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Young dev team has finished school year and starts a new one

Young dev team has finished school year and starts a new one

Chudovo continues to support children’s education in IT area. Already in September starts a new academic year for young talents. An educational program takes into account all latest IT trends and covers a wide range of different disciplines needed for children in their future professional life.

Our young team has successfully finished a 2018/2019 school year. During 9 month boys and girls attended various courses, that expanded and strengthened knowledge in the IT field.

The basics of robotics and programming with Arduino. During the school year children worked with electronics, made their own circuits, learned how to connect different elements correctly and to work with Funduino card. They got knowledge about resistors, relays, potentiometers, LEDs, joysticks, TFT displays, optical sensors, reed switches, water level sensors, coolers, RGB displays, infrared receivers, buttons, piezoelectronics, photoresistors, servo motors, etc. Children during the course have composed, connected robots, arms, machines. Arduino IDE was used for programming. The code was written using the syntax of C++ language. Young team studied the basic commands of Arduino, learned how to combine electronics that will allow children to assemble and program circuits at home.

Programming fundamentals in the object-oriented language C#. The children got acquainted with the real world of programming. They learned object-oriented language C# (.NET platform). This language has static typing and is difficult enough to study, but students successfully coped with it. Young team was proficient in Visual Studio 2019, created various projects in the Console Application, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

Creation of 3D-games in Unity. Children worked in the Unity3D cross-platform computer game development environment. They not only designed and created 3D models, but also wrote code (C# language), creating animation models. Young team got acquainted with the main engine systems: animation, working with UI, sound, asset store, creating scripts, event system, Canvas, UI elements, layout etc. The students really enjoyed working under the guidance of professional teachers in Unity3D, combining programming and design.

During the school year children also attended other interesting courses such as internet security, graphic design basics, logic. All students created a number of their own projects, defended them, gained experience in public speaking, teamwork and knowledge.

Summarizing the results of previous school year we can say for sure 2019/2020 prepares for young Chudovo team a lot of interesting disciplines and courses that will give fundamental base for future children’s development in IT area.

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