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Xamarin is one of the most popular cross-platform application development frameworks

With the demand for cross-platform mobile app development solutions on the rise, the number of available tools is likewise increasing. Xamarin is one of the most popular frameworks for creating cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, and other platforms.

Xamarin is the only platform that offers complete API coverage and extensive code-sharing capabilities across iOS, Android, and Windows apps, giving businesses the potential to reach 2.6 billion devices using C#. The Xamarin framework simplifies cross-platform app development, allowing developers to maximize code reuse and address the challenges associated with separate coding languages and UI paradigms.

Launched in 2011, Xamarin gained increased credibility after being acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Businesses can reap the benefits of this robust and reliable platform to quickly and effectively launch their apps on multiple devices.

At Chudovo, our Mobile engineers leverage cross-platform mobile development frameworks to create native-looking applications for multiple platforms, such as Android and iOS, with a single codebase. This streamlined process offers businesses a cost-effective, time-efficient solution for their mobile app development needs.

Xamarin App Development

Xamarin is a robust, enterprise-level, cross-platform application development framework leveraging C# and .NET technologies. This advanced technology allows businesses to create dynamic and productive applications with world-class performance.

  • C# Businesses can benefit from writing their apps in C#, as existing code written in C# can be quickly and easily ported to iOS, Android, and Windows platforms with the help of Xamarin. This streamlined porting process means businesses can save time and money while creating the needed applications.

  • Utilize MVC or MVVVM design patterns. Businesses can develop their application's User Interface using the Model/View/Controller pattern. It allows them to identify which parts of the application require native user interface elements of each platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) and use this as a guideline to split the application into two components: "Core" and "User-Interface." It provides professional developers with a more efficient and effective way of creating user interfaces.

  • Build native UIs. Each OS has its own application that provides a distinct user-interface layer for businesses. On iOS, UIKit APIs offer native-app experiences, and the Xamarin iOS Designer helps create visually appealing UIs. For Android, Android Views help create native-look applications, and Xamarin's UI Designer can help build them. Windows users can create presentation layers with XAML in Visual Studio or Blend's UI Designer, while Mac users will use Storyboards in Xcode. All these tools offer professional user experiences to create engaging applications.
Xamarin App Development Approaches
Two methods of Xamarin App Development exist for mobile business platforms such as Android and iOS: Xamarin. Forms and Xamarin Native.
Xamarin. Forms
Xamarin. Forms
Xamarin.Forms allow developers to attach C# logic to a visual interface designed and shared across multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.
Xamarin Native
Xamarin Native
Alternatively, Xamarin Native allows developers to craft custom applications tailored to individual mobile platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android.
If you are s looking to create a top-tier mobile application using Xamarin, ChuDovo can save you time and help you to achieve the best possible outcome.
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Highlights of Xamarin and Reasons for its Popularity
Xamarin is a leading choice for developers due to its incredible features. Businesses benefit from its powerful capabilities, including cross-platform development, performance optimization, and code-sharing. Xamarin offers robust tools and support to help developers create high-quality, professional-grade applications. With Xamarin, businesses can create efficient, cost-effective solutions that meet their needs.
Works on Single Language
Xamarin provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for creating high-performance mobile apps with a single language – C#. This lets developers quickly port code between iOS and Android platforms, resulting in significant cost savings. Xamarin provides a reliable and efficient way to achieve business goals.
Native app Development Platform
Xamarin is a top-tier native app development platform enabling businesses to craft native mobile applications. With an outstanding native user interface, Xamarin provides comprehensive control and development capabilities for native apps. Utilizing Xamarin, companies can create native apps for customers with the highest quality.
Xamarin offers two distinct products for businesses: Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. Xamarin.iOS is organized with native ARM source code, while Xamarin. Android is first compiled into an intermediate language and then into native assembly code at runtime. Both are reliable and efficient options for businesses needing to build robust, cross-platform applications.
Xamarin Insight
Xamarin Insight provides businesses with thorough app monitoring, enabling them to track crashes and exceptions while ensuring optimal performance.
Cross-Platform App Development
Xamarin enables businesses to create and deploy applications across multiple platforms. It allows Android and iOS app developers to share code, expediting development cycles and saving time and resources.
High security and reliability
Since the project is cross-platform, you want to make sure that your app is secure and reliable. The best way to do that is with end-to-end encryption and authentication.
Native user experience
Xamarin offers an exceptional user experience for businesses, with specific UI elements for Android and iOS apps providing the ultimate user experience. Its powerful and intuitive design ensures companies enjoy a seamless and professional experience.
Allow the same API
Xamarin provides a unified API that businesses can use to develop applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It eliminates the need for creating separate APIs for each forum, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective software development process.
Xamarin. Forms
Xamarin Forms is a specialized product design solution that enables businesses to quickly and easily create prototypes and share code across multiple platforms. Its powerful features allow organizations and developers to build and deploy applications with ease rapidly.
Easy updates and Maintenance
Updating apps across both Android and IOS platforms is quick and easy with a cross-platform application. Any updates will be automatically implemented for both operating systems by making changes to the source file. This ensures businesses have their apps up-to-date with minimal maintenance effort.
Fewer Bugs
Xamarin provides businesses with a powerful app development solution that minimizes the risk of bugs and ensures comprehensive security. Our professional platform ensures your apps are created to the highest standard.
Xamarin Component Store
Xamarin enables businesses to leverage free and paid components, UI controls, cross-platform libraries, and third-party web services for their development projects. With Xamarin, companies can easily create and deploy their applications across multiple platforms, giving them a professional edge.
Our Xamarin App Development Process
Discovery Phase
Mobile App Development & Testing
Product Deployment & Launch
Product Scale-Up
Discovery Phase
Our professional team will review your project specifications, existing concepts, and business product idea alignment to identify potential risks and evaluate the value proposition of the proposed solution. After the analysis, our specialists will create a high-level project roadmap to ensure successful delivery. By partnering with us, businesses can be sure that their project is in good hands. Length: 2-4 weeks
Mobile App Development & Testing
Beginning the project development with an Agile methodology, we can bring flexibility, transparency, and quality to the process. This iterative approach helps us break down the cycle into sprints, allowing us to create your solution in stages. Our Quality Assurance engineers then test the solution thoroughly to guarantee its performance is free from error and stable. We are committed to delivering a professional, high-quality solution to your business. Length: 3+ months
Product Deployment & Launch
To ensure the success of our client's products, we conduct a User Acceptance Phase (UAT). It ensures that the software enables users to complete real-life scenarios. Following this, we move the source code from development to a production environment and conduct the necessary preparations to make the product available to the market, such as server deployment and cloud configuration. We strive to provide professional service that meets the needs of our business clients. Length: 2-4 weeks
Product Scale-Up
Our web app development process is the first step towards success. Our focus is on scale-up and continuous delivery to ensure that your product reaches its full potential. We can help you roll out the product and provide ongoing support to ensure your business grows at the desired pace. Our professional team guarantees that all updates are safely released and that your product is kept up to date.
Benefits of Using Xamarin
Xamarin is the leading cross-platform development tool, boasting a community of one million developers dedicated to improving the software. This powerful software provides businesses with a reliable, professional solution for their development needs.
Faster Development Process
Xamarin is ideal for business professionals searching for a highly advanced and powerful app to meet their needs. This sophisticated approach facilitates the sharing of code across multiple mobile platforms, resulting in faster app development. Through C# and .NET, developers can simultaneously write one single application logic across all three platforms, significantly increasing production speed. Furthermore, Xamarin forms a second approach for advanced versions, allowing for rapid prototyping and the creation of apps with limited platform-specific features. As developers can reuse code, the development of apps is accelerated, providing a more efficient development cycle.
In Xamarin, developers benefit from not having to build code from scratch and the streamlined debugging process. The single technological stack and reusable code reduce time and effort, allowing businesses to release software faster. A single team is needed, eliminating the need for multiple groups and additional expenses. Xamarin also features Visual Studio design environments and UX design tools, resulting in a superior UI and user experience. It is designed to simplify and speed up the process, giving businesses an edge.
Code Sharing across multiple platforms
Businesses looking to create native apps require developers to have a firm grasp of multiple languages, such as Java, Objective C, and Swift. However, the code created for a specific platform cannot be run on others. Xamarin is an efficient and cost-effective solution for this, as it enables sharing up to 75% of the code across different platforms. This cross-platform software facilitates app database interactions, web service scale, backend integrations, input validations, and more. By leveraging the power of Xamarin, businesses can benefit from smooth native app development.
Integrated testing
Xamarin and Azure cloud offers comprehensive solutions to businesses for monitoring and testing app performance. Native app developers often face challenges in testing, updating, and maintaining. With Xamarin and Azure, these tasks become more straightforward, allowing developers to achieve source code excellence. Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Test Recorder enable automated tests on real devices in the cloud, helping developers identify any performance issues before release. Additionally, the Azure cloud offers a comprehensive app development environment that facilitates high scalability, cost-effectiveness, and high availability for rich mobile apps.
Simplified maintenance
Xamarin is a powerful cross-platform application that simplifies maintenance and updates for businesses. With Xamarin, developers can quickly deploy changes or update source files to iOS and Android, saving time and money while keeping apps up-to-date. This enables businesses to benefit from the cost-savings and convenience of streamlined updates.
No hardware compatibility issue
With Xamarin, businesses can rest assured that hardware compatibility issues will be a thing of the past. Xamarin provides APIs and plug-ins for cross-platform app development, enabling developers to have native-level interaction with device hardware. Its native libraries ensure native-level functionality and better customization, so businesses can use Xamarin to develop applications without fear of incompatibilities.
Xamarin's open-source technology offers businesses greater flexibility by allowing them to select components to suit their specific requirements. Its powerful resources, such as third-party web services, UI controls, and cross-platform libraries, enable businesses to achieve almost native-level performance.
Technical support
Xamarin provides businesses with stability, scalability, and continuous technical backing from Microsoft and issue resolution. Our vibrant online community is available to help quickly find answers and solutions that may be unclear. The Xamarin component store, built into the Xamarin Visual Studio Extension, allows developers to choose from free and paid components. It provides businesses with a professional, reliable resource for their development needs.
1. Can I use Xamarin to develop high-performance apps?
Xamarin's native compilation technology offers businesses remarkable app performance and a small footprint of only 2.5 MB added to the application code, with virtually no impact on startup time. This efficient technology ensures your apps run smoothly, even during high-demand scenarios such as gaming with high frame rates or complex data visualizations. With Xamarin, you can develop professional and reliable applications that perform optimally on any device.
2. Why use Xamarin for cross-platform development?
Xamarin offers businesses full access to the native APIs and tools used for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, giving them near-native design and performance for their applications. It makes Xamarin-based solutions a superior choice to its hybrid competitors, providing businesses with an effective and reliable option.
3. What can I do with Xamarin?
With Xamarin, businesses can develop native, cross-platform mobile apps and shared native user interfaces across Windows and Mac with world-class developer tools. These apps can be built with .NET and provide native API access, facilitating an efficient app life cycle. Xamarin offers a professional and reliable solution for businesses to create powerful mobile applications.
4. Is C# good for making games?
C# is a highly regarded language for video game development due to its compatibility with Unity, which is renowned for its robustness, flexibility, and user-friendly game development interface. Furthermore, C# is straightforward to learn, productive, and allows for code reuse. Businesses can benefit from these advantages when creating games.
5. How do non-C# developers benefit from using Xamarin?
Xamarin is the perfect choice for mobile business developers who want to reach a broad range of users on major device platforms. With Xamarin, app publishers and companies can save time and resources by sharing code across platforms, allowing them to focus on improving features and enhancing user experience instead of maintaining the same code bases. The switch to C# is effortless and offers numerous benefits for mobile development.
6. Does Xamarin support Windows App development?
Xamarin enables businesses to quickly deliver stunning, high-performing, native applications across all major device platforms. By harnessing code reuse and sharing, and unifying mobile development in C#, Windows Phone and Windows applications can be created with the same code, meaning developers can share code between iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows apps and reach up to 2.6 billion users. With Xamarin, businesses can use professional-grade tools to build their mobile applications.
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