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Upgrade your current IT system with Managed IT Services offered by CHUDOVO, a Managed Workplace Services Provider.
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Take the hassle out of IT ownership with a Managed IT Service

IT teams often need more resources, which leads to the dominance of repetitive, low-value tasks in their daily routine, leaving larger strategic tasks unaddressed. By adopting a Managed IT Service, IT teams can free up their time to focus on essential tasks and outsource time-consuming tasks such as setting up and imaging new laptops.

It enables organizations to introduce innovation without disruption, as the burden of hard work is taken care of. With more time on hand, organizations can be proactive rather than reactive. They can access the latest technology to significantly reduce user downtime by removing outdated equipment.

By enhancing overall efficiency and productivity, Managed IT Service allows organizations to make the most of their stringent IT budgets by spreading the costs with monthly payments instead of significant CapEx outlays. This predictable cost model enables better planning, access to the latest technology, and improved cash flow.

One Team for All Your IT Tasks

CHUDOVO is an expert in managed IT services, providing third-party support for your company's IT infrastructure and software under the Service Level Agreement (SLA). As a trusted MSP for businesses with complex and ever-changing infrastructures, CHUDOVO offers a comprehensive range of services, from daily monitoring and management to long-term optimization and evolution.

With CHUDOVO's managed IT services, you can rest assured that a skilled team takes care of your daily IT operations. However, our expertise goes beyond that. We strive to be your strategic partner, driving small and large changes that can significantly optimize the cost and efficiency of your IT. For example, we can improve network latency or embrace demand-driven cloud computing to help your business thrive.

Let us know the scope of IT services you require, and we'll provide a best-priced offer to ensure the stability and evolution of the necessary IT components and processes. Trust CHUDOVO as your MSP and focus on growing your business while we care for your IT needs.

Common Types of Managed Services and Why You Need Them
Managed IT services can help your business stay competitive by leveraging the latest technologies while saving you time, money, and resources. Partnering with a reliable managed service provider can provide access to affordable technical support, streamline operations, and optimize payroll. The most common types of managed services include IT consulting, cybersecurity services, cloud service management and monitoring, technology procurement and management, and data backup and disaster recovery.
IT Consulting
IT consulting from managed IT experts can help your business stay ahead of the technology curve through strategic road-mapping and goal-setting. It can lead to enhanced collaboration, productivity, and profitability. Managed service providers can also ensure your systems comply with industry-specific regulations while providing network maintenance and advice.
Cyber Security Services
Managed cybersecurity can protect your sensitive data from cyber-attacks. With the help of an MSP, you can choose the right type of digital network security services for your organization. MSPs assess your existing security measures and offer advice on the options best suited to your business's needs.
Cloud Service Management and Monitoring
Cloud computing management and monitoring includes real-time monitoring of cloud-based applications, security compliance, and access controls across different company devices. Managed cloud services like Azure provide high-level security protocols and automated backups for files, ensuring the safety and accessibility of essential documents and customer information. MSPs can help you review architecture changes and implement strategies for improved efficiency and cost savings within your cloud infrastructure.
Technology Procurement and Management
An experienced MSP can help with technology procurement, monitoring, and management. They can find cost-effective solutions, customize and deploy the best solution for your needs, and actively monitor system performance to identify potential problems before they cause disruption.
Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Data backup and disaster recovery are essential components of your IT infrastructure. An MSP can ensure that your company's data is backed up regularly to prevent data loss and that backup testing is conducted to ensure your systems are ready for recovery in a disaster.
Your organization's technology requires its support. If your team spends less time maintaining it, they will have less time to focus on advancing the organization. CHUDOVO provides holistic and secure solutions to manage your complex infrastructure and applications. We can customize our services to match your goals and determine the appropriate service level for your budget.
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We Help You
Save Costs
Reduce operational expenses, preserve capital budget, and anticipate costs by entrusting your infrastructure maintenance to a managed service provider fully equipped to operate your networks seamlessly.
Optimize Employee Time
Relieve your internal IT staff of the burden of ongoing needs by allowing them to concentrate on strategic initiatives. As an MSP, CHUDOVO covers your ongoing needs and the absence of in-house experts by providing access to a diverse team of specialists.
Improve Security
Minimize security risks by implementing advanced cybersecurity solutions with CHUDOVO. Solid tools and services are available to enhance your security landscape and ensure proactive protection and data compliance.
Adopt a Proactive Approach
Ensure your network, software, and cloud services are always up-to-date with a proactive IT approach. CHUDOVO addresses problems as they arise before they become a severe threat, reducing the need for costly repairs.
Achieve Scalability
Increase your growth potential and remove the limitations imposed by in-house capabilities by partnering with CHUDOVO as your MSP. Our expertise and range of services enable you to scale up, down, or expand your technology stack quickly and efficiently.
Boost productivity
Introduce your organization to an Anywhere Operations model and enhance productivity with cloud-based solutions. We assist in developing and maintaining virtual environments to support your digital transformation.
Establish Reliable Infrastructure
Take advantage of smooth, uninterrupted business processes managed by CHUDOVO experts. 24/7 infrastructure management ensures better uptime and prompt disaster recovery for business continuity.
Access State-of-the-Art Technology
Stay ahead of the curve with unlimited access to the latest cutting-edge technologies through your managed service provider. CHUDOVO assists you in embracing innovative solutions without any hassle.
How We Make Our Cooperation Comfortable and Risk-Free
Flexible cooperation models
SLA-based service delivery
Smooth communication
Knowledge transfer
Guaranteed quality and data security
Flexible cooperation models
CHUDOVO offers flexible cooperation models to cater to your IT needs. As a full-service MSP provider, we can handle all IT operations within your company. However, we also support co-managed cooperation and can share responsibilities with your internal IT infrastructure department or other IT services vendors.
SLA-based service delivery
To ensure service transparency and build trust, we document and sign an SLA describing the services delivered, the terms, and the KPIs. This SLA-based service delivery guarantees we provide the promised service and meet your expectations.
Smooth communication
We pride ourselves on smooth communication with our clients. We work with you to agree on the best ways and frequency of our communication, including tools, level of detail, and timing. If your team is non-English speaking, we provide a contact person who speaks your language.
Knowledge transfer
When working in the co-managed cooperation mode, we organize knowledge transfer sessions for your architects, developers, testers, DevOps engineers; IT support specialists, database administrators, and security administrators. It ensures that your team is up-to-date with the latest IT trends and can work efficiently.
Guaranteed quality and data security
We deliver managed IT services with a quality-first approach to ensure you derive the most value from cooperation with CHUDOVO. Our mature information security management is based on our security policies and processes, advanced technologies, and skilled professionals, ensuring that your data stays safe on our side. We guarantee the quality and security of our services.

Managed IT Services CHUDOVO Delivers

Our approach involves tailoring a range of IT services to meet each client's unique needs.

IT infrastructure assessment
• The IT infrastructure assessment includes an in-depth analysis of its current state, emphasizing its scalability, operational efficiency, and security.

• The outcome of this assessment will be a tactical roadmap for optimizing the IT infrastructure, which will address any identified issues.

• The optimization plan will focus on cost-reduction measures in the IT infrastructure.
IT infrastructure monitoring 24/7
• Assisting with setting up monitoring and alerting tools for infrastructure (typically either Prometheus or Nagios).

• Generating reports on each infrastructure node's availability, uptime, and response time.

• Conducting troubleshooting to ensure optimized productivity of the infrastructure.

• Overseeing a Network Operations Center (NOC) that is managed.
IT infrastructure administration
• The job scope encompasses user administration, software configuration, and updates regularly.

• The role includes managing servers, networks, and cloud services on-premise and remotely.

• Virtual desktop administration and vulnerability assessment are also part of the responsibilities.

• There will be regular reviews and reporting to ensure compliance with relevant regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, FDA, and others.
Cloud management
• Provide support with managing cloud infrastructure across multiple platforms such as AWS and Azure.

• Deploying cloud infrastructures and migrating applications and data to the cloud.

• Monitoring and optimizing cloud performance for optimal results.
Managed application services
• Providing managed services for applications, with a key emphasis on monitoring critical metrics such as application availability and response time.

• Troubleshooting applications to ensure seamless functionality.

• Upgrading applications with modernization techniques, including re-engineering, re-architecting, and redesign.

• Continuously delivering new features and conducting design experiments to keep applications evolving.
Managed DevOps
• Facilitation of CI/CD pipeline deployment.

• Realization of a containerization approach (leveraging Kubernetes or Apache Mesos).

• Execution of test automation.

• Creation of an automated monitoring system.
Managed Security
• The evaluation of security measures and identification of weak points and potential threats are referred to as security audits.

• Analyzing and prioritizing vulnerabilities is known as vulnerability assessment.

• Penetration testing involves simulating cyber attacks to assess the strength of a system's security.

• Developing and evaluating compliance programs is known as compliance program planning/assessment.
The essential advantages of Managed IT Services
Obtain the Expertise You Require
Integrating new technology can sometimes bring challenges that your IT team may not have the necessary skills or experience to tackle. Additionally, managing these new technologies can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can rely on your managed service provider to address these issues. The managed service model allows you to hire an entire team of IT professionals or choose experts based on the needs of each project.
Economical Solution
With managed services for IT, you can significantly reduce labor costs. Furthermore, you can avoid the expenses of recruiting and training new IT personnel. The most significant advantage is that you no longer worry about unexpected service charges. It implies that your organization can switch to an operating expense model from a capital expense model.
Expand Your System as Required
The growth or contraction of your technology determines if you need to scale up or down. Managed IT service providers can respond to these changes in real time, allowing you to adapt to your business needs.
Minimize Downtime and Recover Faster
Managed services for IT offer backup solutions to safeguard vital information. In case of disaster, they can also provide service continuity options. For small businesses, this can be a valuable lifeline.
What are managed IT services?
IT tasks outsourced to a third-party vendor are known as managed IT services. These services are known to be more pocket-friendly than companies handling their IT operations in-house and often result in improved quality of service. Additionally, clients can focus on scaling their businesses since IT management is no longer a concern.
What is an MSP?
A managed services provider (MSP) is an information technology (IT) professional who offers third-party IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. Their services are crucial to the growth of their client's businesses, as they help business owners save money and avoid the distractions of creating an in-house IT team. MSPs play a vital part in the development of their client's companies.
What does a Managed Service Provider do?
As a third-party entity, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) manages and is accountable for a specific range of IT and technology management services for its clients. It is a widely used approach to enhancing operations that is not limited to large corporations but extends to small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments. Our CHUDOVO Team operates as an MSP and can function as the client's IT department or provide additional support to the existing IT staff.
How does CHUDOVO Managed Services work?
When you utilize a managed service provider, you still oversee and take responsibility for the contracted IT operations. You can selectively choose which services you want the MSP to work on externally while keeping other operations in-house. By outsourcing to an MSP, the burdensome and demanding tasks that can consume significant amounts of time and effort will be expertly handled. As the advantages of delegating many of their daily operations to outside parties become increasingly evident, more and more businesses are embracing this approach.
At what point in a company's growth should an owner consider finding an IT-managed services provider?
At any point in a company's development, an IT-managed services provider (MSP) could offer valuable assistance. However, a technology partner can be particularly beneficial during transition periods, such as mergers and acquisitions, or when a company is in its early stages. If your in-house team is experiencing challenges keeping up with demand or needs more specialized expertise to support your organization's growth, consider contacting an IT MSP.
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