Application Maintenance and Support Services

We improve our clients’ business reliability by continuously reinventing application systems to achieve IT goals that align with their needs. Chudovo’s support and maintenance services help to improve customer satisfaction, achieve maximum app availability, speed up backlog implementation, and reduce operational costs.
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Our approach

It’s essential that your business-critical systems work without fault. Any undesirable scenario means you incur unnecessary costs, with downtimes causing you to lose out on sales and ultimately have customers leave you for your more stable competition.

At Chudovo, we provide on-demand application support that prevents this. We ensure your software isn’t just operational but also runs as securely and reliably as you need it to. Our support services include finding loopholes that have the potential to become problems, fixing them beforehand, and also taking the extra steps to improve performance.

We protect your business from unplanned outages by creating a disaster recovery strategy to mitigate against data loss and downtime.

Our End-to-end Application Maintenance and Support Services Cover the Entirety of:
  • Application Assessment and Audit (Architecture, Design, Performance)
  • Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Performance Monitoring, Management, and Tuning
  • Incident Investigation, Troubleshooting, and Management
  • Release and Deployment Management Integrated with Application Systems Management, Development, and QA services
  • Security Issues Identification and Fixes
  • Application Enhancement Concerning Request for Change (RFC) Implementations
  • Preventive and Proactive Maintenance and Support
Chudovo Ensures Optimal Performance and an Extended Life For Your Software Solutions to Increase Business Efficiency
Maximize IT Application Support
Maximize IT Application Support
  • Asset optimization and reuse of existing frameworks
  • Process and SLA Compliance
  • Application development
  • Application performance monitoring to proactively find and fix app performance issues
  • CI/CD pipelines for quick and smooth application evolution
Drive Operational Efficiency
Drive Operational Efficiency
  • Minimize downtime or service slacks/outages
  • Enhance program release and operational speed
  • Maximize application support efficiency
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Utilize high-value industry benchmark trends
Flexible Operating Model & Support Reporting
Flexible Operating Model & Support Reporting
  • Faster time to market
  • Flexible and Scalable AMS engagement model
  • Service-level reports
  • Incident reports
  • App development reports
  • Performance monitoring reports
Application Maintenance Services
Application Maintenance Services
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Our Application Support and Maintenance Service Offerings
Custom Application Support
Our 16 years in the application support field have seen us work with multiple clients and also apply successful support strategies to a variety of custom software solutions. Our custom solutions and services give you dedicated application stability, enhancements, and monitoring. You sit back as we help with your bug and task tracking, regular maintenance operations, and process documentation.
DevOps & Configuration Management Services
If you wish to achieve continuous delivery of high-quality software products, we offer expertise in designing and implementing solutions for your specific environments. These solutions are based on the latest CI/CD practices, which means you additionally reduce maintenance costs and enhance productivity at the same time.
Environment Maintenance & Automation
The automation of environment maintenance is a key objective for us, as it optimizes performance for your software while reducing costs for you. This is why our engineering teams possess in-depth knowledge of general automated environment frameworks, as well as automation deployment and maintenance, especially when it comes to Microsoft technologies.
Deployment Design and Implementation
Our support varies from setting up basic configurations to combining complex frameworks to fit into your deployment environment. We do this while keeping the best-proven practices regarding security, environment design, server configuration, and optimization at our very core. What's more, our teams hold expertise in both new and old technologies concerning server operating systems, domains, networking, load balancing, and their respective configurations.
Monitoring and Reporting
Alongside the automation of repetitive maintenance, operations are our automated reporting processes. This hands-off approach helps to minimize both your workload and the occurrence of unperceived incidents, as you receive regular status updates on your deployed software environment.
Change Management
An essential part of our application support and maintenance services is applying change control in a way that minimizes risk during production implementations. Unfailing business availability is guaranteed thanks to thorough documentation and review processes prior to the implementation of each production change.
Why Choose Chudovo’s Application Maintenance and Support?
By utilizing proven service elements to optimally deliver, we provide the answers to increasing your efficiency and reducing the cycle time of processes.
You leverage multi-faceted capabilities thanks to our individualistic approaches and variety of engagement models adjusted to your business’ operational and financial objectives.
With a compliance matrix featuring detailed and progressive SLAs, we deliver scalable solutions that are easy to expand and configure without legal barriers.
We create end-to-end workflows for quick assessments and adjustments on your business performance. With this, you enjoy a process as a service model that assures you of positive impacts on the top and bottom line.
Proactive monitoring
Through a detailed view of the health of your networks, security infrastructure, and every other part of your application environment, you seamlessly identify and deal with vulnerabilities and ultimately avoid disruptions in business processes.
What Are Application Maintenance Activities?
Application maintenance is concerned with constantly monitoring, modifying, and improving existing digital products that already have users. It involves fixing bugs, implementing new features, modifying software files, improving performance, correcting faults, and supervising overall application quality.
Why Is Application Management Important For The Business?
Application management ensures that apps remain relevant by evolving alongside business, market, and industry changes. As part of application management, continuous maintenance and the addition of new functionalities drive businesses to a winning competitive edge when compared to their counterparts who take a reactive approach.
Why Do We Need Application Management?
Application management is a key factor in a business's ability to innovate. By properly addressing how your business functions with modern applications, it guarantees efficient solutions that are brought to market at a quicker pace and lower total cost.
What Is The Difference Between Maintenance and Support?
Unlike support work, maintenance releases are planned and scheduled. Clients usually ask for a combination of support and maintenance, and these separate services often get bundled together – hence why there's often some confusion between the terms.
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