3D Animation of Industrial Pump



Development of 3D animation of the industrial pump

Technologies used



Our customer is a manufacturer from Germany. They operate in industrial engineering creating pumps, motors, engines, etc. They looked for the creation of a solution to highlight their newest pump. The solution – creation of an animation movie that will feature the model of the industrial pump in cuts, highlighting all the important parts. The model was created based on the real-life photos and industrial models of the pump and recreated the work of the water cooling process. The important part of the process is to showcase all the parts of the pump in cut-outs and save the integrity of the materials like in real life via technical animation. Also, the 3D animation artist from Chudovo created the scene of a reverse explosion which highlights all parts of the pump and their placement. The main challenge of the project – accurately represent all the parts of the pump and show their materials that won’t be contrasting with the scene, but also accurate to the real-life pump. By the end of the process, we compiled the video that presents this product of the company. Our client was pleased with the results and used this 3D animation movie for the promotion of their pump and to educate their staff regarding the specifications of this new model. The project was successful and closed after 5 months in the making.

The request also required the creation of a custom scene and situation to highlight the work of the pump. It was discussed to create a well in the ground filled with water. The scene was created (with use of the animation software Blender) and all the parts were created with care so that the pump would look distinct and highlighted. The well reminds the real-life well in which the pump will be used. The lighting in this scene was used to correctly represent the materials of the pump. Sometimes, due to the lighting, some parts were reflecting too much of the surrounding area so it was decided to lower the reflection in some parts of the pump.

One of the challenges was to create a situation of water flowing around and inside the pump. The first of the obstacles was water. It was specified that the water couldn’t be visualized as air bubbles like it usually presented on other industrial videos. The 3D artist understood that there was a strict request for it because if bubbles get into the pump it may malfunction and this will be a wrongful representation. Instead, it was chosen to represent the water as the flows, gathering around and getting into the pump. After that, the water follows the insides of the pump, heating on the one side, moving towards the cooling. This provides the pump with an internal cooling system and allows for long hours of work.

As another feature that should be present and was a challenge – perform a “reverse explosion animation” This would allow to highlight the intricacy and complexity of the pump and proved to be a nice opener especially when paired with the right music. As a result, this was used as the initial 3D animation as the way to present the pump and features all of the real parts of the said pump.