Our software engineers help in development of video security applications according to project specific requirements.

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About Us
Chudovo is focused on video security domain. Our engineers take part in building thematized video management applications. Basically, teams are specialized on development of products with smart content analysis (e.g. anomaly detection, face recognition, license plate recognition etc.). We have spent more than 30 000 man-hours on dedicated video security projects, implementing complex software from scratch (including R&D) and supporting/improving existing systems.
How we can help
  • full cycle of new product development process
  • analysis and creation of business requirements
  • design of video security applications
  • artificial Intelligence, machine learning services
  • R&D in video security area
  • software support services for existing systems
Fast facts
30000+ man-hours
as video security
5 Projects
11 certified
video security engineers
27 software
engineers in total
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