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Media and Entertainment Industry

Why invest in modern entertainment app development?
  • The Media & Entertainment industry is now in a phase of exponential growth, rapidly adapting to the realities of pervasive and all-encompassing digitalization. In just the last few years, the multiplatform digital landscape has become a common dimension of user interaction with content and each other. Your users deserve an outstanding experience with a new media and entertainment product built on your ideas at the highest achievable quality of execution.
  • We know the difference between launching a startup and developing an established media brand. Our years of experience in media platform development allow us to carefully plan and smoothly execute the entire process of setting up your online presence.
  • From the initial analysis of the most appropriate strategy to avoiding common problems and bottlenecks faced by players in your niche to the successful launch and bypassing your competitors, we will be there every moment to provide you with transparent process control, timely analytics, business metrics optimization and lightning-fast troubleshooting.
  • Regardless of your goal, we guarantee maximum return and efficiency for your financial and time investment.
  • Chudovo Software converts its accumulated experience and know-how to seamlessly integrate your business into the media and entertainment industry environment and digitally transform all your processes on the fly.
What we can help you with:
  • High performance computing software – Being first is often more important than being the best, especially when your business depends on it. We will ensure the uninterrupted quality and optimal speed of your software, even under conditions of peak loads and heavy traffic, keeping operating parameters within optimal limits.

  • Security and Protection of Content – We steadfastly guard the encryption and digital rights of your content, protecting it from pirate infiltration. We also enforce PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, and SOX security protocols to protect payments and financial transactions, as well as robust protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Content Delivery Across All Platforms and Screens – In order to make streaming content, such as webinars and webcasts, equally available on different devices, we use over-the-top a.k.a. OTT transcoding and encoding tools that ensure compatibility with different devices and support different formats, resolutions, and bitrates.
  • Multichannel and Omnichannel Content Distribution – The software for your business needs in the media and entertainment industry that our engineers are developing implements a strategy of omnichannel expansion and multi-channel engagement of your audience through all possible touchpoints, from IoT devices to traditional online mass media channels.
  • Engagement Monitoring and Analytics – We make sure that you make strategic decisions to guide your development based on a thorough and comprehensive analysis of all critical aspects of content performance. The reporting systems we have developed will give you the most complete picture possible to navigate in a highly competitive environment.
Entrust your media and entertainment industry software development project to the Chudovo team. Let’s discuss it!
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Media and Entertainment Software Solutions
Social Media Solutions Development
Social Media Solutions Development
It would be a big mistake to think that the social media industry is hopelessly overrun and divided into spheres of influence with unbreakable boundaries. The current rise in global social media creates a unique opportunity for your initiative. Tectonic shifts in these areas are giving rise to new business opportunities, and the maturity and sophistication of users are creating gaps for new UX to emerge. Now the focus is not only on interface usability and speed, but also on compatibility with other platforms, new formats of interaction, and ethics.
Digital publishing solutions
Digital publishing solutions
Fortunately, humanity will not stop reading in the foreseeable future, and the lack of demand for such content as catalogs, brochures, magazines, tabloids, and more, is not going to happen either. We offer you to create a solution for digital publishing tailored to your specific needs, granting the creation, management, distribution, and monetization of your project all in the same place.
Social media commerce platforms and integrated mobile
Social media commerce platforms and integrated mobile
Social commerce platforms connect existing media audiences with Influencers and brands in one place, creating a unique ecosystem that blurs the line between commercial and informational interaction. Social commerce platforms become a two-way interface to your brand, allowing marketing professionals to be responsive to campaigns, customer loyalty, and the effectiveness of approaches such as user-generated content and augmented reality (AR).
Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions
Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions
Given the abyss of information and the myriad of digital assets that businesses have to deal with: create, collaboratively optimize, store, update and distribute, it is impossible to cope without appropriate software. Only proven practices coupled with developed technologies implemented in media asset management platforms can build efficient processes.
Cloud-based media solutions & migration
Cloud-based media solutions & migration
The future of media is clearly in the cloud, and the long-term prospects of your business depend on the timeliness and success of your migration there. We can help you move all of your data while preserving its working structure.
We'll Help You
Boost performance and stay competitive
We enable you to outrun the market competition with an individual approach to digital strategizing, cost-efficiency granted by versatile, easily-scalable, and highly-secure Cloud tech, and custom in-depth performance achieved through tailored infrastructures and Big Data insights.
Increase income
Turn your media or entertainment platform into a unique selling point and sales tool in itself by enriching it with eye-grabbing visuals, UX-boosting performance, and diverse features that engage and retain audiences organically through in-depth personalization.
Tap into new channels
In the media/entertainment market as segmented as today’s, it is paramount to keep your content delivery multichannel without undermining its seamlessness, which we guarantee through combined content access from a variety of mobile, web, and wireless products used by your audience.
Inspire audiences with AR/VR
AR/VR media solutions that we create impress the existing and immerse new audiences in your promotional and advertising efforts via visuals designed to bring a new level of engagement powered by real-time animation, detailed first-person visualizations, and motion capture.
What types of software solutions are used in the entertainment industry?
Different types of media platforms and businesses may require a range of different software solutions, which may include but are not limited to:

● data analytics and management tools;

● content distribution, enrichment, and publishing solutions;

● license, royalty, and fee management;

● software for A\V transcoding and live-streaming;

● OTT and IPTV platforms;

● AR/VR apps and integrations, and more.

How to reduce app development costs in the media and entertainment industry?
Creating a competitive media/entertainment app can be quite costly in the conditions of existing market competition. The ultimate price range is shaped by a myriad of factors and may vary dramatically based on the project’s intricacy and scope. However, one may take well-tried steps to efficiently cut costs, such as:

● Forming clear, detailed requirements;

● Avoiding unnecessary features;

● Picking the best-fitting provider;

● Including potential reworks in the initial plan;

● Emphasizing the QA team’s work;

● Interacting with the developer directly;

● Carrying out user acceptance testing early on.

How much does it cost to maintain a media app?
An owner of a newly-developed media application usually has to spend up to 20% of its original cost to maintain its performance every year, no essential reworks involved. You can keep it running bug-free at this expense range, but you will need to invest more to expand and scale it.
How much does it cost to build a media platform?
Building a versatile media platform that is rich with features, equipped with seamless UX, and actively supported costs more than creating an average app. The project may as well go beyond $100,000 if you are looking to create something truly authentic.
How does Chudovo ensure faster ROI for media software?
At Chudovo, we employ a combination of tailored collaboration, custom implementations, and Agile methodologies to create profit-generating products. The strict deadlines, clear programming, and scalability potential put at the heart of our servicing philosophy help us bring benefits to businesses we are assisting at the earliest project stages.

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