3D Modelling of glass bottle sorting machine



Creation of 3D model of glass bottle sorting machine

Technologies used



The newest partner – is a startup, which was looking for some proof of concept and funding for their idea. Our partner asked us to create a model as a prototype of a bottle sorting machine to present to potential investors. He provided us with STL models and schematics of the machine. Our 3D artist has discussed many points that we needed to represent on the model and what parts we needed to highlight. At the end of our project, we presented the complete 3D model and some short demos representing the work of the machine. This allowed our partner to highlight their project and make a proper presentation with some demos of the work of the machine. After the presentation, our partner has gained the funding for the next step of their project and hopefully, this lives up to his hopes.

The key part of the project was to create not something already existing but to make a life for a completely new idea. This makes this job unique since it requires more creative and engineering thinking and planning. In the start, we worked closely with the client to get acquainted with his vision of the machine. The requirements should be formed into simple tasks and divided into some logical steps, which will help organize the project.

After that process, the next step – creating a draft. Using Blender and different instruments within its environment, the artist follows the tasks and develops the machine. This process can take a major part of the time dedicated to the project due to the complexity of the details and parts within this machine. It is important to set up all materials correctly and create a scene that will represent them believably. This can be achieved with correct lighting settings for the scene and picking the right colors for the parts.

Following that, it was required to create demo animations that will highlight the work of the machine to pick the interest of the potential investors. That is a great idea before making a full-fledged prototype since it will help both in the promotion of the project and will allow setting the desired result of the work of the machine. During the discussion with the customer, the idea for the animation was born and this leads to the next stage of the work – animation. It will present the work of the machine both inside and outside. Due to the use of the cutouts, it is possible to show the moving parts during the work and present them in easily presentable scenes, then it is allowed to view in real life.

And, as a final task – compile all processes into the video. This will be used for the presentations to the investors and sponsors interested in the idea. There the speed of the animations and scene changing adjusted for comfortable viewing. Also added the text points which will explain the work of the machine, Accompanying this presentation is music that will help enhance the experience and liven up the viewing. After that, the work was done and ready for the presentation.