CRM Software Development

Drawing on nearly two decades of expertise in CRM development, Chudovo delivers bespoke CRM software solutions that enhance customer interactions and foster better relationships. Our team can either develop a fully customized CRM platform that caters to your unique needs or customize an existing one to align with your requirements.
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What Is CRM Software Development

As an invaluable tool for enterprises, personalized CRM development empowers them to handle and automate customer interactions. By simplifying tasks and monitoring customer information, CRM systems minimize the time and resources required for customer interactions while enhancing sales cycles and recognizing opportunities for upselling.

CHUDOVO supports multinational corporations in creating, transferring, and embracing bespoke CRM solutions. Companies can leverage customer data, boost retention rates, and enhance internal communication with just one platform.

Why Choose CHUDOVO for CRM Development

The core of our approach is to understand our client's business strategy and align it with a practical and customized CRM solution:

  • complete transparency throughout the process
  • flexible approach and cooperative
  • adopting agile and stable operations
  • experienced CRM developers
  • excellent code quality
Do you require CRM custom features development and integration assistance? Our development experts boast almost a decade of experience providing customized CRM solutions tailored to each client's needs.
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Custom CRM Development Services
CHUDOVO is a CRM development company that offers comprehensive solutions for managing clients. The company is committed to providing top-tier services that create tangible business benefits.
Custom CRM Solutions Development
Our company's proficient team specialized in CRM development can craft bespoke software tailored to your unique CRM configuration and layout. By automating routine business procedures, our CRM developers can enhance the efficiency of sales, marketing, and customer service operations.
CRM Customization
We specialize in crafting custom CRM systems encompassing all the vital components of enterprise-level CRM software. Our platforms support businesses in achieving their customer retention targets while improving sales performance. Our CRM development squad utilizes cutting-edge technologies to create tailored CRM software solutions that significantly reduce turnaround time.
CRM Mobile App Development
Our team of developers specializes in creating custom mobile CRM applications that provide users with various functions, including calendar management, email creation, checking, account updates, video conferencing, dashboard and report viewing, and other valuable features. These capabilities enable businesses to streamline their sales processes and improve customer support, leading to faster deal closures and more efficient operations.
CRM Applications Development
Our skilled technical professionals utilize cutting-edge technologies and programming languages to create custom CRM applications that are abundant in features and specifically customized to meet your unique business requirements. Our expertise is crafting exceptional CRM applications for various web, desktop, and mobile platforms.
CRM Business Analysis and Consulting
Our company offers a complete range of CRM development services that involve a detailed analysis of your industry and business needs. Our team carefully studies your business objectives and workflow to identify the most suitable custom CRM development features that can deliver outstanding results. Our primary goal is to optimize the benefits of your CRM development. To design your organization's most effective CRM framework, we conduct an in-depth analysis of several factors, including your business processes, customer base, demand patterns, industry type, and other relevant details.
Data Migration
Our company specializes in developing custom CRM solutions that facilitate your data's secure and swift migration if you switch to a new CRM software. We provide top-notch CRM development services that guarantee a seamless transfer of your data from your current CRM to the new one without affecting your business efficiency negatively. We help you transport your data safely, irrespective of the system you use to collect it, including Excel and other similar tools.
Cloud-Based CRM Development
Our team creates CRM solutions that operate on the cloud and provides effortless installation of cloud-based CRM systems. It allows uninterrupted access to vital customer information from the workplace and remote areas, ensuring you always stay connected with your clients.
CRM Designing
We recognize the significance of crafting a visually attractive and user-centric customer relationship management platform. Our team of designers places great emphasis on these elements from start to finish during the design phase.
CRM Integration
Our proficient CRM development team guarantees a secure integration of internal and external systems with your CRM, resulting in an uninterrupted and safeguarded flow of information. Integrating all your systems, from data collection to analysis and forecasting, your team becomes more productive in managing data via automated processes.
How we build CRM solutions
At CHUDOVO, our approach to developing CRM software follows a customized development cycle. By adhering to standardized practices and workflows, our team can produce top-notch CRM solutions in less time, ultimately reducing client expenses in custom software development.
Maintenance and support
Our approach to product development includes a discovery session that gathers comprehensive information about the potential product. We begin by exploring the subject idea and identifying the target audience's pain points. It helps us create a list of features to address those pain points through a CRM solution. Our system architects also identify potential bottlenecks and suggest the most suitable ways to fix them. They also offer a preferred technology stack for this type of project. This approach allows businesses to validate their idea before building a fully-fledged software product, reducing the risks associated with bespoke software development.

As part of the process, we also create:

• product vision,

• project roadmap,

• backlog,

• design prototype,

• user flow,

• project architecture.

It ensures that we comprehensively understand the project and can deliver a successful product that meets the target audience's needs.
Our primary focus is creating UI/UX designs that provide companies with a clear overview of their customers through a sound CRM system. To achieve this, we specify the CRM goals, system requirements, and primary features before our designers create wireframes. These wireframes are sketches without colors or logos that display the location of the elements on web pages and their interconnection. The wireframes are then transformed into clickable prototypes and tested on real users. Upon approval by the client, our UI/UX team begins working on the final UI design.

Our design process includes the following:

• estimating the design,

• creating UX flow,

• developing mockups,

• writing user stories,

• designing the UI,

• creating custom themes and icons.
Our company that develops CRM software upholds the principles of the Agile philosophy, which stresses active collaboration with customers and continuous product improvement. This approach enables us to deliver high-quality products faster while ensuring predictable costs and schedules for our customers. To achieve this, we split the CRM development process into short iterations called sprints, which usually last for two weeks. Each sprint begins with task prioritization, followed by the development team building the predefined features. After functionality is completed, quality assurance engineers test it to ensure it works correctly and has no bugs. Only after fixing all bugs our development team releases the code to production.
After the development and testing of all features, the custom CRM solution is ready for production release, marking the process's most crucial and thrilling stage. At this point, end-users can finally access your digital product. Additionally, our software developers create release notes, including technical documentation outlining all fixed bugs and major/minor updates.
Maintenance and support
As your business grows, your CRM requirements will also change. To address these changes, our team of CRM developers can integrate new features into your system as per your specifications. In addition, we guarantee to resolve any system malfunctions or bugs that may emerge with time. Lastly, we offer to update or restructure your CRM solution if necessary. You can rely on us to provide comprehensive CRM solutions that cater to your evolving business needs.

Features of a Custom CRM You Can Improve

Boost and optimize the lead processing journey by integrating real-time AI assistance. Enhance transparency across the complete sales pipeline and enable your sales team to manage their daily activities with ease and effectively.
Pricing and billing
Manage your pricing information effectively by handling multiple price books, seasonal discounts, and multi-tier pricing. Simplify your workflow by automating the generation of quotes and invoices.
Customer data management
Collect, retain, and administer all customer-associated information in an isolated, consolidated location. By accumulating a comprehensive perspective of customer engagements and endeavors, entities can ameliorate customer involvement and heighten customer encounters.
Lead capture
Connect your CRM to all your lead generation sources and skip manual lead registration to save time. Precisely gathering customer data offers significant insights for companies to identify the behavior of each customer group and their current position in the customer lifecycle.
Gathering information to conduct customer segmentation promotes the creation of more focused marketing initiatives and enables businesses to comprehend their clientele's requirements better. Seamlessly manage personalized campaigns activated by events on multiple marketing and advertising platforms.
Mobile EHR/EMR Development
Our expertise is in creating healthcare software for mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and wearables. Our skilled team specializes in building native EHR applications for both Android and iOS platforms using Java/Kotlin and Objective-C/Swift, respectively. Furthermore, we also develop cross-platform solutions along with web-based applications.
Email and apps integrations
Elevate your CRM capabilities by integrating it with your preferred email channels like MS Outlook or Gmail. This synchronization allows you to track emails, contacts, calendars, and more from desktop and mobile platforms, making your CRM platform even more powerful. Integrating your ERP, financial software such as bookkeeping, and other tools can enhance productivity.
Customer service
Effectively oversee your contact center operations by incorporating multi-channel case acquisition, automated case distribution based on rules, and facilitating immediate agent access to a comprehensive knowledge repository.
Customer self-service and feedback
This platform aims to offer customers tailor-made CRM software solutions that address common challenges effortlessly. The goal is to ease the workload of your customer service team. Conducting surveys to gather feedback and promptly analyzing customer sentiment in real time is also possible through this platform.
Partners tracking
Assemble and handle data regarding your associates. Enhance client interactions by maintaining records of significant particulars, including the timing, reason, location, and manner of arising problems. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to oversee the progress and resolution of issues, offering valuable knowledge that can increase your business's efficiency.
Order fulfillment
Assist in fulfilling orders through different scenarios, enhance delivery by intelligently assigning inventory to several locations, and effectively handle returned orders.
Our goal is to help you pinpoint opportunities for improvement and enable informed decision-making by utilizing easily accessible data records.
Eight ways CRM can benefit your business
CRM software can deliver a wide range of advantages to your company and can be utilized in various ways. There are eight significant benefits that you can derive from implementing a CRM solution.
Better customer service
The primary purpose of modern CRM software is to enhance the relationship between businesses and customers, which remains its most significant advantage. In addition to its many functions, CRM tools help manage all customer contacts and gather critical information such as purchasing history, demographics, and past interactions across various platforms. This information is readily available to anyone in the company, enabling them to offer a more personalized customer experience that ultimately increases customer satisfaction. With all the necessary details at their disposal, employees can provide a better customer experience, leading to an overall positive impact on customer satisfaction.
Detailed analytics
More than having much data about your customers is required; you must comprehend its significance and know how to utilize it effectively. CRM software comes with built-in analytical features that help to contextualize data, categorizing it into actionable items and simple-to-understand metrics. With metrics like click-through rates, bounce rates, and demographic data, you can assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and optimize it accordingly.
Centralized database of information
CRM software excels in creating a single database that contains all the information related to your customers. This information is readily available to every employee of your company who requires it. Thanks to this centralized database, sales representatives can quickly identify the products a customer is interested in. The CRM also stores records of previous customer interactions, which can be valuable in tailoring future marketing efforts and sales pitches. With such a database, employees no longer waste time searching through old files and records. It streamlines the process and ensures customers a more productive and satisfying experience.
Improved customer segmentation
A long list of contacts can be challenging to manage and need clarification. Identifying which customers are interested in receiving your email about your new in-store product can take time and effort. Using a CRM system, your contact lists can be automatically divided into segments based on your specific criteria, making locating the right ones to contact at any given time effortless. You can sort your contacts by age, gender, location, buyer stage, etc. With automation, marketers can gain a more insightful understanding of their customers, resulting in more meaningful interactions when they do interact.
Improved customer retention
After securing and converting leads, retaining them as loyal customers is crucial. Losing customers frequently can negatively affect your business, such as reduced revenue and interrupted cash flow. Therefore, utilizing the CRM and its insights about your customers can help encourage repeat business. The CRM comes equipped with sentiment analysis, automated ticketing, customer support automation, and user behavior tracking features that can assist in identifying and resolving issues promptly with your customers.
Increased sales
Utilizing a CRM solution can simplify your sales process, construct a sales funnel, automate crucial duties, and evaluate your sales data in one consolidated location, enhancing sales and efficiency. A CRM empowers you to create a systematic sales process that your staff can depend on consistently and that you can effortlessly adjust whenever complications arise.
Automated sales reports
As a writing assistant, I can rephrase the content provided while maintaining the original meaning. Here's my attempt: By utilizing the dashboard and reporting features of the CRM software, your team can effortlessly gather and arrange data concerning both potential and existing clients. It enables employees to streamline and oversee their pipelines and procedures. Moreover, the CRM also facilitates team members to assess their performances, monitor their targets and objectives, and quickly review their project advancements.
More accurate sales forecasting
As a business owner, it's crucial to analyze your previous performance and devise a strategic plan for the future. By leveraging the sales reports generated by your CRM software, you can pinpoint significant patterns and foresee your future sales cycle's performance while adapting your objectives and metrics to align with those forecasts.
CHUDOVO industry expertise
CHUDOVO boasts extensive experience in creating bespoke CRM solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses, be they small or large enterprises.

For instance, the retail industry can leverage the power of CRM to analyze customer behavior and identify trends that can accelerate sales growth and enhance competitiveness. With CRM, businesses can store crucial information, such as recent purchases and business cards, in a centralized database.


For e-commerce companies, CRM enables them to monitor online sales, inventory levels, and marketing campaigns from a single platform, thus streamlining their operations and boosting growth.


Education institutions can leverage custom CRM software to manage prospective, current, and graduate students, automate workflows, and enhance enrollment rates and student satisfaction.

Travel and tourism

CRM systems can help maintain strong relationships with travelers, tour operators, hotels, and activity managers in the travel and tourism sector, thus improving collaboration and customer service.


Similarly, logistics companies can streamline their workflows by connecting their ERP data, warehouse, and transportation systems into a single solution powered by CRM.


Consulting firms can enhance their operational efficiency by investing in CRM development, which enables them to offer personalized consulting services to their customers.


In the fintech industry, CRM allows financial institutions to consolidate all their financial channels and bolsters transactional processes while identifying and engaging high-value customers with targeted offerings.


Custom CRM software solutions for healthcare providers help optimize resource distribution, enhance security posture, and attract new patients.


Insurance companies can leverage CRM to manage leads and claims, automate assignments, and oversee multiple policies from a single system.


Finally, manufacturers can make informed supply chain decisions and forecast sales growth by leveraging a unified customer data landscape.

What is CRM Development, and what is the point of using it?
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software development involves designing programs that enable businesses to handle customer relationships effectively. The primary objective of CRM development is to develop a comprehensive system capable of monitoring and managing every customer interaction, from the first point of contact to the follow-up after purchase. Creating a database with all customer information is the central purpose of CRM, which businesses can leverage to enhance their sales, marketing, and customer support services.
How does CRM work?
CRM software is designed to collect and organize customer data, including their contact details, buying behavior, and preferences. This valuable information can be leveraged to create targeted marketing strategies, personalize sales pitches, and address customer service concerns. Moreover, CRM tools usually contain helpful features like task management, document sharing, and contact organization.
Why is it worth having a personalized CRM?
In the current competitive business world, developing a reliable CRM system is crucial for any organization that wants to thrive. Companies can establish sturdy connections that foster loyalty and recurrent transactions by comprehending customers' requirements and designing a system that caters to those demands.
What technology do CRM Developers use?
The development team may opt for either PHP or CSS to design web-based CRM applications per the project requirements. Alternatively, they might also choose to use Java or Python for building CRM software that can be installed on a system. Moreover, database management systems like MySQL or Oracle are frequently employed by CRM developers to store and maintain customer data.
Can you upgrade an existing CRM?
CRM development services often cannot collaborate with pre-existing software for various reasons, including potential legal issues and the intricacy of dealing with another's code. There may be some exceptions to open-source CRMs, but the process can be ineffective and lead to numerous complications during the CRM software development phase. However, there is some good news. All of the features and tools from the current software can be enhanced and incorporated into a customized version. It means that not only will the fundamental principles of the software remain the same, but the performance and ease of use will also improve.
How much time will it take to build a custom CRM?
Every custom CRM solution differs, so there is yet to be a definitive answer to this question. Nevertheless, drawing from our expertise, our team can develop essential customer relationship management software within 1-3 months. A more intricate project, however, may take 4-7 months. Lastly, should you desire a CRM solution with the most exceptional and advanced features, you should anticipate your product to be finished in eight months or more.
How could a CRM help grow your business?
There are numerous methods by which CRM systems can aid in expanding your business. The initial one is the effortless engagement with your potential customers. Utilizing a CRM solution, your sales force can effortlessly monitor each phase of the customer's experience and revisit a specific prospect with a customized proposal. By preparing more specialized suggestions, sales representatives improve their likelihood of transforming potential customers into clients. Another rationale is customer loyalty. A CRM solution offers automated ticketing and customer service, enabling you to respond to customers' inquiries and resolve their problems quickly.
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