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Managed database services

Effective management of databases is crucial for the smooth functioning of any business. It enables you to store and manage critical information efficiently, ensuring you can access it whenever needed.

With CHUDOVO's comprehensive range of DBA services, you can make the most of our skilled professionals who guarantee top-notch security and enhance productivity by adopting cutting-edge technologies. Our engineers leverage innovative and efficient DB management systems to ensure optimal outcomes. We provide customized solutions for firms of all sizes, prioritizing a personalized approach to delivering our services.

Custom database development services

Looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your business's efficiency and accuracy? Building a custom database may be the perfect solution for you. Our team has years of experience and can deliver top-notch service to help you make the most out of your data. We offer various tools and services, such as design and development assistance, reporting, and analysis services, to help you create a successful database solution.

If you want to keep your data organized and secure, CHUDOVO is the perfect choice for your business. Our DBA specialists have the skills to unlock your organization's potential and attract more clients, making you more competitive in your business area.

DBA services we provide
CHUDOVO offers a comprehensive range of solutions that revolve around database administration. Our expertise lies in designing tailor-made database management services that guarantee optimal performance for your database.
Remote database administration
Our range of services includes remote database administration, ensuring your data is always secure and accessible without the need for costly and time-consuming staff efforts.
24/7 database monitoring
We offer round-the-clock database monitoring services to help organizations keep track of their information systems and stay organized. Our support includes 24/7 incident response, data analysis, and document management.
Database migration
Our migration services make it easy for you to move your records from one system to another, ensuring your business runs smoothly. Our team of experts is here to help you manage and repair your databases, keeping your information safe and sound.
DBA support
Our DBA support services provide businesses access to relevant data for better decisions. We combine our tools and methods to help our customers thoroughly explore their business information.
Database replication
We also offer database replication services to copy business information between databases, improving performance and sharing data without individual access accounts.
Database upgrades
We provide DBA support services, giving businesses access to relevant data and helping them make better decisions through our comprehensive tools and methods.
Performance tuning
Our performance-tuning services optimize information access and retrieval, helping organizations improve their systems. We implement the best possible solutions based on research conducted by our experts.
Database patch management
Our patch management services provide peace of mind, ensuring your data is always secure. We ensure patch applications are seamless and without incident, allowing you to focus on running your business.
Database backup & recovery
We provide backup and recovery services to help keep your business running smoothly. Our technical support team of experts is here to handle any issues and ensure that your data is always protected.
DBA consulting
We offer DBA consulting services to help businesses get the most out of their data. Our team is experienced in various data-related fields, and we provide the best possible service for your needs.
Managing the databases supporting your company's operations can be daunting and expensive, particularly when the infrastructure has gradually expanded. However, with our proactive management services, we can ensure that your business continues running smoothly while safeguarding, securing, and optimizing your corporate database systems.
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Engagement Models
Our approach to utilizing your capital and our talent is one of utmost care and efficiency. We have designed three distinct models to offer varying levels of control and responsibility, allowing you to choose the level of engagement that best suits your project needs.
Monthly-Milestone Model
The Monthly-Milestone Model is ideal for small projects with clear, stable, and settled requirements. We pre-discuss project milestones and allocate a budget at the beginning of every month.
Time and Resource Contract
For projects with an evolving set of requirements, our Time and Resource Contract model is perfect. Our industry experts estimate your project's total hours and resources and bill you accordingly.
Fixed Cost Projects
Finally, the Fixed Cost Projects model is best suited for long-lasting and sophisticated projects. With this model, you will have access to all our resources and infrastructure against a lump sum payment for the entire project.

Different types of DBAs

Database administration encompasses various roles and responsibilities, with specific duties assigned to different types of database administrators. The commonly recognized types of DBAs include system administrators, database architects, database analysts, data modelers, application DBAs, task-oriented DBAs, performance analysts, data warehouse administrators, and cloud DBAs.

System administrators are in charge of managing and maintaining the overall computer system. Their duties include software installation and configuration, security patches application, and system performance monitoring.
Database architects specialize in designing databases tailored to an organization's unique requirements.
Database analysts analyze data to improve database performance and may also provide database administrators with recommendations and reports.
Data modelers create and maintain models that depict relationships between data elements, which is crucial for effective database design.
Application DBAs administer databases that support applications, including configuring and installing applications, troubleshooting application-related issues, and ensuring data synchronization between databases.
Task-oriented DBAs focus on a specific area of database administration, such as security, backup, recovery, or performance tuning. They possess in-depth knowledge of a particular DBMS.
Performance analysts monitor database performance, identify areas for improvement, and prepare performance reports for database administrators.
Data warehouse administrators manage databases that store data for business intelligence or decision-support applications. They are responsible for extracting, transforming, and loading data into the warehouse.
Cloud DBAs administer databases hosted on cloud computing platforms. Their duties include provisioning, managing database instances, ensuring high availability and replication, and monitoring database performance.
Features and Benefits
Database administration has various benefits for businesses. It helps make sense of available data and ensures that the data needed for future processes is collected and availed beforehand. Here are some benefits of database administration:
Accelerated Decision Making:
Database administration enables businesses to make quick, accurate decisions that propel the organization toward its objectives. With a well-managed and stored data system, it is easy to draw the necessary insight that helps speed up decision-making. It is instrumental in the manufacturing sector, where data can be used to automate processes, which speeds up production, facilitating the rise of smart factories.
Enhanced Data Security and Integrity:
With the rise of the internet, data security and integrity have become significant challenges and threats to companies. Database administration regulates data, ensuring access is only granted to authorized personnel. It helps safeguard data integrity, providing insight drawn from accurate data.
Improved Collaboration in the Company:
As a company grows, more departments are formed to perform different functions. Unfortunately, many processes and corporate growth are often slowed by a need for more departmental collaboration attributed to slow data-sharing mechanisms. Database administration is the perfect solution to this problem. It keeps data in a central location accessible to end-users and multiple applications.
Increased Sales By Predicting Customer Behavior:
Predictive analysis is the most significant benefit of data administration. Businesses can predict individual and collective customer preferences and behavior by analyzing customer data and collecting new data sets. It allows companies to offer and tailor products according to their client's interests, increasing sales.
DBA services for every industry
If you believe your business can function without storing and managing data, you may need to reconsider your stance. DBA services are crucial for the smooth running of businesses, no matter their size. From startups to big corporations, there is a DBA service that can help you manage your data effectively.

In the finance industry, CHUDOVO is a reliable service provider that offers smart solutions to help customers achieve their business goals. We develop complex platforms, apps, and services for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. Our dedicated teams combine fintech advances with in-house expertise to create solutions that become game changers in the market.


We take away the headache of managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and supporting your production databases 24×7 in the manufacturing industry. Our DBA services provide the highest ROI, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your business. Each service gets a dedicated and highly trained database administrator with over ten years of experience managing production databases.


In the eCommerce sector, we address modern challenges faced by B2C, B2B, and B2G companies related to retail operations. CHUDOVO helps eCommerce players establish a comprehensive shopping experience, automate internal processes, develop business development strategies, and use digital data practically.

Logistics & Transportation

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and our vast development experience for logistics and transportation to provide robust software solutions. Our team is prepared to build various applications to help logistics & transportation companies manage their supply chains and workflows, monitor the delivery process, and reduce costs.


Since 2006, CHUDOVO has been delivering custom medical software development services for healthcare organizations, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and digital health startups from the US and Europe. We build medical applications for hospitals, clinics, practices, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, pharmacies, and labs.


In the education sector, we have been providing custom e-learning development services for businesses and full-service educational institutions since 2006. Our development teams offer a full range of e-learning solutions to optimize the online learning process, creating state-of-the-art e-learning software that inspires users to learn and provides unlimited access to knowledge.

What is a database administrator (DBA)?
The crucial task of managing and securing databases falls on a database administrator, or DBA, who ensures that data is accurately stored and retrieved. Additionally, DBAs collaborate with developers to troubleshoot issues and implement new features while comprehensively understanding technical and business requirements. The significance of DBA positions has increased in today's data-driven business climate. Organizations worldwide rely on data to uncover analytical insights into market conditions, innovate new business models, and reduce costs. Moreover, the cloud computing market is expanding as more companies adopt cloud-based business operations. Consequently, the demand for skilled DBAs is expected to continue growing.
Why is database administration necessary?
A subpar database can impede the performance of your website or application, leading to sluggishness and potential crashes. Having reliable data to make informed decisions for efficient business operations swiftly and precisely. Moreover, unauthorized access to your data can jeopardize it, and phishing remains a widespread tactic targeting online companies to acquire users' sensitive information.
What is the difference between data administration and database administration?
The primary role of a data administrator is to convert data into a workable data model. Along with this, they also handle data analysis, monitor data flow, and filter essential data. On the other hand, database administrators are in charge of overseeing databases and ensuring their protection.
How many database administrators do I need?
The number of database administrators necessary for a company depends on its size and category. A modest enterprise may require only one or two administrators, whereas a colossal enterprise may require dozens or even hundreds. The requirement for database administrators is influenced by multiple factors, such as the magnitude and intricacy of the data collection, the nature of the database system employed, and the number of users needed.
Are database management and database administration the same?
There is a common misconception that managing and administering databases are interchangeable. However, the reality is that the responsibilities involved can vary depending on the type of database and management approach. Generally speaking, a database manager is responsible for maintaining and modifying databases but needs help creating or deleting them from scratch. In contrast, a database administrator is involved in all aspects of database management, including design, updates, maintenance, and even deletion if necessary.
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