Advanced Manufacturing

At CHUDOVO, we provide efficient and scalable solutions tailored to the needs of industrial and manufacturing businesses. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the software creation process, from architecture design to development to deployment.

Our manufacturing software development services can help you cut costs, bring products to market faster and gain a competitive advantage.
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Industrial Software Solutions for Your Business

Our tech proficiency combined with industry understanding allows us to generate digital tactics driven by business and optimize your technology expenditure, regardless of the scale of your company.
  • We assist startup businesses with validating ideas, designing, developing, and creating prototypes of web and mobile applications, architecture, and MVP of products. Our experienced software professionals will take your concept from prototype to production and help you create an easily scalable, market-verified application.
Small Businesses
  • Our tailored software is designed to help your manufacturing company integrate operations, maximize revenue, and minimize costs. We also provide advice on launching new products and assessing their likely success.
Mid-Market Enterprises
  • Reap the benefits of our tailored software solutions to fuel future growth, enhance current digital capabilities, and speed up digital and business evolution.
Large Enterprises
  • We specialize in creating advanced manufacturing software solutions that offer short-term and long-term value to meet your needs. As one of the leading software manufacturers, we are dedicated to providing the best tools and resources for your business.

Advanced Manufacturing

What is Manufacturing software?
  • Software for manufacturing refers to numerous computer programs and systems employed to manage and improve production operations. These range from inventory and supply chain management to production scheduling and quality assurance. Such software can assist businesses in streamlining their procedures, diminishing costs and inefficiencies, and improving productivity and profitability. Additionally, it can enable real-time monitoring of operations, enabling managers to make more prudent decisions and react rapidly to changes in demand or supply.
  • Industrial manufacturing software is essential for achieving real business benefits in production and shipping. Our company creates powerful industry software that replaces outdated systems, enables data intelligence, and offers real-time monitoring of all operational aspects of your business.
  • CHUDOVO specializes in crafting industrial software solutions that effectively automate your back office, optimize your operations, and generate value on a large scale.
  • Our IT services cover manufacturers' needs, providing comprehensive solutions.
What We Can Help You With:
  • • Assist manufacturers in handling the complexity of products, whether standard or customized, to satisfy user requirements more effectively.
  • • Create a solid basis for enhancing sales, operations, marketing, and customer service production processes.
  • • Help enable quick, on-the-go production, sales, procurement, logistics, and other mobile needs.
  • • Maximise productivity by making informed manufacturing decisions and constructing intelligent ecosystems.
  • • We strive to continuously innovate our business by creating smart supply chains and modernizing existing production systems to increase efficiency.
  • • We are transforming businesses by leveraging digital technologies to deliver efficiency-oriented services and increase revenue.
Our Custom Manufacturing Software Solutions
Maximize your production processes, secure the reliability of production equipment, lower costs, and heighten efficiency with CHUDOVO's supply chain management applications. Employ fault-tolerant software to create a safe working environment for your staff and benefit from greater productivity.

Our industrial software solutions enable manufacturing companies to prevent equipment failure, predict issues, reduce downtime, and enhance equipment performance – all while reducing maintenance expenses and maximizing production output.

Maximize your manufacturing operations' productivity, efficacy, and adaptability with our specialized industrial software development services. We create web, mobile, desktop, and cloud applications to meet your organization's technical requirements.
Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Our ERP development services maximize efficiency in manufacturing operations with features such as:

• Order Management

• Asset Management

• Tracking of Production Processes

• Centralization of Product Data

• Tracking of Raw Materials and Consumables

• Integration with Lifecycle Management

Our software offers the capability to customize and configure industrial processes and configuration automation according to the client’s requirements. This flexibility allows for great convenience and adaptability.

Manufacturing Workflow Automation

Introduce workflow automation solutions to improve the efficiency of your industrial processes. Automate planning, procurement, and compliance processes to minimize manual administrative tasks and document management procedures. Leverage AI, robotics, IoT, and other software development services to automate your processes. Our solutions can help manufacturing companies optimize their operations.

Production and Workflow Monitoring Software Development

Employ monitoring software to gain real-time insight into every area of your production and supply chain. Utilize employee monitoring tools to enhance workforce management, scheduling, and planning, resulting in improved productivity, manufacturing operations quality, and downtime elimination through data capture and analysis.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Create robust manufacturing execution software to optimize your production processes. Our MES solutions gather accurate real-time data regarding every stage of the production cycle, such as material management, performance, and traceability. Leverage the power of integration by connecting your MES to ERP, product lifecycle management, enterprise asset management, and supply chain management for enhanced results and performance.

Implementing a manufacturing execution system can decrease manufacturing cycle time, increase machine utilization, enhance supply chain visibility and compliance with regulations, and remove paperwork and tedious data-entry processes.

Software Development for Project and Workforce Management

Our IT solutions for manufacturing companies help optimize project and team management processes, improving employee productivity and reducing lead times. We also aim to eliminate bottlenecks while maintaining a high-quality standard in your projects.

Implement a workforce monitoring and management system to control labor costs, simplify compliance, and enhance efficiency. This system can provide accurate labor deployment, cost control, employee empowerment, and compliance management to maximize the effectiveness of employee management processes.

Equipment Maintenance Application Development

Implement a workforce monitoring and management system to streamline labor costs, simplify compliance and enhance employee productivity. This system will provide features such as:

• precise labor deployment

• cost control

• employee autonomy and compliance oversight

• optimizing multiple employee management processes

IoT Solutions for Tracking and Controlling Machinery and Assets

Implement a workforce monitoring and management system to streamline labor costs, simplify compliance and enhance employee productivity. This system will provide features such as precise labor deployment, cost control, employee autonomy, and compliance oversight, optimizing multiple employee management processes.

Cloud IoT services provide enhanced visibility into industrial operations, enabling real-time monitoring of asset conditions and robust security.

Software Development for Condition Monitoring

Creating software to help extend the life of equipment, increase maintenance intervals, and streamline key maintenance activities management. Our technology, which includes real-time data processing and analytics and integration with control and industrial systems, enables automated data capture and instant response.

Our software integrates industrial sensors, external systems, and measurement devices to provide data visualized through dashboards and real-time (RT) graphs.

Software for Test and Measurement Equipment

Maximize decision-making speed by minimizing the time needed for system performance analytics. Our software solutions provide your test and measurement equipment with powerful features such as:

• real-time data recording

• data flow processing

• mathematical filter analysis

• automated report generation

• data visualization

• data comparison

• post-test monitoring

We develop software to improve all aspects of your test and measurement equipment, from automation testing to parameterization and calibration.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Our Human Machine Interface software development specializes in optimizing industrial workflows in multiple ways, such as:

• streamlining the issuing of commands

• reducing errors

• enabling quicker and more precise decision-making

• shortening the onboarding process for employees

Maximize the productivity of your manufacturing equipment and machinery with HMI software that offers

• hardware diagnosis

• system maintenance

• equipment control and calibration

• visualization panels

• graphic flowcharts

• alarm notifications

• Access to information about components

Manufacturing Inventory Management Software Development

Optimize industrial processes, streamline workflows, and reduce human errors with our inventory management software. Our manufacturing software development services provide features such as:

• Advanced reporting, product assemblies, back-ordering, multi-warehouse management, costed purchase orders, and production planning to simplify inventory management.

Warehouse Management Software Development

Our warehouse management software can help you reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve greater efficiency. It integrates seamlessly with ERP, sales, transport, purchasing, and supply chain systems, streamlining your manufacturing processes. Introducing our WMS offers the following benefits:

• Customize the way orders are processed and delivered

• Increase visibility into inventory

• Track employee working hours

• Automatically reorder stock to avoid stockouts

• Support warehouses in multiple locations

• Minimize dead-head time.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management Systems

Introduce an EHS management system to embed a safety culture and mitigate risks in your manufacturing company’s organization. This system can help drive incident rates down and reduce administrative work by providing features such as:

• job safety and process hazard analysis

• injury and illness management

• root cause analysis

• automated safety program management

• safety data tracking and reporting

• industrial hygiene management

• exposure assessment

• claims management

• compliance requirements management

• and OSHA reporting.

Our solutions are designed to create a healthy and safe working environment for your employees.

Employee Tracking Apps

Use IoT technology, such as pedometers, GPS receivers, altimeters, and gyroscopes, to observe and safeguard your employees’ health and well-being. It can help to prevent injuries, hazards, and other issues, like overheating, overexertion, or toxic inhalation.

Secure your manufacturing business and avert unanticipated incidents by deploying employee monitoring software. Assign individual key cards to personnel to control access to different production areas.

Legacy Software Modernization

Evaluate existing business processes to determine how modernizing legacy systems can add value to your industrial environment. Analyze current technology to determine what needs to be changed or updated. Execute data migration to transition from legacy to modern systems. Finally, re-platform or re-host applications to complete the transformation.

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Software Development Services for Manufacturing Companies
For years, CHUDOVO has been providing tech solutions for manufacturing businesses. Our extensive experience has enabled us to build trust and become a dependable software development partner for many companies.

Our experienced engineering teams employ an agile approach to creating software that enables manufacturing enterprises to benefit from remote asset management, industrial automation, and resource & production planning.
Custom Manufacturing Software Development
СHUDOVO has extensive expertise in developing tailored software solutions that keep manufacturing firms competitive. Our cutting-edge offerings provide the latest technology to help them succeed.
Digital Strategy and Technology Consulting
Our team is available to provide consultation on any technical requirements for your software project, whether you are just starting or already in the development process.
Legacy Software Modernization
Maximize efficiency and remove technology roadblocks that can limit your business development with our assistance to optimize and modernize legacy software.
Innovate Faster with Our Full-Cycle Development Process
Full-Featured System Development
Software Integration
Cloud Computing
Web & Mobile App Development
IoT System Design
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Software Support and Maintenance
Quality Assurance and Product Testing
Full-Featured System Development
Our teams manage the complete software development process - from investigation to execution - providing bespoke digital solutions that transform your production environment. It includes:

• Assessing feasibility and identifying needs

• Creating designs and prototypes

• Developing quality assurance

• Integrating and implementing
Software Integration
We create custom secure APIs to facilitate automated information and process flows between your applications, enabling faster production, eliminating manual processes, and enhancing data integrity. Our services include:

• migration

• re-engineering

• re-architecting

• data integration

• service-oriented architecture integration

• and ERP, SCM, CRM, and MES integration

Cloud Computing
Migrate your factory to the cloud for cost-efficient data management, on-demand scalability, enhanced competitive advantages and rapid innovation capabilities.

• Develop a cloud migration strategy

• move from on-premises to the cloud

• perform cloud-to-cloud migrations while optimizing cloud resources
Web & Mobile App Development
Our company's development team will work tirelessly to create a custom web development solution that maximizes productivity and streamlines business processes. Whether you require a web-based ERP solution or a mobile tracking application, we have the expertise to deliver results. Our services also include the following:

• manufacturing web development

• cross-platform mobile app development

• mobile UX/UI design

• app modernization and support

Trust us to provide the customized technology solutions your business needs to succeed.
IoT System Design
Our IoT solutions allow you to monitor production efficiency without being physically present on the shop floor. It provides you with complete control and transparency over your networks. We offer:

• custom connectivity software

• industrial IoT consulting and proof of concept solutions

• HMI for industrial equipment

• embedded software development.
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Leverage the potential of big data analytics to streamline supply chains, foster teamwork between departments, and enhance your decision-making prowess.

• Design and implement data architecture

• Deploy business intelligence and reporting tools

• Implement ETL solutions

• Use IoT dashboards
Software Support and Maintenance
Our support team handles post-production software health by conducting regular maintenance and troubleshooting. We also provide ongoing guidance to ensure your digital products perform efficiently in the long run. Our services include:

• modernizing your software

• integrating its functionality

• providing first-line support

• conducting ongoing system maintenance.
Quality Assurance and Product Testing
Our team comprehensively analyzes every aspect of your solution to ensure it aligns with your business goals, complies with rigorous industry standards, and surpasses end users' expectations. We perform functional and non-functional testing and testing for big data and microservices to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of your solution.

Software Development for Manufacturing

We provide industrial software solutions to manufacturing companies that help enhance performance and productivity and reduce costs. Our software engineers create cutting-edge solutions for back-office and industrial operations that upgrade processes for digital success.

Modern Technologies
Leverage the latest technologies, such as AI, IoT, industrial robotics, and smart manufacturing, to maximize efficiency and minimize spending.
Seamless Integration
Our software can seamlessly integrate into your enterprise infrastructure, third-party systems, and hardware.
Software for Every Platform
Our team of experts can develop web, desktop, mobile, or embedded software based on your business needs.
Reducing Environmental Impact
We develop solutions to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing factories, such as raw materials inventory management, priority-based production planning, and auto-booking engines.
Benefits That Matter
No matter the size or nature of the production, our manufacturing IT services deliver reliable IT quality. And that's not all - we offer more!
Rapid Rollout
Improve production and quality with CHUDOVO. Efficiently provide access to upgrades and new applications from headquarters to the frontline without needing a technician.
Seamless Communication
Say farewell to blockages and impeded lines of communication. Our team assists clients with safely and quickly transferring data and processes from one data center to another without any disruption.
End-to-End Security
Monitor distribution centers and warehouses proactively with CHUDOVO to meet SLA compliance standards, ensure security throughout the supply chain, and guarantee successful fulfillment.
Flexible Scalability
At CHUDOVO, we provide an IT platform that allows businesses to be agile and remain flexible during seasonality changes and expansion. Our platform enables companies to "roll with the punches" and stay ahead of the curve.
Cost savings
Software tailored to your needs can reduce costs related to manual labor, mistakes, and downtime, ultimately leading to cost savings.
Enhanced collaboration
Custom software can help teams, suppliers, and customers communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively, leading to improved productivity for manufacturers.
Increased efficiency
Custom software can streamline repetitive tasks, minimize mistakes, and enhance precision, thus resulting in increased productivity.
Improved visibility
Manufacturers can better understand their operations with custom software, such as inventory management, production timetables, and quality assurance.
1. What is manufacturing software?
The manufacturing software is a valuable instrument enabling project planning and implementation from inception to completion. Furthermore, it streamlines materials planning, production monitoring, scheduling, and product lifecycle management through automation.
2. Which software is used for the manufacturing process?
The ERP manufacturing software is designed to support manufacturers in their business operations. This software provides comprehensive solutions to streamline manufacturing processes with tools for inventory management, supply chain operations, procurement, project management, financial management, risk management, and compliance. Manufacturers can manage their business operations from a single platform and ensure that all procedures are well-coordinated and efficient.
3. What Are the Key Functions of Manufacturing Software?
Manufacturing software provides essential capabilities, including Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing Accounting, and Production Planning and Scheduling.

• MRP enables efficient management of materials and components, considering costs, labor, and equipment requirements.

• MES empowers users with control over shop floor operations and tracks key performance indicators for labor, production, and asset usage.

• Manufacturing accounting maintains a comprehensive record of financial transactions, including general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, inventory, payroll, and more.

• Production planning and scheduling aid in creating production plans by considering inventory levels, existing jobs, and real-time machine capacity, resulting in a more realistic schedule.
4. Is software part of manufacturing?
Technology is the most critical capability in supporting future growth plans for the manufacturing industry. This sector of activity is increasingly automated and technology-based.

To achieve significant revenue growth and margin expansion in industry-specific contexts, it is essential to create fresh, digitally-enabled business models.
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