineering
.NET Development
PHP Development
Cloud Development
JavaScript Development
Java Development
DB Development
AI/ML Development
Blockchain Development
Node.js Development
Embedded Development
Ruby Development
Quality Assurance
Chudovo as a company has expertise in building dedicated teams of various sizes and tech stack. We have all the necessary resources to find the best tech talents and provide the engineers with everything they need for work. The team will be completely under your direct management and will fully meet the requirements and needs of your firm. We have already built several dedicated teams for various projects for the big enterprise customers as well as meddle-size companies. Branded teams work successfully, give their result and contribute to the customer's satisfaction.
~4 weeks
Average time needed for the dedicated team start
3-5 developers
Average dedicated team size
1+ years
Min target collaboration
Andrew Vakulich
Andrew Vakulich
HR Director
Andrew is responsible for hiring top-talents and may consult you in all questions related to recruitment as well as availabilities of software engineers with an exact tech stack.
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Anna Cherniavska
Account Manager
Anna is responsible for communication with the customers and may give a consultation about possible ways of collaboration as well as pricing.
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Andrew Vakulich


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How do I get started?
Please, contact us and we will make an analysis of your business needs. Our professionals will provide a free consultation and will support you from the first conversation till the establishment of the team as well as will provide continuous support during the work of the team and with any questions you might have.
What is a dedicated development team?
Dedicated development team can be defined as extension to the hiring organization’s in-house development team. The extended team is dedicated full-time to the client’s deliverables and managed by the customer. An external organisation takes over all organisational points like recruitment of the engineers, development of the infrastructure, legal and tax administration and continuous support.
What are the roles in a development team?
Each development team is unique and is built basing on the project requirements. Among the team members the following roles can be noted: full-stack developers, frontend and backend developers, designers, DevOps engineers, software testers, business analysts, product and project managers etc.
What makes a good development team?
A good development team is punctual when it comes to deliverables, communicates progress and business metrics through easily understandable reports, has well-planned and clearly allocated tasks, is professional, maintains an agile process, and most importantly, is aligned with the business requirements from the initial stage.

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