it consulting services


IT consulting is an essential service in case your business is related or conducted throughout any kind of software, web, system or mobile. Reasonably, it should be kept on high technological level, not to cause any troubles to your business, its image or product sales. If ordering IT consulting from our professionals you may count on any sort of expertise or audit your enterprise requires.
IT consulting allows you to:
  • optimize time and financial expenses for software support;
  • increase efficiency and profitability of your software client;
  • manage software projects properly
  • develop single strategy for all information systems and software, in particular, if additional ones are planned;
  • create flexible software that responds on any shifts in business in correspondence to competitive edges;
All in all, IT consulting might provide a solution how to automatize and properly use your business software.
Software Development Process consulting (process definition and implementation)
Process improvement consulting
Project analyzing and estimation
Creation technical requirements
Creation project architecture
Project prototyping
Performance issues identification and fixes
Security issues identification and fixes
Tactic of recruitment proccess
Branch organization characteristics in Ukraine