Karl Gorman
Support Ukraine

Chudovo continues to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Six months have passed since the beginning of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine. During this time, the people of Ukraine had to suffer a lot from barbaric rocket launches on peaceful neighbourhoods and massive artillery shelling to outright war crimes and the use of scorched earth tactics.

Nevertheless, all this time the Ukrainians have shown that they know how to fight for their land and were able to slow down and stop the offensive of the enemy. In defence of Ukraine, not only those who directly fight at the front but also volunteers, civilians and businesses are taking part. Companies have found themselves in unprecedented difficult conditions, but continue to work to pay taxes, and at the same time provide direct support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the form of purchasing much-needed equipment, uniforms and other ammunition, or transferring funds for the needs of the army.

We in Chudovo also continue to seek every opportunity to help the defenders of Ukraine. Chudovo recently took part in campaigns to support the combat formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the framework of which it was purchased:

  • Vehicle for operational needs of the 24th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Equipment, binoculars, tactical backpacks for special operations forces
  • Drones for the 92nd Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The company also continues to regularly contribute financially to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We call on all who have the opportunity to continue supporting Ukraine and its armed forces. This will help save lives and stop the war!

Support Ukraine