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Smart Future. Young Dev Team has Finished 4th School Year and Started a New Course

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Believing in the same, we at Chudovo assisted young minds in gaining new insights into technology. Our young Dev team has already finished the 4th school year. Their training at the 4th stage included the fundamental front-end development lessons in line with the latest trends in IT.

The young Dev team provided the knowledge of powerful programming languages and scripting in the 4th school year. Chudovo, a leading IT company, feels glad to support IT education and contribute to a better and brighter tomorrow.

The Young Chudovo Team Continues to Receive IT Knowledge

The young children continued to learn in the front-end development and master Unity Game dev concepts. Most of them included children from needy families who were enthusiastic about expanding their IT knowledge but were financially deprived. Nevertheless, some of them already had an excellent grip on the basics of software technologies.

Smart Kids #3

Chudovo aims to help needy kids have a bright career. As the team showcased their excitement and potential in a more than expected form, we were full of beans to make them grasp IT education to boost their potential.

To complete the educational venture, we would like to show our gratitude to Smart Future Charitable School for presenting financial aid. Because of this great support, Found successfully managed to provide education to 10 needy children, including orphans, children with disabilities, and children from large families.

Class Schedule

We successfully managed to provide education to 10 needy children, that Charitable School organized. Starting from 13 March 2019, we ranked 13 classes, five held remotely due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Generally, we used to have the classes every Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00.

To ensure more efficiency, we had delegated a team of staff with some responsibilities. For instance, Mr. Olga, who teaches Cobra, was responsible for educating children about front-end development. In addition, there was another class for Unity Game Dev which Ms. Nikita took. These classes were held at Kyiv, Street Holosiivska, 17, BC “Morion,” 8th floor.

The Studying of Modern IT Technologies

In the 4th school year, the team became aware of the fundamentals of front-end development and Unity Game Dev under the guidance of professional educators.

Study Of Front End Development

Children ranging to the age group of 11 to 16 years were taught the ins and outs of front-end development, which covered the basics of various programming languages and concepts of web page development. In addition, the course aimed to educate children on how to create their web pages. There were more than 24 projects, for which 28 hours were passed. The level of the course was average.

Smart Kids #5

After gaining knowledge about several web page development technologies, children could create designs for their web pages. In addition, children took delight in the top trending markup language – HTML, style sheet language – CSS, and JavaScript basics for creating dynamic web pages.

HTML, the standard markup language, was taught to help kids learn web development and how a website or web page is created. As it is easy to grasp by technical enthusiasts, all younger kids had a great time learning HTML. Besides, the young team also tried their hand in enhancing the visuals/layouts of the website via their skills in CSS.

The IT education comprised real-world knowledge based on various topics. For example, in the course’ Front-end development’, children took delight in the advanced learning in context to HTML (HyperText Markup Language). Besides, the grasp of the basics of HTML 5 was also provided to the team. As a result, they became proficient in creating HTML documents.

Children were also taught how to create URLs for the web page. Furthermore, as we believe that the CSS and HTML’s idea also helps bring robustness in web development, we ensured a comprehensive education regarding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). In this, they were made acquainted with the definition and application of the style. As a result, most of them gained a significant hand in developing a built-in style and external style sheet for the web pages.

As a part of creating an attractive web page, the young team worked on selectors, colors, backgrounds, and various gradients. They learned to make horizontal lines, moving lines, formatting characters, and words. They quickly adapted to the paragraph formatting, headlines, built-in frames, and creation of lists, links, tables, blocks, forms. Working with pictures was also part of the project.

Basics of JavaScript, the popular programming language, are also included in the later projects. This lets them be mindful of layout, data types, and operators. In addition, they learned to deal with comparison operators, logical values, user interaction, and condition operators. Additionally, the functional programming included switching & building a case, checking validation hosting, and placing the sites on the internet.

Study Of Unity Game Dev

Under the guidance of an IT company, the team was presented with education on Unity Game Dev. The objective of the course is to help students become well-versed with the C# language and master the Unity Platform to create their games. The language is a little complex to learn compared to HTML and CSS, but most children successfully proved their proficiency by having a great hold of the concepts. Another purpose of the course was to create game logic, graphics, and animation.

Unity Game Dev was an average-level course meant for all children in the team. The total number of hours consumed in the projects was 32. Before making them head to the tasks that lay under the course, we introduced them to Unity, C# language. They were also made familiar with the interface.

The support to IT education was also extended to real-world gaming topics, including game cycle, game time, and music. As a result, they have first-hand knowledge of variables, data types, arrays, loops. They were also made aware of the importance of working with assets on the stage. This helps make children competitive in the area of game development.

The young children got familiar with the interface. Apart from the basics concepts about movement and rotation, they were taught to work with character settings, strip obstacles, and animation. During the initial course of the project, they became familiar with the physical engine. We also planned to make their skills well-versed by presenting the enlightenment to camera settings, creating levels, data entry, sound stages, and restart of mechanics.

Working with textures and materials is a standard need for Unity Game Dev. Therefore, the command to prepare platformer and space invaders was also offered to the young team during the advance period of the course.

Most of them in the group have already tried working with the technologies and features of web page development, and Unity Game Dev mentioned above. So by the end of the schooling, we bet they all will be ready to be a master in the development.

New Challenges for 2021-2022 School Year

Until the new school year began, the classes resumed, but the young dev team continued to receive IT education classes via virtual courses. We have already set a new schedule and a new program to help the team turn their IT skills top-notch by the end of the session.

We feel proud to help developing minds learn the concept of front-end development and Unity Game Dev in the 4th school year. Now, we are looking forward to a new school year with some new goals to accomplish. Let’s hope the kids continue to strive in a development field with excellence, today and always.

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