Karl Gorman
Chudovo Kyiv

Chudovo Kyiv development center moved to the new office space!

During the active phase of the pandemic, the Chudovo team has successfully proven that they remain efficient and focused on achieving the best results for their clients within the remote or hybrid work mode. For some time, the Kyiv office of the company was practically empty, but now more and more employees are returning to work in the office. In connection with this, the company decided to move to a new, more modern office in Kyiv.

The movement to a more comfortable and well-equipped office has many advantages. Among them: improved conditions for team collaboration, convenient location, including good traffic junction, the optimal balance between workspace and recreation zone.

And at the same time company, worth to be mentioned, continues to create and develop distributed teams in multiple locations in Europe and the Middle East.

Let’s keep on software development rocking!


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