IT Staff Augmentation

Strengthen your team and rise your business productivity through IT staff augmentation. The key to the success of any project is an efficient and highly-skilled team.
IT Staff Augmentation
Very often, as your project reaches the new maturity phase, it is necessary to enhance the team with the strongest field players to accomplish the job, so you eventually will refer to staff augmentation services. It doesn't matter how complex your IT projects to embody are, the only thing that matters is taking advantage of involving the best brains in the industry.
  • Our IT services of staff augmentation profile are speedy in the creation of a flexible team that will timely scale the project development and complete it with cutting-edge professionals inside. We will quickly gather a team of qualified experts with the set of skills requested to nail your project so you can benefit from the staff augmentation to the fullest. The extension of your team will include the most skilled programmers available on the market, and complement your in-house team. The newcomers to the team will attend the regular team meetings and report to the managers as any other team members, justifying their presence at the company and being your business's gamesmanship on the market.
  • You can apply the staff augmentation services of Chudovo for every type of project, and the complexity of the project wouldn't matter. IT staff augmentation is available at any project stage. One can request team augmentation services at any phase from just testing your business idea with a prototype to implementing your idea and making a full-scale app. Whether you need to manage your systems or test them for any matter, our extended team members are here for you.
  • Extended team services of Chudovo are a ratified, solid, respectable, and cost worthwhile client investment to raise the productivity of the internal developers in a very short space of time. Our professional software developers are trained to seamlessly integrate into the current workflow of any working environment. They are the best option to strengthen the existing team, being creative and highly qualified to create space for your business even in the "standing room only" type of competitive market.
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Why Chudovo IT Staff Augmentation ?
  • Motivated team members.
    Get a team of highly motivated developers with an IT augmentation model. Our dedicated developers don't have a 9-5 attitude but instead, they thrive to get the best result possible within the given timeframe. As their time in the project is limited and they are getting paid by the result, not by working hours, they are highly motivated to perform their best.

  • Cooperate as long as you wish.
    Within our flexible model, you can extend your in-house IT staff on a short-term or a temporary basis. Whatever you prefer – a long-term project or a short one, we've got you covered.

  • Extend in a simple way.
    Hire individual developers for a short-term contract or scale your development team upon the enterprise's needs. Reduce the number of extra team members when the project is over.

  • Comprehensive Support.
    When you start cooperating with Chudovo, each client is assigned an account manager who will be your point of contact to examine and review your business needs, finding an accurate solution for each of them. We support the team members by providing administrative, accounting, legal, and HR support.

  • Adjustable project management.
    Be in full control of your project by managing your team directly. Whether you don't want to do this, we provide you with an opportunity to designate a part-time or full-time project manager to stand for managing the project.
Chudovo Provides
Build your current project up
Vendor Transition
Long-Term Extended Team
Build your current project up
Strengthen your current team with additional talent and skill set to provide your clients with the finest project within the requested timeline. Deploy Chudovo's IT team augmentation services to gather a skilled team to grasp the growing needs of your developing business.
Vendor Transition
Are you looking for a new reliable tech provider to bring your solution to the market? We help you transition to a new vendor effortlessly and efficiently, taking over even in the middle of a transition.
Long-Term Extended Team
Chudovo customizes the recruitment process for your individual business needs. All you need is to provide us with the list of the desired set of skills, and we will get you a developer who meets the criteria.
Build your current project up
Strengthen your current team with additional talent and skill set to provide your clients with the finest project within the requested timeline. Deploy Chudovo's IT team augmentation services to gather a skilled team to grasp the growing needs of your developing business.
Vendor Transition
Are you looking for a new reliable tech provider to bring your solution to the market? We help you transition to a new vendor effortlessly and efficiently, taking over even in the middle of a transition.
Long-Term Extended Team
Chudovo customizes the recruitment process for your individual business needs. All you need is to provide us with the list of the desired set of skills, and we will get you a developer who meets the criteria.
Your company might need IT staff augmentation in those cases…
You are not completely sure that your team needs IT staff augmentation? If your company falls under the descriptions below, staff augmentation could be something you might be willing to take a deeper look at.
You want to find economically efficient IT services
Thinking of strengthening your team with external support as a more expensive option than direct hiring? Well, that's not always the case. Calculating the efficiency of hiring in both scenarios you should also consider the money that you could save by skipping the traditional hiring process. Moreover, the employees come to you fully trained, so you avoid paying for their training and those things which traditionally follow employing permanent workers, such as giving them full-time salaries or benefits. Moreover, IT staff augmentation is usually provided at a consistent cost which means that your budget management would be more effective than having new employees onboard for every particular type of new task that the flow of the project demands.
Your team needs a prompt extension
IT staff augmentation is your perfect choice as it allows you to quickly expand the team getting the necessary assistance which would be a final piece of the puzzle complementing the success of your new partnership. At some point, you even might realize that your new team members aggregate your team as much as you would love to transfer them to permanent staff. By the way, many IT staff augmentation services allow you to hire their team members right after trying out their skills as a part of your augmented team. This strategy could be helpful when you have one or more IT service staff members out of your office for a longer period. You can hire one of the augmented team members just for the time of covering your permanent worker, avoiding the rush of traditional onboarding processes.
You want to decrease the possible risks
Imagine the situation: you've found a new client who wants to try your company's capabilities to accomplish the project for him. The amount of work has sufficiently increased according to the scale of the project, and you don't have enough staff to cover the necessary tasks for the project's successful accomplishment. As this project and the client are new, you are not quite sure this will work out, and the client sticks to you as he's testing your company on a trial basis. So, in this case, you don't want to hire new people as you are not completely sure about the prolongation of your working relationships and, in case of unsuccess, lay off the newcomers. In case when you use IT staff augmentation, such risks are reduced to the minimum, as if you would be breaking the deal with the new client, you would simply release the augmented staff.
You need high transparency in a project
Besides having the perfect set of technical skills, IT staff who are working for the augmentation services obtain a set of skills required for project management and communication, which means they'll keep you updated about every phase of the project in their response. They are aware of the latest communication tools, as well as the importance of timely updates about each project phase.
Your project requires a certain skill set
If you've taken on a project that requires skilled workers from the field your permanent workers are not competent in, finding the necessary talent could be a hassle. An extensive search takes a lot of time, and this is the first and maybe the last project of such a profile you might need that specialist for. But an IT staff augmentation service is the right decision to provide you with the so-needed talent, even if you couldn't find that specific set of skills in your region. Loads of companies turn to foreign outstaffing agencies just to cover this need.
You want to have full control over your project
When you hire a whole team of external specialists to accomplish a project for you, you cannot be in full control of every aspect of it. You might even need to transfer the project to a foreign country fully, where you might face loads of legal challenges if something goes wrong or simply face the hurdle of studying foreign policies and legislation. Augmenting the existing team, you maintain full control keeping the project locally and in-house. This might come particularly in handy for cases when you are working on the product or service for the first time, so you want to make sure that every detail is infallible and that you will get the best result possible.
How To Augment Your Team Successfully
There are certain steps that you should follow to augment your team with external talents successfully. These steps are simple if executed in a careful and precise manner.
Benefit from the exceptional resources
Most probably, issues within your business happen, not because your team is lacking skills, but because you lack quality resources. Engaging an IT augmentation team to accomplish tasks for you, you will not only get a helping hand in taking over the company tasks but get access to the resources and experience that they carry. Since you already have a constant team with some working infrastructure, they would adjust to it by using the tools, essential to accomplish your project. It means that you wouldn't have to spend money on purchasing the new equipment and tools by getting access to the resources of your partner.
Make use of powerful collaboration and communication
As this model requires strong collaboration and soft skills to communicate with your in-house team within the course of the project, the talents provided by this model usually obtain it. Since the IT augmentation teams are expected to closely collaborate with your in-house employees, such teams should be nearshore.

Working with offshore teams, you always face some risks like drastic time zone differences or language barriers. Collaborating with the nearshore teams, you extend your team with the developers from the same or similar time zone so you can align your work schedules pretty well. Moreover, most nearshore partners, such as Chudovo, fluently speak English, which prevents any communication barriers.
Step up Your Time to Market
When you hire a reinforcement to your IT team, you save time and gain competence. Efficiency is a decisive factor, since this way you could get your product to the market in a rapid manner so you can leave all the competition behind. Indeed, you could use the speed advantage to test how relevant your product is and to advance the project to keep that competitive edge.

Working on a project with outside team members accelerates the accomplishment of your projects since the best brains and the fresh vision combination works well for getting your project done. It leverages the speed of the project execution, as this helps you to finish your projects faster than it would have been done on your own.
Make the most of the effectiveness of your software processes
Many businesses would benefit from nearshore staff augmentation which is just the right approach for managing their teams and productively rationalizing their workflows as well as acquiring skilled global talents gaining a competitive privilege for your businesses' products. Even though it doesn't mean that if it sounds lucrative, it is a good choice for every company.

Contact Chudovo to learn how we can assist you in determining the best solutions for your business and team. We would give you competent help in your techno journey.
Dedicated Teams
In staff augmentation services provided by Chudovo, we assign a personal engineer to every particular client. This engineer would be taking care only of your project in particular, not being allocated to different projects and accounts. The deep knowledge of your team processes will diminish the risks that may arise in the course of your project, and the engineer will keep an eye on the whole life cycle of Chudovo's services.

Engineers of Chudovo flawlessly and promptly integrate themselves into the internal processes of your company, building rapport with your in-house managers through constant progress reports and active participation in the company's daily operations.
What is Staff Augmentation in IT? Answer
IT Staff Augmentation offers companies the option of subcontracting qualified Technology Expert Professionals to fill specific vacancies or for a particular project. Staff augmentation allows companies to hire professionals, having an employment relationship limited to the fulfillment of the objectives set or the completion of the projects. Thus, this modality eliminates many of the problems that companies face when trying to hire professionals for specific projects or research initiatives. Staff Augmentation allows you to bypass lengthy interview processes, training sessions, contract negotiations, and layoffs.
Why staff augmentation is meaningful? Answer
The business practice of staff augmentation allows businesses to keep pace with ever-evolving market tendencies and fluctuations and replenish the staff shortage. While the traditional hiring process is quite hard-line, augmented teams maintain some flexibility in the hiring process, in the meantime cutting operational costs. Moreover, managers can maintain a high level of control over the new joiners adding up to constant team members.
Which businesses could benefit from staff augmentation? Answer
The model of staff augmentation could benefit businesses that lack workers of certain profiles to fill out the gaps in specific skills required for the particular project. Due to the global lack of IT talents, the most requested specialists are the ones who can fill short-term positions in custom software development projects.
Will my business benefit from the IT staff augmentation? Answer
Innovative and extensive IT projects often obligate their owners to recruit a skillful, proficient and functional team. Thus, IT staff augmentation is beneficial for IT industry businesses since with it they can expand their team with the first-rate talents available in the market. Also, since IT staff augmentation allows companies to shift the tiring and time-consuming processes of hiring suitable candidates, they can focus on the other business aspects that prompt the company's development.
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