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What Is Offshore Software Development and Why Is It Important?

Given the industry's growth, offshoring software development is a beneficial business move. With offshoring, you can outsource various tasks – from coding to custom development, software support and maintenance, mobile application development, and website design and development – freeing yourself from the challenge of finding and employing skilled personnel. It will help you reduce development time and speed up time-to-market while ensuring you quickly get the best quality software.

Transferring a project (fully or partially) to a third-party software development vendor is known as offshore development.

Working with a software development vendor rather than a freelancer may be more beneficial when outsourcing the building process. A freelancer may be knowledgeable in one field or several (for example, mobile or web development). However, creating a mobile app requires at least a designer, QA engineer, and software developer.

An IT vendor offering cooperation on three types of outsourcing services delivery - onshore, nearshore, and offshore - is available.

Why Offshore Software Development with CHUDOVO?

We can provide you with a tailored service whether you require assistance constructing your development skills from the ground up or would like our specialists to offer advice on enhancing your current offering.

  • Maximize Core IT Skills - Cut Cost of App Creation

  • Achieve Rapid Returns

  • Mitigate Business Hazards

  • Tap into Leading Development Provider's Knowledge

  • Acquire Swift ROI

  • Gain Full Command

  • Allocate Dedicated Progress Crew

  • Integrate Established IT Framework

  • Bring Talent to the Forefront

  • Adaptable Costing

  • Accelerate Product Release Velocity
Software development service models: Which one to choose?
The three service models vary in terms of the geographical perspective of the client and the software development services provider. Each offers distinct benefits for IT organizations.
Onshore software development
With onshore development, you can access tech experts in your country without hiring and managing them internally. It offers the convenience of finding the right technology partners close to home.

A time discrepancy exists only if a software development team operates in a separate area or coast. Nevertheless, expenses for development are more expensive when compared to nearshore or offshore software development due to both partners having an equal or similar cost of living.
Offshore software development
Offshore development services refer to partnering with a team from a foreign country. It provides an opportunity to access the international technology talent pool and the ability to increase or decrease your team's size quickly.

Offshore software development connects clients and providers in distant locations. The IT outsourcing market in this scenario provides cost-savings due to the lower cost of living in the area, yet monitoring the software development teams is more challenging since time zones may need to align. Despite this, offshore software development offers some advantages.
Nearshore IT outsourcing
Nearshore outsourcing involves outsourcing development to a company located in a neighboring country. It allows access to a broader range of skilled professionals than what can be attained onshore.

Nearshore IT outsourcing is a process whereby organizations collaborate with software development companies in countries with similar time zones, allowing real-time communication and collaboration due to the minimal time difference.
Seeking a software development partner offshore to bolster your team with exceptional talent?
Find the perfect answer for you. We aim to construct a specialized development squad in an offshore development hub to enable you to grow more rapidly.
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Offshore development model
Offshore software development provides a cost-effective, low-risk way to expand your business. It helps ambitious companies like yours progress quicker and more efficiently. Our three options emphasize collaboration and suppleness, giving you assurance and delivering value.

Chudovo provides you with a custom-built offshore team comprised of the most talented personnel and handles the operations so you can devote more energy to developing your business. Your dedicated Account Manager is here to assist you with team management and project delivery, ensuring your success.
Team Extension
• Avoid resource bottlenecks

• Scale your existing team

• Low-risk, low-cost
Dedicated Team
• Agile team creation

• Integrate with your culture

• Flex month-to-month
• Located in Europe

• Ideal for larger teams

• Fully branded with your logo
When to Hire Offshore Developers
In many cases, offshoring is the optimal choice. We provide a tailored offshore model, utilizing the most suitable tech stack for your needs. You no longer have to worry about lengthy onboarding times; our engineers are already familiar with the tech stack and eager to get started.
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    Lack of Tech Talent
    Finding talented developers on a global scale is challenging. Seeing local engineers willing to work with an in-house team makes it difficult. Businesses may need help to engage a full-time, highly skilled developer in their vicinity, so they choose to partner with offshore software development companies.
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    Specialized Roles
    Projects may need specialized technical roles or temporary positions that could be more appealing to skilled developers. It could be a requirement for a project manager or a quality assurance engineer or for roles in a custom software development team.
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    Complex Projects
    Confronting a demanding project necessitates a great deal of understanding and technical proficiency. These are necessary to avoid issues and incur downtime. Offshore software development corporations can assist with intricate tech stacks and complex development procedures.
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    Tight Deadlines
    Maximizing productivity and achieving success can be made more accessible by leveraging offshore developers. By taking advantage of their services, you can rapidly transform your ideas into reality and scale up your capacity as needed. You can hire a dedicated project manager to oversee the software development process or entrust the entire project to a software development company for a shorter time frame and increased efficiency.
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    Support & Consulting
    Even if you don't require outsourcing for a particular software endeavor, you can still benefit from the expertise of software development companies. These firms provide consulting and assistance for current or stalled projects. One of the advantages of offshore software services is their familiarity with dealing with foreign businesses and the regulations overseeing IT services and operations.
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    Partnering with an offshore development company can drastically reduce the expense of hiring in-house personnel while providing comparable or superior advantages. Ultimately, development expenses are notably lower, yet the procedures remain high quality.

Offshore software development: Best practices

Choose the most suitable engagement model
Three main models are fixed price, time and material, and dedicated team. Fixed price is ideal for smaller projects with clear expectations. Time and material are suitable for small to mid-sized projects with undefined parameters. A dedicated team is perfect for large-scale, long-term projects with varying needs.
Select vendors with an established employer brand
When searching for a potential tech partner in an offshore location, it is crucial to ensure that the company is invested in its employees, provides opportunities for professional development, and actively supports the IT community in the area. Companies with a well-established reputation in the IT sector and a strong employer brand are more likely to attract and retain top tech talent quickly for your project.
Prioritize the security aspect
When selecting an offshore software development partner, it is essential to consider security first. Ensure that the company complies with international security standards, as companies handle many users' and financial data that must be securely collected, processed, and stored.
Sign a win-win contract
Discuss essential topics with your offshore software development partner, such as intellectual property rights, confidentiality, notice periods, non-solicitation terms, data protection, regulation compliance, liability, etc. Consult with your legal team and negotiate every point carefully to prevent any contract gaps before signing the agreement.
Arrange effective communication
Effective communication is an essential part of offshore development services. Establishing clear communication rules with your team to reduce potential misunderstandings and create a productive working environment is vital. Key steps in achieving this goal are unifying coding practices, specifying communication pathways, and encouraging knowledge exchange.
Prepare an effective knowledge transfer plan
Sharing and documenting knowledge is essential to ensure that it is recovered. For successful knowledge transfer, it is crucial to start by sharing relevant information before the project begins, such as the context, business logic, and expectations. During the project, it is also necessary to document the knowledge that has been accumulated.
Why Is Offshore Software Development Beneficial?
The advantages of employing an offshore software development firm are varied and wide-reaching. Utilizing the services of a reputable outsourcing software development company can open up numerous possibilities.

The advantages of offshore software development teams include cost savings, access to specialized skills, and increased efficiency.
Access to Top Tech Talent
Talent in the IT sector is a highly sought-after and limited resource. To gain a competitive edge, the best software development companies will source the most talented developers and make the most of their expertise to enhance your projects. The IT outsourcing market boasts some of the most accomplished personnel in the industry.
Optimized Workloads
Outsourcing allows your business to offload development and quality assurance, freeing time and resources to focus on your core operations. You can rest assured by handing over these tasks, knowing your projects are in safe hands.
Industry Expertise
Offshore software development companies with years of industry experience are renowned for their expert teams, tech stack, and ability to deliver successful projects - from web apps to mobile programs. This level of knowledge and expertise can transform the course of any project.
Minimal Risks
An experienced offshore software development team can help reduce potential risks associated with your project. Your offshore software development company can apply best practices to maximize flexibility and minimize downtime.
Faster Launch Times
The finest offshore development firms will devise tailored software solutions for your business and aggregate top-tier teams to meet project objectives promptly, amplifying the capabilities of your internal personnel.
High-Quality Products
The advantages already discussed make it apparent that seeking out a suitable offshore software development firm to create your desired software product is both cost-effective and results in a high-quality product - for web development or product design. However, it is vital always to vet references and investigate previous projects.
Reduces the cost
Many companies reduce their salary costs by opting for offshore development center services. Managing an in-house team with the latest technologies can be challenging when paying high salaries. Offshoring can be beneficial, as it requires no time spent recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.
More Opportunities for Business Growth
Offshore software development offers unrestricted access to a different firm's resources and experienced personnel, providing your business with new growth opportunities, capturing new markets, and amplifying reach.
Our Industry-Based Software Expertise
Our passionate software development team is available 24/7 to provide tailored, unique technological solutions for your industry and business banking needs.
Software Development For Banks

Our team of experienced custom software developers offers advanced software solutions that modernize your core setting and automate financial processes to meet the technical requirements of the banking sector.

Banks can benefit from our financial software development services to help rationalize their processes and realize increased profitability through technology. In the current dynamic global economy, banks must be equipped to address efficiency, customer experience, and compliance matters. We offer the opportunity to modernize aging systems, reduce technical debt, and advance data management.

Healthcare Management Software Development

Modern hospital management focuses on optimizing processes, increasing revenue, and eliminating obstacles that impede achieving an ideal workflow.

Our ten years of expertise in healthcare software development have enabled us to deliver superior customer services for doctors, patients, technicians, nurses, and other stakeholders. We design programs to meet their unique needs.

Software Development For Retailers

Differentiate your company in the competitive market with our retail software services. Invest in crucial growth-enabling technologies and new digital capabilities like AI segmentation, behavioral analytics, and indoor positioning to boost your digital business strategy.

Providing a customer-centric shopping experience, we employ cutting-edge retail technologies to satisfy all our client’s needs, including those related to retail banking and other software.

Telecommunications Software Development

Chudovo assists telecom firms in transitioning antiquated infrastructure to meet dynamic market demands, enhancing their services with competitive value, and creating new income opportunities.

Our custom software development services help you manage electronic data transmission in a cutting-edge way. We collaborate with your business to enhance your software-driven network services and automate internal processes.

Insurance Software Development

Our custom software application developers are highly skilled and equipped to provide successful insurance automation solutions, which will help your business grow and increase efficiency in marketing, sales, and customer service.

Exploring the option of an offshore software development center can broaden the company’s capabilities.

Chudovo’s functionalities enable teams from all areas of your business – from sales and underwriting to claims and back-office – to manage processes, access data insights about critical metrics, and create custom portals for team members.

How to hire a web developer with Chudovo?
After assessing your project needs, we have skilled and experienced web developers ready to help you build your offshore development team. Contact us now to get started.
What Does an Offshore Developer Do?
Offshore developers can provide a unique blend of technical and soft skills and extensive experience to tackle various aspects like constructing, executing, maintaining, and assessing your technical projects. Working from a remote area, these professionals form a comprehensive offshore development team, bringing a new outlook and a varied skill set that can offer fresh ideas and alternate ways to approach your projects. Such a setup often proves advantageous because the offshore development team members will likely come from different countries, sparking creativity and new solutions to generate superior quality work.
Why is offshore development becoming popular so quickly?
Offshore development services are increasing in popularity due for two main reasons. Firstly, clients can reduce expenses without compromising project quality by utilizing offshoring. Secondly, there is a shortage of IT professionals in Western Europe and the US, whereas Eastern Europe has a surplus of highly skilled software professionals.
Are big or small projects better for offshore development?
Offshore software development services can be employed for projects of any size, but the approach may vary. Businesses can save money and time for smaller programming tasks by outsourcing them to an offshore team. It avoids the need to hire in-house experts with the necessary skills for each project. With more substantial projects, even greater profits can be made by dedicating an offshore development team to the job. It can be managed long-term as if they were your staff.
How can I handle security confidentiality with the offshore team?
Signing an NDA before the initial call with the team can guarantee that your concept remains confidential. Additionally, a contract can be put in place to protect your intellectual property rights and source code once the project has been completed.
How can I monitor the project progress with the offshore team?
The development team can create a collaborative platform with shared access, allowing you to monitor the progress. Regular meetings can then be organized to keep the project updated.