Software Development Consulting Services

Chudovo helps companies in various industries enhance their workflows and improve products and services quality. We aim to implement tailored software solutions that totally fit existing infrastructures and boost digital environments, making them perfectly meet businesses, employees’, and customers’ needs.
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Technology consulting from Chudovo

Software development and managing IT projects can be challenging. It always involves making essential decisions about accepting novel tech solutions, and such choices can significantly affect the whole business.

We offer you high-quality software consulting practice that will help improve your ROI and implement custom software development solutions fitting your particular business needs. Our consulting services include determining your business requirements, planning all stages of the software development process, identifying the technology stack, and setting workflow standards for faster results. Our software consultants have deep expertise in IT-related business operations and offer the best suitable strategy for enhancing your workflows using modern technologies.

Why Chudovo software consulting?

Chudovo software consulting services can boost your business to new heights when you want to:

  • Renovate and modify your existing software and enhance its efficiency through high-end technologies
  • Develop new web or mobile applications without compromising the processes within the in-house team
  • Have assistance in the support and maintenance of your existing software systems
  • Improve your software applications quality: scalability, performance, fault tolerance, and more
  • Enhance operational agility, integrate innovation culture, and boost companies’ growth through cost-efficient and low-risk solutions
Key strategies of our software development consulting
Software implementation strategies
Software implementation strategies
We help businesses develop the strategies of software adoption for long- and short-term goals. We encourage reasonable investments in digital solutions that will work for seamless business transformation and safe implementation of new technologies.
Technology advisory services
Technology advisory services
Our consultants help determine the right technology stacks that best fit their needs. We consult businesses on the pros and cons of desired programming languages and frameworks or customized out-of-the-box solutions before starting the development process.
Business solutions consulting
Business solutions consulting
We consult companies in software selection when they are unsure what they need to choose to achieve their goals. We help determine the right CRM, ERP, CMS, or another kind of system and explain its development and customization details.
Technology consulting approach
Technology consulting approach
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Our software consulting services
Chudovo’s consulting team is ready to guide your business through all stages of the software development process. Our seasoned consultants transform the early concepts into ready specifications for new solutions. Besides, they manage the entire software development lifecycle, including seamless integration of the latest software systems into the existing processes and infrastructures.
Application development consulting
Our consultants create the best-fit strategies for various needs: software development from scratch, customization, or implementing new features. We help find the optimal approach that will result in maximizing ROI.
IT staff augmentation consulting
We offer IT staff augmentation services to help you sidestep the recruitment process and then boost the time to market. Our broad network of IT talents, experienced in various areas, allow us to quickly help you in application development, business analysis, software testing, and other streams.
Mobile solutions development consulting
We help companies create mobile versions of their existing web platforms. We offer the optimal mobile solutions with all functionalities required to match your business concept.
Enterprise architect advisory services
We provide you with enterprise architecture consulting services. Our experts help you ensure seamless migration of your existing software to a cloud-based infrastructure and thus boost your productivity. Chudovo can also enhance your software scalability by making your IT infrastructure robust and able to implement any modern technologies that your business will need in the future.
Software portfolio consulting
We conduct thorough research of your existing software systems to identify your pain points and set out possible ways to resolve the issues through implementing modern technologies.
Digital transformation consulting
We help integrate Internet technologies and guide businesses through their digital transformation. We help to radically change all business workflows and operations, boost their efficiency, and create high value for customers.

Our software development consulting practice

Suggest and explain optimal solutions that will fit your business needs;
Create custom models to demonstrate how adequate and appropriate the desired solutions are;
Estimate expenses and expected time of new solutions adaptation and suggest optimization options;
Provide you with a detailed review of your source code, documentation, executable modules, and change history;
Execute the operational systems audit and perform a gap analysis;
Diagnose the software problems and describe all possible ways how they can be resolved;
Analyze current software development workflows, estimate their formalization and maturity level;
Suggest step-by-step improvement plan that will fit your business direction.
How your business will benefit from software development consulting?
Our consultants help to organize the application development process in a way that will allow you to change and upgrade it later without significant expenses
We help understand and implement the most compelling features of your application that will deliver the most significant value for your business and key audience
We help make cost-efficient decisions on all application development stages: from the structure creation to post-release modifications
As a software consulting company, we know the risks of implementing new technologies and solutions. We help migrate your software seamlessly, without any workflow failures and interruptions. We ensure your data security and know how to transfer it without any data loss or leakage threats.