FDP – Bundestagsfraktion CRM



Develop a customer relationship management system from scratch for a German political party, which has been in Bundestag until 2014.

Technologies used

.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, MySQL, Reports, MS SQL, Compact SQL, SSRS, MS Queue, Win-services, Barcode recognition, mass printing


CHUDOVO OÜ provided its client with a reliable CRM system, comprising of a desktop application for party’s staff and web applications for voters. It also had a number of applications for party stuff, such as an autonomous desktop application for taking part in the Events, Online and SMS mailing web applications, management system of sending e-mails and generation of pdf files.

As well as that, it had internal services for sending Online, Offline, SMS campaigns and for system accessibility as part of SOA.

Naturally, the whole CRM was accompanied with both, reliable MS SQL database and a reporting web application.