Chudovo Inc (registration number 12813567) has been opened in Tartu County Department of Commercial Register Register Map No. 1.

Company name and address

1 entry: Company name is Chudovo Inc
1. The entry address is Narva mnt 7-557, Tallinn City, Harju county 10117
1. The entry of pleadings by a competent person to receive the Euro Fabrics Ltd, registration number 12457779, location Narva mnt 7-557, the City of Tallinn, Harju County

Right to Representation

1 entry: Member of the Board is Dmytro Chudov, date of birth 12.12.1981
* A private limited company can be all transactions represent each member of the Board.

Legal status

1 entry: Legal form a limited liability company
1 entry: Articles are approved 03/04/2015
1 entry: 01.01 year starts and ends at 31.12

List of Entries

Tartu County Department of the entries in the registry:
1 entry: 10/03/2015 Approved (proceeded)