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CHUDOVO provides comprehensive Power BI services that cover administration, development, and support, ensuring that Power BI solutions continue to evolve and users become more productive. Our expertise helps transform omnichannel data into actionable insights, empowering decision-makers to make smarter choices wherever they are.
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What does Power BI do?

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that analyzes and visualizes a company's data. This software can connect to a vast array of data sources and arrange the information received in a more manageable and understandable way. The results can then be shared with other users through reports and visuals.

Power BI is not limited to analyzing historical and current data but can predict future trends through machine-learning capabilities. It can recognize patterns in data and use them to generate estimates and run "what if" scenarios. It allows users to prepare for future demand and anticipate other essential metrics.

For businesses that require more robust reporting and analytical features than Excel, Power BI offers the next level of business intelligence. By assembling, scrutinizing, and visualizing data from across the company, businesses can gain more significant insights into their operations and performance, making more informed decisions based on actual data.

Our Power BI consultants and developers are ready to provide professional support to ensure your Business Intelligence projects are delivered predictably, adhering to best practices, and meeting all your business requirements. Our collaborative approach is smartly designed for nearshoring and offshoring, making it easy for you to work with us.

The CHUDOVO team of experts in Power BI can customize your Power BI solution to perfectly align with your business requirements by swiftly executing technically sound modifications in hours or days.

Reasons Why CHUDOVO Power BI Support Will Work for You
  • A multifunctional expert team

    Our company comprises BI administrators and developers who tackle all problems, even those stemming from personalized programming. Additionally, we depend on business analysts with considerable expertise and a comprehensive comprehension of trade procedures and norms across various sectors such as manufacturing, retail and wholesale, professional services, healthcare, banking, telecommunications, transportation, and logistics.

  • Customization and Integration

    Our Power BI support services cater to users of all proficiency levels, ranging from novices to professionals who seek assistance solely in complex scenarios. We offer tailored reporting and dashboard solutions that align with your requirements. Our skilled developers can establish API integrations with your data sources, including CRM, ERP, and marketing automation platforms, allowing you to collect data from multiple sources and generate a comprehensive business overview.

  • Time and Cost Savings

    Creating impactful data visualizations, dashboards, and reports can consume a lot of time and resources, particularly for organizations that lack previous familiarity with Power BI. Employing the services of a skilled Power BI development provider can help companies save both time and money as they tap into the proficiency of seasoned developers who can produce superior solutions in a more streamlined manner. It enables businesses to concentrate on their essential undertakings and strategic objectives while guaranteeing that their data visualization requirements are addressed.
Power BI Services and Implementation Solutions for Enterprises
Business Intelligence Solutions
Power BI allows businesses to leverage business intelligence functionalities to drive data-informed decisions. With Power BI, companies can effortlessly keep tabs on key performance indicators, oversee progress, and pinpoint areas that need enhancement. Additionally, Power BI enables companies to establish notifications and warnings triggered by particular data conditions.
Custom Dashboard Development Solutions
Customized dashboards offer organizations a potent instrument for managing and scrutinizing their data, furnishing crucial insights that can guide business decisions and stimulate growth. By personalizing the dashboard to their unique requirements, organizations can generate a highly bespoke platform that offers a comprehensive perspective of their data and insights sans the necessity for manual analysis or detailed reporting.
Analytics for Better Customer Experience
With its wide-ranging data analysis functions, Power BI empowers companies to perform intricate computations, build bespoke metrics, and conduct statistical investigations. Power BI seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources, from Excel spreadsheets to cloud services, making it an indispensable tool for enterprises seeking to optimize their analytical capabilities.
Data Visualization
Power BI can produce dashboards that are both interactive and customizable to aid in the visualization of data for companies. Using charts, graphs, and other visual tools, Power BI enables companies to identify patterns, trends, and insights to comprehend their data better.
Data Sharing
Power BI empowers businesses to distribute data and reports to team members, investors, and clients. They can circulate their reports through the Power BI service or incorporate them into their web pages, SharePoint sites, or other software programs. Power BI reports can be viewed from desktops or mobile devices.
Data collaboration
With Power BI, businesses can collaborate on data and reports seamlessly and instantly. Teams can share datasets, dashboards, and reports, allowing for teamwork in the visualization and analysis of data.
Real-Time Analytics Solutions
Real-time analytics solutions empower companies to swiftly analyze and process massive amounts of data without relying on old-fashioned batch processing or data warehousing. Real-time solutions' immediate insights and analytics allow companies to rapidly detect and address issues, enhance their processes and resources, and gain a competitive advantage.
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Here are some advantages of Power BI over its competitors:
Power BI generally surpasses its rivals in various aspects, such as its seamless integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, user-friendliness, affordability, cloud-based solution, and AI and machine learning capabilities. This collection of features makes it a favored option for businesses of diverse sizes seeking to utilize data analytics to spur business growth.
Integration with Microsoft ecosystem
Microsoft has crafted Power BI, which is closely linked with other Microsoft offerings like Excel, SharePoint, and Teams. As a result, businesses that utilize Microsoft products can readily incorporate Power BI into their existing infrastructure and maximize their resources.
Ease of use
Power BI offers a highly intuitive interface that empowers users to generate reports and dashboards quickly. The drag-and-drop feature and user-friendly design enable users to create visual representations effortlessly, even without advanced technical skills or coding knowledge.
Power BI offers a cost-effective solution with its flexible pricing model. It provides a free version for individual users and various paid plans suitable for organizations of different sizes and requirements, making it more affordable than its competitors regarding ownership cost.
Power BI is a web-based platform that allows users to view their reports and dashboards from any location and device with internet connectivity. This feature enables businesses to collaborate effortlessly and share information with stakeholders seamlessly, resulting in real-time data sharing and analysis.
AI and machine learning capabilities
Power BI incorporates AI and machine learning functionalities, empowering users to craft models for predictive analytics, detect anomalies in data, and make informed decisions based on data. It grants companies a competitive edge as it allows them to harness the potential of advanced analytics without requiring additional resources or expertise.
Steps of BI solution implementation process
Data Source Connection
Data Modeling
Visualization Design
Sharing and Collaboration
Data Source Connection
To create a personalized dashboard, the initial action is to link Power BI to the relevant data sources, such as cloud-based storage solutions, spreadsheets, or databases. Power BI provides multiple connectors enabling users to connect with numerous data sources, including prevalent platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics, and Salesforce.
Data Modeling
After connecting the data sources, the subsequent task establishes a data model that charts the associations among the diverse data sources. Power BI provides an array of data modeling utilities that enable users to modify and structure the data following their personalized requisites. These functionalities comprise data cleaning, consolidation, and reorganization.
Visualization Design
Once the data model is established, the subsequent task is to craft the dashboard display. Power BI offers several visualization instruments, such as charts, graphs, tables, and maps, which can represent the data intuitively and easily. The visualization's design is crucial to guarantee that the dashboard is aesthetically pleasing and communicates essential insights efficiently.
Power BI provides users various customization tools to personalize their dashboards to meet their unique requirements. These tools enable users to incorporate custom branding, select from different layout options, and integrate interactive features to explore the data more deeply and gain specific insights.
Sharing and Collaboration
Power BI enables users to collaborate and share their dashboards with other users within their organization. It includes advanced features like real-time collaboration, commenting, and email or social media sharing. Power BI allows users to work together seamlessly and efficiently.

Power BI compared to its competitors

Power BI faces stiff competition from other players in the market, such as Tableau, QlikView, IBM Cognos Analytics, and Google Data Studio. These competitors have their unique possibilities over Power BI, which are worth considering:

Tableau's data visualization engine is more comprehensive, providing a broader array of chart types and visualization choices. It also boasts a more versatile data preparation method that enables users to merge and clean data from multiple sources effortlessly. In addition, Tableau offers superior integration with third-party tools and data sources, making it a suitable option for companies with complicated data environments.
QlikView boasts a robust associative engine that empowers users to navigate and analyze data relationships seamlessly. With its advanced data modeling and scripting language, users can effortlessly create intricate data models and perform calculations. Moreover, QlikView's mobile capabilities are unparalleled, offering a highly intuitive and responsive mobile application.
IBM Cognos Analytics
IBM Cognos Analytics is a comprehensive business intelligence tool encompassing functionalities beyond data visualization and analytics. It includes features such as performance management, planning, and budgeting. Its security and governance model is more dynamic and complete, with advanced capabilities like user-level access control and data encryption.
Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio, a tool to help marketers analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, visualizes different data from different sources.

Unleash the power of data with real-time analytics in Google Cloud to make informed decisions.
Benefits Of Using Power BI In Your Business
Integrates seamlessly with existing applications:
The Power BI tool smoothly integrates with your current business setup, enabling you to incorporate reporting and analytics features with ease. Microsoft Azure experts can also support utilizing this user-friendly tool to integrate interactive visuals in your applications seamlessly.
Publish reports securely:
The software facilitates the configuration of automated data updating and the dissemination of reports, enabling all users to access the most up-to-date information.
No memory and speed constraints:
Transferring a current BI system onto a robust cloud platform featuring Power BI embedded eliminates limitations on speed and memory, allowing for swift data retrieval and analysis.
Rich, personalized dashboards:
Power BI's most outstanding feature is its information dashboards, which can be tailored to fit the precise requirements of any business. These dashboards and BI reports can seamlessly integrate into applications, providing a seamless user experience.
No specialized technical support is required:
Power BI enables quick and flexible exploration and data evaluation without the requirement of expert technical assistance. It facilitates the robust use of a conversational language interface and the utilization of user-friendly graphic design tools.
Extracting business intelligence rapidly and accurately:
Transform your business data into visually compelling graphics that reveal valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions based on business intelligence.
Balanced simplicity and performance:
The analysis technology that operates in memory and the scripting language known as DAX exemplify a remarkable equilibrium between efficiency and ease of use.
Supports Advanced Data services :
The integration of advanced cloud services, such as Cognitive Services, Cortana, or Bot framework, can be seamlessly achieved by Microsoft Power BI development teams. It allows for effectively processing verbal data queries in natural language, delivering accurate results.
What is Microsoft Power BI?
Power BI from Microsoft is a versatile and expandable platform that enables self-service and enterprise business intelligence. It allows users to access and interpret data from any data source easily. With Power BI, users can generate custom reports tailored to their unique KPIs and brand, and they can also receive fast and accurate answers to their business inquiries, even when using conversational language. Users can maximize the value of their technology and data by utilizing Power BI with Azure and Office. Since Power BI is interoperable with the Microsoft technology that users are already familiar with, they can make the most of their data. Power BI offers a vast library of over 500 free connectors that enable users to connect directly to various on-premises and cloud data sources such as Dynamics 365, Azure SQL Database, Salesforce, Excel, and SharePoint.
When should you use Power BI services?
If you find yourself lacking internal resources or expertise in Power BI, consider seeking the assistance of a consulting and implementation company that specializes in Power BI. By doing so, you can benefit from their comprehensive Microsoft Power BI services, such as consulting, integration, and development, as well as post-installation support and troubleshooting.
What are the services in Power BI?
Power BI is a tool that helps you turn raw data into actionable insights through analysis and visualization. It combines business analytics, data visualization, and industry best practices to support data-driven decision-making. Power BI is built on top of Azure and connects multiple data sources. With Power BI Desktop, you can create reports and visualize data from your dataset. Power BI gateway enables you to access on-premise data sources for continuous reporting and analytics. The cloud-based Microsoft Power BI services facilitate publishing Power BI reports and data visualizations.
What does a Power BI consultant do?
A Power BI consultant is an expert in Microsoft Power BI business analytics. As a tool, CHUDOVO delivers guidance and solutions for all aspects of Power BI, enabling organizations to analyze, visualize, and share data insights. Their team of experienced Power BI consultants offers various services, including determining implementation requirements, assisting with implementation and development, configuring and upgrading Power BI, creating data models and dashboards, training staff on effectively using the solutions, and troubleshooting and debugging. As a trusted Microsoft partner, CHUDOVO has dozens of consultants available 24/7 to provide expert Power BI consulting services. To access their Microsoft Power BI services, contact CHUDOVO.
What are the components of Power BI?
Power BI consists of three primary elements, each designed to fulfill a distinct objective.

Power BI Desktop: The Power BI Desktop is Power BI's authoring tool, utilized by report designers to access, transform, and model data, generate measures, and craft data visualizations. This software can be downloaded for free and is compatible with Windows operating systems.

Power BI Service: The Power BI Service ( is a cloud-based hub that serves as the core of the Power BI solution. It allows users to access and interact with their reports, create dashboards, and utilize self-service tools to generate new visualizations. One of its key features is the ability for users to collaborate on reports and dashboards by sharing insights with colleagues.

Power BI Mobile: The Power BI Mobile feature empowers users to use portable devices such as tablets or smartphones to engage with their released reports. It facilitates access to accounts instantly and from anywhere, anytime, using a downloadable application. Data alerts can be personalized, and real-time data updates can be obtained. Power BI Mobile is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android gadgets.
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