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What is AWS?

Given its immense popularity, no introduction is needed for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS is an ever-growing cloud platform that offers a wide range of scalable and affordable cloud computing solutions. It provides over 200 features, from infrastructure to machine learning, that can be combined to optimize your application's performance through content delivery, data storage, and more.

Millions of customers—from burgeoning startups to major enterprises to leading government bodies—leverage AWS to reduce costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation.

Pay only for the exact assistance you need with AWS, resulting in reduced capital expenditure and faster time-to-value without compromising efficiency.

Our experienced AWS development team can create, manage, and deploy tailored solutions and migrate legacy solutions to Amazon Web Services. Our AWS consultants and developers are well-versed in developing cloud-based applications for Amazon Web Services.

Why use AWS services?

For developers and businesses, Amazon provides an invaluable service that you won't be able to do without.

AWS, Amazon Web Services, offers on-demand cloud computing and APIs for individuals, businesses, and governments. With this pay-as-you-go platform, you can create and deploy websites, web applications, containers, cloud solutions, clusters, and more - anything you can imagine. This service provides abstract technical infrastructure and distributed computing for your business.

AWS is designed to be user-friendly for users of all abilities, enabling quick deployment of web applications without any server setup or coding needed.

Amazon offers global data centers with a wide-reaching network to ensure low latency across the globe. Using AWS' replication capabilities, you can duplicate services across regions, aiding in fast recovery and avoiding expensive downtime.

Our AWS Cloud DevOps Solutions
Gain access to our well-founded, top-tier AWS cloud development services to power your systems with cutting-edge technology and optimize processing performance and productivity.

Please take advantage of our comprehensive cloud platform development services.
AWS App Development
Our team of experts collaborates to design, build and test enterprise-grade, high-performing cloud applications using AWS tools. We use an agile approach to develop a flexible architecture that adapts quickly to changing business needs. Our cloud app development solutions help you enhance legacy applications and address your business concerns.
AWS Migration
Our team thoroughly assesses the cloud infrastructure and existing resources, then replaces them with suitable frameworks and libraries. We efficiently migrate your system with minimal to no disruption.
AWS Consulting
Our consultants assist you in constructing a robust platform for your cloud initiative through creative AWS Cloud Solutions. We assess each business need and create a long-term plan to help our customers with the development, transition, combination, and service of remarkable AWS cloud facilities for achieving goals.
Maintenance & Support
Our AWS experts provide round-the-clock assistance to help you maximize revenue through AWS cloud services. We help identify and troubleshoot glitches, bugs, and complex software issues, improving your app's reliability and performance. Furthermore, our team ensures regular maintenance of your mobile app to meet your requirements.
AWS Cloud Automation
We comprehend the market requirements and use our expertise and experience in AWS Cloud and various tools to create automated and coherent solutions tailored to your business purpose. These solutions include AWS Cloud Consulting, Migration, Architecture, Implementation, and Managed Services.
Unlock the potential of Amazon Web Services with CHUDOVO. Please take advantage of our comprehensive AWS development services. Tap into the power of the AWS cloud and upgrade your on-premises IT assets. Start today!
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Applications of Amazon Web Services
Storage and Backup
AWS offers reliable storage services like Amazon Simple Storage Service and backup solutions like AWS Backup, enabling businesses to store and protect their application data securely. Data is stored across three different availability zones so that even if one fails, it remains accessible. AWS storage is highly reliable and accessible, making it an ideal choice for companies with large amounts of data to store and back up.
AWS provides various hosting solutions to help customers create the perfect website. Amazon Lightsail has all the tools needed to get a website up and running quickly, such as virtual machine, SSD storage, data transfer, DNS management, and static IP. Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Amplify, and Amazon S3 offer reliable, scalable sites.
Big Data / Real-time Data Processing
AWS offers scalable storage that can power analytics with increased frequency, requiring minimal effort to index. It makes it an ideal solution for building data lakes or warehouses. AWS and Big Data combine to deliver the necessary infrastructure and power to fulfill the demands of high-end, intelligent software.
Mobile, Web, and Social Applications
AWS stands apart from other cloud services due to its ability to launch and scale e-commerce, mobile, and SaaS applications. API-driven programming allows enterprises to create scalable applications without needing an OS or other platforms.

Serverless platforms are increasingly used to develop new applications, leveraging API-driven code on AWS to create highly scalable solutions without needing an operating system or different systems.
Enterprise IT
AWS is a comprehensive IT solution that enables businesses to maximize their profitability and efficiency. Its features, such as secure storage, scalability, flexibility, and elasticity, allow companies to innovate faster. As AWS maintains its cloud architecture, businesses no longer need to invest in expensive personnel to maintain their IT systems, saving time and money.
What Makes us the Perfect Choice for AWS Certified Developers
Our services, approaches, and experts are relied upon to create cloud-connected applications that adhere to industry standards.
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    Dedicated Team
    Our team of certified AWS experts is knowledgeable in cloud component configuration, maintenance, and upgrades. Each team member can respond to inquiries and gather the necessary resources.
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    Multiple Deployment Approaches
    We provide various deployment solutions (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) by assessing your current business operations. Furthermore, we evaluate it in different network settings and validate its performance according to the client's specifications.
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    On-Time Delivery
    Our Experienced and Certified Project Managers and Analysts have confirmed that your application will be delivered within the specified timeframe.
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    Seamless Communication
    We uncover all relevant stakeholders for the project, creating communication plans and channels to keep them informed of progress. Additionally, we are open to any queries or modifications.
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    Competitive Pricing
    Our pricing models are cost-effective, featuring pay-per-hour, milestone, and project completion. To maximize return on investment, we create schedules to support these frameworks.
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    Extensive Experience
    With over a decade of expertise in a cloud configuration, we have been providing support to our expansive customer base. Furthermore, we stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends and integrate them with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer reliable, flexible solutions.

Top AWS Services that we can help you to connect to your business

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
EC2, Amazon's cloud platform, provides secure and scalable computing capabilities, enabling developers to access and utilize web-scale cloud computing with complete control of their resources.

Deploy applications quickly without investing in physical infrastructure; launch virtual servers on demand and in large numbers.
Amazon RDS (Relational Database Services)
Amazon RDS simplifies cloud database configuration, management, and scaling. Automate time-consuming tasks such as hardware provisioning, arrangement, patching, and backups with cost-efficiency and scalability to fit your needs.

Amazon RDS offers six familiar database engines - Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQL Server - on optimized instances for improved performance and memory. With AWS Database Migration Service, migrating or reproducing existing databases to RDS is simple. For more information, check out Amazon's RDS page.
Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
At its core, Amazon S3 enables object storage with superior scalability, data availability, security, and performance, making it ideal for businesses of any size to store and protect their large amounts of data for various purposes, such as websites, applications, backup, and more.

Amazon S3's user-friendly management tools let you easily organize data and configure access permissions with no hassle.
Amazon Lambda
Lambda allows you to execute code without the need to manage or possess servers. You only pay for the amount of computing time utilized.

Run code for almost any application or back-end service without requiring management. Upload the code to Lambda, which will cover the rest, offering precise scaling and superior availability.
Amazon Cognito
AWS Cognito provides an access control dashboard, allowing users to quickly sign-up and sign in to their web and mobile applications. It is designed to scale to millions of users. It offers sign-in capabilities with popular social identity providers such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, as well as enterprise identity providers via SAML 2.0.
Amazon Glacier
AWS Glacier offers secure, flexible, and affordable S3 cloud storage classes for data caching, long-term backups, and reliable delivery while providing comprehensive security and compliance options to meet regulatory requirements. With costs as low as $1 per terabyte per month, users can save money up-front and in the long run compared to on-premises servers.
What Are the Benefits of Using AWS?
The advantages of utilizing AWS are plentiful. Here are a few:
Easy to use
AWS is designed to make the deployment of hosted applications simple and fast. Its management Console and web services APIs are great for accessing AWS's application hosting platform, allowing for quick and easy management of existing or new SaaS-based apps.
A vast array of available tools
AWS provides a vast selection of tools comprising over 70 different services. This comprehensive array of cloud computing and IT infrastructure solutions makes it the perfect destination for all your business needs.
High Performance
AWS has emerged as the leading cloud platform, continually innovating with the latest tools and technologies to ensure maximum productivity. Its High-Performance Computing (HPC) service allows companies to process large amounts of data rapidly, helping them to remain competitive and productive. It ensures companies do not need to worry about speed.
AWS is popular among many companies due to its flexibility, allowing users to utilize their preferred operating systems, programming languages, and web application platforms. With AWS EC2, users can construct their virtual computing environment according to their needs. Furthermore, AWS benefits provide comprehensive services to ensure the smooth functioning of applications. It also simplifies the migration process and simultaneously supports introducing new solutions.
AWS cloud computing offers excellent security benefits. Data protection is a top priority for any data-driven business, and AWS provides a secure infrastructure to maintain the privacy of your data. Security protocols and encryption are integrated into the AWS infrastructure as standard. This end-to-end approach gives companies peace of mind regarding the security of their data, allowing them to concentrate on advancing their business.
Your application can expand or contract according to demand using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing. Leverage Amazon's extensive infrastructure to access computing and storage when needed. Elasticity is one of the critical benefits of AWS - if you don't require the extra resources, AWS will scale them down to match your needs. It provides the capability to both scale up and scale down resources quickly.
AWS's pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easier for businesses to pay for only the services they need and has used, similar to an electricity bill. This approach is more cost-effective compared to traditional computing methods. Furthermore, AWS is a no-commitment service, meaning there is no requirement to make a time commitment before using its benefits, and you can start and stop using it whenever you like.
Fault tolerance
AWS enables you to build systems that remain operational despite failures or malfunctions, with features such as Fault Tolerance, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Regions, and Availability Zones. Fault Tolerance is a process that lets an operating system respond to hardware or software failures, allowing it to continue working.
Industries We Cater To

Are you creating a fintech app of the future, attempting to incorporate the correct payment system, or launching any other financial product? We are dedicated to satisfying the requirements of your business and delighting your customers.

At AWS, we focus on modernizing infrastructure and expediting companies’ transition to the cloud. Our services range from infrastructure to automation, and we assist financial services organizations in constructing a compliant and secure AWS environment.


We empower manufacturers to revolutionize their operations across multiple areas while safeguarding the utmost security. Our AWS-enabled industrial software solutions are designed to help manufacturing and supply chain companies design, fabricate, and distribute goods using cutting-edge automation, machine learning, AI, and robotics.

Our product design, development, and engineering experts are competent in tackling sophisticated, compute-intensive issues through model-based design and extensive, parallel simulations utilizing High-Performance Computing (HPC). With AWS IoT Services, edge computing, data lakes, and superior analytics tools, we can construct and customize your data lake, making it possible to capture, gather, process, store, classify, analyze, display, and take action on all your factory data.


We are experienced in delivering AWS implementations to medical devices and pharmaceutical companies, including a patient care platform, video consultation, comprehensive hospital management, patient data de-identification, patient portals, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), mobile health engagement platforms, telemedicine solutions, big-data analytics of health insurance information, and IoT information aggregation for health data collection devices. Our track record of technical proficiency and customer success in creating Healthcare solutions on AWS enables us to help you securely store and deploy essential data in the cloud.

Travel & Hospitality

CHUDOVO assists top travel and hospitality businesses to innovate by leveraging the AWS cloud platform.

At AWS, we specialize in providing native services to handle mission-critical operations for customers in the aviation, tour, cruise, and hospitality industries. Our experience encompasses infrastructure architecture, enterprise data management, industry operations, core applications, infrastructure support, cutting-edge airline products and platforms development, and more.

Drawing on our expertise in the industry and technology, our IoT Team can provide tailored device and alerting solutions that use AWS’s full potential. We ensure your infrastructure is safe and effective, all while innovating to maximize the capabilities of AWS.

eLearning & Education

CHUDOVO has years of expertise in partnering with educational establishments, publishers, and education technology suppliers to create and develop cutting-edge online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions.

We promote infrastructure modernization and optimization, allowing organizations to leverage analytics and oversee IT operations. Our unique focus in Education is migrating LMS services to the cloud, incorporating Video-on-Demand (VoD) solutions, and providing managed services with proactive monitoring.

CHUDOVO can assist your institution in transitioning to remote learning and working by aiding in data center migration and student data and analytics.

Media & Entertainment

CHUDOVO’s team leverages the latest technologies, stays abreast of trends, and provides innovative approaches to custom Media & Entertainment IT solutions, enabling you to reach your objectives. Our Media & Entertainment Software Development Services experts possess significant experience and proficiency to ensure your success.

At CHUDOVO, you can benefit from our highly professional desktop, web, and mobile development specialists. Our Media & Entertainment software solutions are created using the most up-to-date technologies, frameworks, and components, giving you a reliable back-end and user-friendly design.

Retail & E-Commerce add a description.

Maximize your retail and e-commerce stores’ performance with our website hosting, development, and management solutions. We can help you with online store setup, inventory control, transactions, customer engagement, loyalty programs, and more.

Retailers are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with the rapidly growing e-commerce market due to difficulty with availability, scalability, and agility. CHUDOVO can help retailers use a micro-service-based architecture incorporating containers, serverless, and native databases to facilitate smoother and faster changes, scalability, and a better customer experience with its Web Store solutions on AWS.

What does an AWS developer do?
An AWS developer is crucial in building and integrating AWS-specific computer data and systems. Depending on the organization's needs, responsibilities may vary from one AWS developer to another. The primary tasks of an AWS engineer include the following:

• Ensuring continual knowledge management

• Acquiring in-depth knowledge of the application infrastructure and proposing suitable solutions

• Developing affordable and effective migration strategies

• Helping organizations migrate to AWS

• Implementing AWS service-based planning strategies

• Aiding organizations in setting up a dedicated monitoring stack

• Documenting and defining the best practices of infrastructure maintenance

• Migrating infrastructure with minimal downtime.
What is the cost of an AWS development project?
The cost of creating an AWS application depends on various factors, such as the development platform, functionality, usage, and team chosen for the venture. We are available to provide a tailored quote.
How can AWS development services improve your business?
Leveraging AWS development services can help businesses reap the benefits of scalability, cost-effectiveness, security, reliability, speed and agility, and integration capabilities. These advantages can enable companies to develop and deploy applications faster, thus improving productivity, cutting costs, and delivering better business results.
Is AWS better than Google Cloud and Microsoft's Azure?
With its long-standing reputation, AWS is the oldest cloud computing service and has the trust of top tech companies. Amazon was the first to introduce AWS as EC2/S3, providing reliable cloud computing infrastructure to businesses. When seeking high-performance computing over the cloud, AWS is the go-to option.
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