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What is Nearshore software outsourcing?

Nearshore software development is an outsourcing solution wherein businesses delegate services to a nearby country or region. It could be in Canada, Mexico, or South America for US companies. Whereas for businesses in Germany, Sweden, or Denmark, Nearshore outsourcing may include hiring experts in Ukraine, Poland, or other European countries. On the other hand, onshore software development encompasses delegating services to a nearby agency, usually in the same area. Finally, offshore development entails partnering up with a team, working from a distant location, such as a different continent and time zone.

Chudovo is an agile IT services provider offering digital services and solutions based on nearshoring. We help customers maximize their digital potential.

Pros of Nearshore outsourcing

The Nearshore option is the optimal choice for successful product development compared to offshore software development.

The benefits of Nearshore software development outsourcing include the following:

  • abiding by similar laws and guidelines;
  • minimal or no time-zone differences (most European countries);
  • trusting experienced professionals to manage the development process;
  • collaborating with neighboring governments for convenient business trips;
  • cost-efficient development costs.
Our Services
Dedicated Team
A committed development team offers a specialized, autonomous, and efficient way to deliver technology solutions and value.

This model provides access to experts with the specific expertise needed to achieve objectives and fulfill your project's requirements. You can expect rapid and effective results by working with a dedicated team of software engineers, developers, product managers, and designers.

This approach allows you to gain insight into areas your in-house team may need to improve or collaborate to meet your business goals. Together, they create and maintain software of the highest quality.
IT Staff Augmentation
Integrating top engineers with your team and staff augmentation provides an extra talent boost for your projects. This on-demand service helps businesses quickly fill hard-to-fill or temporary positions, enhancing the scalability and efficiency of project development.

By taking advantage of IT staff augmentation services, companies can more cost-effectively and quickly reach their goals. With these experts, any business can overcome the challenges of recruiting, sourcing and retaining experienced software engineers.
Software Outsourcing
Outsourcing software development can be a great way to get a high-quality, end-to-end solution. We provide bespoke software engineering and custom solutions tailored to your specifications. Our team of experienced software developers possesses many tech skills, allowing us to build from mobile apps to complex, custom software solutions.

We are a reliable, cost-effective partner, ready to deliver a full-cycle custom software development service.
Our talented team, competitive costs, real-time collaboration, and proximity to our clients make us an appealing partner for innovation.
Achieve scalable results with a dependable software solution. Let's make it happen.
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Nearshore software development vs. other service models: which one to choose?
The three service models differ based on the client's location and software development services provider. They offer various benefits within the Information Technology sector.
Onshore software development
Your tech partner is based in the same country for onshore development, enabling you to access skilled experts without hiring and managing them internally. The development company must be situated in a different part of the country to remain in the same time zone.

Nevertheless, development costs are usually higher compared to nearshore or offshore software development as the cost of living is similar or the same for both partners.
Nearshore IT outsourcing
Outsourcing IT services to a firm in a neighboring nation is known as nearshore outsourcing. It allows businesses to access a bigger pool of professionals than locally.

With nearshore outsourcing, the time difference between the two countries is minimal, enabling businesses to collaborate with the software development team in real-time.
Offshore software development
Partnering with a tech team from a foreign nation, offshore development services let you access the world's tech talent and quickly adjust the size of your team.

This type of IT outsourcing can be a cost-efficient solution because of the lower cost of living in these regions. Still, with time zone differences, it can be more challenging to monitor the progress of the software development team.
Why partner up with a Nearshore outsourcing company?
Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the possibility of outsourcing, finding cost-efficient, resourceful, and optimized solutions for software development. By entrusting a software project to an outsourcing company, you can access a ready-made solution developed in the company's development center and concentrate on the business side.
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    Access to developers' talents pool
    Outsourcing nearshore software development can provide businesses access to advanced tech and experienced tech professionals, which can benefit their projects. According to reports, 45% of IT firms cite a need for more expertise in their internal teams as their reason for outsourcing IT.
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    Covering staff shortage with project-based solutions
    Consider outsourcing the development of your house team's IT specialist shortage to a Nearshore company. A dedicated team working on the project can help you quickly achieve outstanding results while maintaining quality.
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    Close geographical proximity
    The essential advantage of working with a Nearshore team is their availability for direct meetings, avoiding time zone differences. It allows partnering firms to create an effective workflow, keeping their clients up-to-date on the progress of their projects. As is often the case with offshore teams, staying on time for intercontinental Zoom calls is necessary.
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    Boosting company efficiency
    Entrepreneurs can dedicate their attention to essential business operations by having a Nearshore software development team rather than spreading it across multiple channels.
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    Aligned cultural values and language
    Partnering companies can benefit from a lack of language barriers and a greater appreciation of cultural nuances, thus avoiding communication issues and reaching optimized solutions more quickly. Sharing cultural similarities allows outsourced firms to establish stronger ties with customers and provide satisfactory outcomes that fully realize the client's vision.
Do you want to know about the benefits of Nearshoring software development?
Collaborating with a reliable Nearshore Software Development Partner can be a game-changer for your business. Nearshoring provides an ideal way to gain quality assurance, quicker time to market, and higher ROI.

By leveraging nearshore developers, you can benefit from the same time zone, fresh ideas, safeguarded intellectual property, more oversight, and reduced language obstacles, resulting in greater efficiency.
Increased Efficiency
Nearshoring software development affords firms enhanced efficiency, enabling quicker project completion and quicker product delivery.

With developers close to their target market, fewer language obstacles and other communication issues exist. From the start, it heightened understanding of the business's requirements, further bolstering efficiency.
Cost Savings
Nearshoring can offer cost benefits for labor, infrastructure, and tech. Companies can save money by nearshoring their software development and taking advantage of affordable wages in certain countries. Furthermore, nearshore companies can avail of lower-priced tech licenses, providing further cost savings.
Quality Assurance
Nearshoring software development can allow businesses to access higher-quality code and better customer service. Companies with experience in the target market can offer insight that aids nearshore developers in understanding the business's needs from the outset, resulting in improved quality and faster time to market.
Faster Time to Market
Nearshoring enables organizations to get their goods to the market quicker, e.g., MVP. Due to familiarity with the target audience, Nearshore coders can help remove language barriers or communication obstacles. It guarantees that the nearshore developers comprehend the requirements of the business from the start, resulting in higher productivity and quicker time to reach the market with the products.
Shared-time zones
Nearshoring software development can offer companies the advantage of shared time zones. By nearshoring software development in countries in the same or similar time zone as their own, companies can enjoy more effective communication and collaboration with nearshore developers. It makes it easier to keep projects on track, and any problems can be quickly and effectively resolved.
New approaches
By nearshoring software development, businesses can access the expertise of developers from different nations and cultures, offering a distinct viewpoint on how best to tackle a particular issue or task. It can result in creative solutions that enable businesses to stay ahead of their rivals.
Protected intellectual property
Software development nearshoring is ideal for businesses wanting to safeguard their intellectual property. Companies can benefit from the laws and regulations of different countries through nearshoring, consequently guarding their IP. Additionally, nearshoring ensures secure and confidential communication between the company and its nearshore developers.
More control
Nearshoring software development gives businesses increased command over their initiatives. By nearshoring, organizations can stay in direct contact with nearshore developers and keep track of their project's progress conveniently and efficiently. It permits better supervision and guarantees that projects and deadlines are met promptly.
No cultural differences
Nearshoring software development eliminates any potential cultural and linguistic obstacles. By utilizing a nearshore model, companies can collaborate with developers familiar with their culture, values, and goals. It helps ensure that tasks are completed swiftly, effectively, and correctly.
Fewer language barriers
Nearshore personnel who speak the same language as the business make communication easier and help ensure their needs are met immediately. By nearshoring, firms can access developers who understand their language, allowing them to express their requirements effectively.
Better ROI
Nearshoring software development is a sensible alternative to deliver businesses a more robust return on investment (ROI). Reduced costs and enhanced quality assurance through nearshoring enabled improved efficiency. They accelerated market penetration, which can result in significant cost savings over the long term, helping organizations achieve tremendous success.
Larger Talent Pool
Outsourcing dev projects to nearshore software development teams provide access to abundant international technical talent and resources with specialized know-how. It is an effective solution to skill deficits, particularly for short-term requirements.
Our Expertise

Our expert design team can assist your business in identifying the correct issue to address, creating the ideal solution using the optimal technology, and keeping your product in line with users’ expectations for its entire lifespan.

• Design Sprints

• Product Discovery Workshops

• UI/UX Design

• Product Management


Partner with Chudovo to gain access to experienced, multi-disciplinary teams that can help you execute projects faster and more efficiently while reducing labor costs. Our Nearshore services model allows you to get the ideal team at the correct price within the same time zone as onshore outsourcing. Unlock the potential of digital transformation and expand your team with Chudovo.

• Engineering Discovery Workshops

• Custom Software Development

• Product Modernization


Our quality assurance and testing teams are dedicated to embracing best practices and continually striving to improve your product. From the beginning stages to completion, Chudovo engineers and software professionals are devoted to a continuous improvement method for testing and quality assurance that guarantees your project is delivered accurately to requirements.

• Manual Software Testing

• Automated Testing


Tap into the Chudovo Mobile Center of Excellence for assistance. Our expertise can aid you in finding the ideal product and developing it to exceed your user’s expectations.

Within days, you can rapidly prototype and evaluate concepts. Additionally, we can assist with aligning stakeholders, CTOs, and product managers to build a product that fulfills your company’s requirements.

• Mobile Discovery Workshops

• Mobile Assessments

• Mobile Software Development

• Mobile DevOps


Maximize your investments and resources in the cloud with our assistance. We can help you transition smoothly from a data center to either AWS or Azure.

Cloud computing has many benefits for businesses of all sizes, including cost-efficiency, fast deployment, scalability, flexibility, dependability, and mobility.

Our experienced professionals can help you make the most of our Nearshore model, with its similar time zones, convenience for collaboration, and cost-effectiveness, to facilitate your organization’s digital transformation.

• Cloud Strategy & Optimization

• Cloud Migration & Management

• DevOps as a Service

• Security


Chudovo assists clients in harnessing the most recent intelligent data management techniques, process automation, and machine learning with our dependable digital innovation services. These enable them to upgrade operational effectiveness, reduce costs, and manage risks for business change.

Our strategy, data management, process automation, and machine learning services hasten your transition to AI by enabling you to use your most important asset: data. Together with the advantages of our Nearshore digital service platform (similar time zones, ease of travel for collaboration, and affordability), our services accelerate your business transformation via digital innovation.

• AI Design Sprints

• Data Engineering & Visualization

• Process Automation

• Machine Learning

• Predictive Analytics

What is Nearshore development?
Outsourcing software development to a nearby partner firm is known as Nearshore. It typically involves transferring the product's design to a professional company close to the business headquarters, typically within a 3-hour time difference.
How do I hire a Nearshore development agency?
Research Nearshore software development companies near your place of origin. Examine their portfolios and work experience. Decide on the most appropriate one to realize your concept. Contact a representative to commence working together.
How is Nearshore outsourcing different from Offshore?
Offshore development entails entrusting IT services to an external organization in a different country and continent. Nearshore software development companies, on the other hand, typically operate in a nearby country or region.
Is Nearshore development good for my business?
Nearshore custom software development is an economical and low-risk choice for start-ups, medium businesses, and large enterprises. It provides a variety of advantages and helps entrepreneurs achieve their professional objectives more quickly.