Chudovo as 3D Animation Company provides photorealistic animations and visualizations of industrial processes, devices and machines based on mechanical CAD designs of our customers or designs entire 3D projects from scratch. 3D graphic visualizations show complex industrial process flows in an understandable and explanatory manner. The product is demonstrated in high-resolution quality and under the environmental conditions that are defined and coordinated with you.

What is an industrial 3D animation?

An industrial animation is a form of animation that displays the precise mechanics and full range of movement of a machine or product in the industrial sector. The primary goal is to provide an explanation of the functioning of the industrial product or mechanism. It is also referred to as a technical animation or a mechanical animation, and its purpose is to demonstrate the functionality of a process. The primary goal of industrial animation is to simplify the complex science behind construction solutions and present key information in an easily understandable manner that encourages engagement.
  • Our team specializes in creating stunning 3D visuals and animations for a wide range of industries and products. We have you covered, whether it's architectural designs, objects, realistic characters, or complete scenes that offer an immersive, ultra-realistic experience.
  • Every project is seen as a distinct obstacle that demands a tailored resolution. With our expertise in 3D modeling and animation services across different areas, we ensure that the materials and scenes we develop are truly one-of-a-kind.
  • If you need photorealistic 3D animations and visualizations of industrial processes, or if you want to visualize industrial devices, machines, and processes, our talented artists are ready to bring your vision to life. You can easily hire a dedicated team to ensure your project is perfected to your satisfaction.
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Why Chudovo?

Where 3D animation is used

The advantages of integrating 3D animations or modeling into industrial product visualizations are manifold. Firstly, animations aid in comprehending intricate systems and functionalities that can be difficult to explain verbally. Additionally, 3D animations offer a captivating and effective way to illustrate procedures that may be difficult to showcase in real-time. This enables faster and more efficient communication.

Moreover, sales representatives can employ realistic animations of 3D models to demonstrate product movements, processes, and applications to prospective clients prior to a meeting, enhancing comprehension through interactive methods. Lastly, animations can be valuable for employee training as they provide explanations of specific movements, assembly and disassembly steps, and repair procedures.
From concept to prototype
A product typically begins as an idea and undergoes several changes before reaching the prototype stage. Constructing a 3D animated model is a quick, effortless, and time-saving alternative to developing a physical prototype.
Testing and validation
A product typically begins as an idea and undergoes several changes before reaching the prototype stage. Constructing a 3D animated model is a quick, effortless, and time-saving alternative to developing a physical prototype.
Better product performance
The final product greatly improves when the design process utilizes 3D animation, thanks to extensive testing and validation.
Easy for regulatory compliance
Due to the increasing significance of regulatory compliance, 3D animations have become the preferred medium for product design and validation, as they offer an easy solution.
Reduced time to market
3D animations allow quicker adaptations and modifications in response to feedback from different stakeholders, leading to time savings.
Cost advantage
Creating 3D animations is more cost-effective than alternative visual documentation methods such as promotional films, videos, prototypes, and product samples.
Technical manuals
3D technical animations can enhance technical manuals by incorporating impressive graphics and 360-degree views. This makes it easier to understand complex concepts, eliminating the need for lengthy manuals filled with small text and 2D illustrations.
Installation & Commissioning
Detailed instructions provided through 3D industrial animations can greatly simplify installing and commissioning new machinery and equipment. These animations provide step-by-step guidance on the proper procedures and sequence of steps, making the process much simpler.
Maintenance & Repair
3D mechanical animations are particularly useful in the maintenance and repair field. They provide detailed instructions for dismantling, assembly, and overhaul procedures, making them invaluable.
3D animations offer a higher level of creativity for product advertising, allowing for the exploration of various facets of the product, including its applications and advantages.
3D product animations are an intriguing tool for marketing personnel, as they greatly simplify their job by creating captivating presentations that bring the product or service to life.
Events & Trade Fairs
3D animations are extremely beneficial for events and trade fairs as they can effectively capture attention with realistic visuals of machinery in action. It simplifies the production process and enhances the experience for visitors.
Virtual pavilion
Amid the pandemic, numerous organizers have introduced virtual trade shows as physical events and trade fairs are being canceled or delayed. These online platforms utilize 3D animations to enable companies to exhibit their products and technologies.
Training & Safety
3D animations are an effective tool for training employees on the shop floor, technical processes, and workplace safety drills.
Brand promotion
A company must consistently market itself as a brand in multiple settings, such as events, seminars, road shows, and corporate presentations. 3D animations offer a creative way to highlight the company's unique selling points (USPs) and also provide virtual tours or walkthroughs of the industrial facility.

3D animation SERVICES


Increase Engagement
3D Animation can uniquely captivate customers like no other medium can. It enables businesses to produce dynamic and immersive content that sets them apart from competitors and captures the interest of their desired audience.
Enhance Brand Identity
By employing 3D Animation, businesses can establish a distinctive and unforgettable brand image that connects with their desired audience. Through 3D animations, businesses can breathe life into their brand narrative and exhibit their offerings or services visually captivatingly and enlighteningly.
Save Time and Money
3D Animation can be a valuable tool for businesses, helping them save time and money by making their production process more efficient. By replacing physical prototypes with virtual models, businesses can avoid the expenses and delays associated with creating and testing physical prototypes. Additionally, 3D Animation allows businesses to modify their product or service offerings swiftly and effortlessly.
Stay Ahead of the Curve
As technology advances, 3D Animation is gaining popularity in different industries. Investing in 3D Animation allows businesses to maintain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the competition in the future.
Boost ROI
3D Animation notably affects a business's return on investment (ROI). It enhances engagement, enhances brand identity, and streamlines production, resulting in increased sales and revenue.
Gaining new customers and informing existing clients
Potential and existing customers can learn about the benefits of your products as well as review them from the inside to recognize the main features of their structure and functioning.

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Why is the 3D animation industry a huge plus for any marketing strategy? Answer

Industrial animation is undoubtedly the future of marketing strategies. Recent statistics indicate that a significant portion of the population, approximately 45%, spends more than an hour every week watching videos on popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Moreover, 87% of online marketers actively incorporate video content into their campaigns. Notably, research findings highlight that businesses utilizing video content experience a staggering 49% faster revenue growth than those without. These figures demonstrate the growing demand for animated content, as people now prefer dynamic visuals over static images. For marketers, showcasing 3D animations of industrial products on their websites or in product demonstrations can effectively position their companies as industry leaders who embrace the latest technological trends and excel at designing innovative and high-quality products. By leveraging 3D animation models, businesses can establish a brand image that highlights their capacity for innovation, a crucial aspect in today's digital sales environment.

In summary, 3D animations can make products appear more realistic and lifelike despite being entirely computer-generated. Embracing this technology enables businesses to captivate audiences and differentiate themselves in the market.
What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation? Answer
2D animation is also called 'flat image' as the objects are created in height and width. 3D objects include also depth and in comparison to 2D objects they are more realistic. Way of 2D and 3D animations also differs. In we talk about 2D, all the objects are produced basing on traditional drawing method. 3D visualizations are created with the help of special 3d animation programs. Producing of 3D objects consists of a few steps that include texturing, modelling, rendering, lighting, rigging etc. Nowadays there is a big variety of 3d animation software that propose the best user experiences.
How do I get started? Answer
Please, contact us and our team will analyze your business needs and requirements. On the one hand, it may be a machine that is already in production and Customer wants to get a 3D animation to use it by teaching his employees in how to operate it or for other marketing aims like attracting new customers. On the other hand, it may be a machine that is planned to be constructed, but at first it should be visualized using 3D graphics.
What 3D animation software do you use for creation of 3D animations? Answer
We use Blender, an open-source 3D creation suite.
How much does creation of 3D animation cost? Answer
Costs that are needed for creation of 3D animation depends on your needs. It may be creation of simple 3D photo-realistic images or creation of the complex 3D video animation that will show the technological processes of the machine. Contact us to get time and cost estimation for creation of 3D animation for your business.
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