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Chudovo .NET Development Services

Chudovo's experience is varying between big enterprise solutions which require the involvement of whole teams of up to ten-twenty .NET engineers and small projects that need the assistance of several developers in general. .NET technology allows creating applications of any complexity with specific business functions for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, etc. The key advantage of the .NET programming is the versatility that allows for developing solutions for companies on any device, at any time.

Our .NET developers take part in IT projects of different scales and deal with the challenges at all stages of the .NET development, implementation, further customization, and support. Dedicated teams create modern .NET business applications for global clients from scratch as well as take over the existing products. Chudovo's .NET development team will help you to build a productive application or website.

.NET Services We Focus on

Enterprise software development
Microservices development
Web application development
Cross-platform application development
Cloud software development
Desktop app development
Mobile app development
Why .NET Programming Services?
No matter, if you want to build simple software or a complex application, .NET is the technology platform that you need. .NET technology allows the creation of applications of any complexity with specific business functions in different areas. Web, mobile, desktop apps, simulations, games, or even IoT applications can be implemented with .NET. The key advantage of the .NET programming technology is the versatility that allows the development of the solutions on any device, at any time. .NET solutions are unrivaled for those whose ideas are complex enough in the development, but very global and dynamic at the same time.
.NET projects development stages
.NET projects development stages
Our agile approach to the development
Our agile approach to the development
Why Hire .NET Developers from Chudovo?
Chudovo has certified developers and leverages years of experience to deliver best-in-their-class software products and secure and stable solutions for enterprises. We deliver .NET software development services and build high-end solutions for businesses across the globe in a variety of industries. We choose .NET Core for building scalable, high-performance, and cross-platform applications. With leading expertise in .NET development, Chudovo provides tailored solutions to clients. Our .NET development dedicated team could be a beneficial way to save time and costs, keeping the high-quality standards and up-to-date collaboration models. We have created more than 112 .NET projects over the past years and have proven end-to-end expertise in software product development using .NET technology stack.
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112 .NET Projects
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32 software developers in total
Trusted and secure
.NET provides lot’s useful services and classes that enable software engineers to write code that is secure, realize role-based security and use encryption. .NET provides lot’s useful services and classes that enable software engineers to write code that is secure, realize role-based security and use encryption. .NET provides lot’s useful services and classes that enable software engineers to write code that is secure, realize role-based security and use encryption. .NET provides lot’s useful services and classes that enable software engineers to write code that is secure, realize role-based security and use encryption.
Simple code operation
.NET works on object-situated programming and has re-usable code and a lot of reusable components. This deciphers sparing of time and thusly less cost to make applications.
Language interoperability
With this feature, routines written in one language are accessible to other languages, and programmers can focus on creating applications in their preferred language or languages.
Open source
.NET is the highest velocity application framework in open source as stated by Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Due to the fact that many developers use it, it is highly optimized.
Quick Management
.NET allows the quick and straightforward development of utilizations.
Easy Deployment
.NET makes deployment easy with features like private components, no-impact applications, partially trusted code, side-by-side versioning, and controlled code sharing.
Integration with Legal Systems
.NET allows to precede all kinds of XML documents and write in any kind of format of the file with pace and ease gives various different routes for integration.
Fast development
This platform boosts initial setup development so that connection to the application can be quicker.
Building and consuming GraphQL API
GraphQL is a language-neutral query language and may be used to run queries and retrieve data. GraphQL requires less roundtrips, i.e., fewer back-and-forth calls to the server to get all the data you need. Unlike REST, you will never have lack or too much data since you can specify all the information you need from the API upfront.
Cross-platform support
Quite a bit of the impetus for .NET Core was a desire to be able to run cross-platform, and .NET Core and ASP.NET Core delivers.
Development methods
You can develop on multiple platforms including Linux and Mac, and not just Windows. So, if you are on Linux or Mac, you can use Visual Studio Code, and there’s also Visual Studio for the Mac for building .NET Core or Xamarin-based applications.
Modular deployment of .NET Core itself
There are two different deployment models, Portable Deployment (Different from Portable Class Libraries) and Stand-alone Deployment.
Deployment including Containerization (Docker, Service Fabric, KuberNETes etc.)
Containerization is one of the latest developments in the evolution of cloud computing. Many organizations, both large and small, are implementing containerization as it helps to improve application life-cycle management through continuous integration and continuous delivery.
You can deploy to Windows, Linux, or Mac
And more and more distributions are coming online with every release, plus additional versions. Containerization also simplifies deployment because once you have it working on, “development machine” in the container, you don’t have to worry about environmental configuration or deployment processes to move it to integration or production. You can simply move the container. Containerization support including Docker and Kubernetes is built into Visual Studio.

.NET Projects

How do I get started?
Please, contact us and our team will analyze your business needs. If you already have clear project requirements and know which specialist you need – we can discuss, check available .NET software engineers and propose specialists for your project. If you have just an idea for your application and don’t have an expertise in software development topics – we can discuss your needs, check possible solutions and propose best ways of realization.
How much does .NET application development cost?
.NET development cost depend on the type of the application and initial requirements. Using Microsoft’s .NET technology it is possible to implement web, mobile, desktop applications as well as simulations, games and even IoT apps. On the one hand, it may be a simple software product that can be realized by one software engineer. On the other hand, it may be complex high-performance and highly scalable project that requires involvement of the dedicated development team: several software engineers or other tech guys like PM, QAs and non-tech guys like designers etc. Contact us, share your project details and we will help to find a suitable solution for your business.
How Fast we can start the project?
It depends on project requirements and developer’s availability. In general project can be started in 1-2 weeks.
How many developers do I need to hire?
You may hire one software engineer and well as build your own dedicated development team.
How to build my own dedicated development team?
In general, the process of hiring own dedicated development team consist of following stages: defining of project scope, defining the skill sets that you need to have, conducting interviews, documentation finalization that includes signing an agreement and dedicated development team launch.
How often will you be reporting to me regarding the progress of my project?
Developers log their times every day in task management & time tacking system (Jira or any other system) and Customer may review logged times and tasks progress at any moment. General reports can be also provided to the Customer on weekly or monthly basis. It depends on the project.