E-commerce development services

Putting in-depth expertise and experience at the core of unique e-Commerce solutions that help acquire, converse, and retain customers, reinforce brand image, and explore new profitable opportunities.

E-commerce development company

At Chudovo, we enable retail providers of all scopes to adopt digital transformation with the help of relevant tools and proven expertise, helping brands thrive in the dynamic e-Commerce environment. Using the powers of advanced tech solutions like AI, predictive analytics, and UX automation, our specialists deliver market-defining interactive experiences that guarantee a sturdy competitive edge sharpened by organic user satisfaction.
  • E-commerce Solutions Development
    We develop e-commerce solutions based on your business vision, creating a webstore that flawlessly fulfills all your requirements and functions. Our experience and creative thinking also come into play as we provide ideas on selling your products and engaging your target audience effectively.
  • E-commerce Migration
    Our e-commerce migration services help you transition your business to a new digital platform. This addresses any existing technical limitations or inefficiencies, such as complex customization or high maintenance costs, and allows us to identify design and functionality improvement opportunities to enhance your e-commerce presence.
  • Support & Maintenance
    Our support and maintenance services cover all aspects of maintaining a live webstore. Whether you require one-time troubleshooting or ongoing cooperation, we can customize the scope and duration of our work to meet your needs.
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E-commerce Development Services We Provide

E-commerce development involves creating an attractive interface for customers to interact with and building the necessary back-end infrastructure to make the webstore fully operational.

E-commerce Solutions

Chudovo offers a range of flexible e-Commerce software development services for B2B, B2C providers, and startups that boost brand awareness and reinforce online presence.
Product Information Management Systems
Feature-rich PIM solutions for centralized business data management, fast access to essential product information, and streamlined collaborations that keep workflows neat and thoroughly organized across the board.
Online Store Migration
Safe, time- and cost-efficient migration from the existing e-Commerce platform to a more up-to-date tech foundation, where Chudovo developers carefully preserve all moved data and implement new customizations and third-party integrations.
Logistics Management
Managing the flow of goods and resources, including planning routes and trips, tracking systems, handling cargo operations, managing containers, ensuring fuel efficiency, and conducting vehicle inspections.
Warehouse Management
Efficiently operating warehouses, including managing SKUs (stock keeping units), overseeing labor management, optimizing yard and dock operations, and ensuring warehouse and stock optimization.
Inventory and Shipment Management
Controlling inventory and shipments through barcoding, managing orders, picking and packing items for shipping, forecasting and replenishing inventory, and implementing lot control measures.
E-commerce ERP
Implementing comprehensive workflows for e-commerce operations, overseeing supply chain management, managing prices, handling project management tasks, and overseeing human resource management.
Payment Solutions and Tools
Implementing secure payment gateways and portals, utilizing point-of-sale (POS) systems, integrating e-wallets, and ensuring payment security and compliance.
Marketing and Sales Management
Utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, managing call centers, conducting multichannel marketing campaigns, and analyzing customer data for improved sales strategies.
Corporate Billing and Accounting
Handling invoicing processes, managing expenses, generating estimates, tracking assets, calculating taxes, processing payrolls, and generating accounting reports.
E-commerce Document Management
Implementing server-based and cloud document management systems (DMS), facilitating complex document workflows across multiple systems, enabling real-time document collaboration and sharing on all devices.

E-commerce software development cost and timeline

When it comes to grasping the pricing of an e-commerce website, it's important to understand that a multitude of factors can affect the final expenses. Therefore, the question "How much does an e-commerce solution cost" doesn't have a single, universal answer.

On average, the design and development costs for e-commerce websites or apps typically range from $10,000 to $150,000 or more. The final cost is influenced by the project's complexity, your choice of platform (such as Shopify, Magento, custom solutions, etc.), and the specific e-commerce features you require.

The breakdown provided for different e-commerce development levels below will offer you valuable insights into the potential expenses associated with your e-commerce project.

Software complexity

• Compact e-commerce catalog
• Simple platform-based e-commerce website

Price range
from $10000
to $50000
Development time
1-2,5 month

• Project manager (part-time)
• Designer (part-time if needed)
• Developer
• QA Engineer

Software complexity

• Medium-sized E-commerce Platform
• mCommerce app

Price range
from $30000
to $110000
Development time
2,5-5 month

• Project manager (part-time or full-time)
• Designer (part-time if needed)
• 2+ Developers
• QA Engineer

Software complexity

• Mid-market E-commerce portal

Price range
from $150000
to $
Development time
5+ month

• Project manager
• Designer
• Business Analyst
• 4+ Developers (incl. Team Lead)
• DevOps (if needed)
• 2 QA Engineers

These estimates do not serve as the pricing for the sample solution development or as standard rates for e-commerce development. We calculate the cost of each project individually, considering the unique requirements and goals of our customers.

What are the Key Features of e-Commerce Software?

E-commerce platforms we rely on

We deeply understand popular e-commerce platforms and offer customized and cost-effective solutions for e-commerce businesses. Here are some platforms we specialize in:

E-commerce Industries

Here is a brief overview of some of the industries we have served in the past
Fashion and Accessories
Consumer Electronics
Food and Beverages
Sports and Active Recreation

We collaborate with global retail organizations and merchants to harness the power of digital commerce in addressing specific retail challenges. Enhance your competitiveness and flexibility in the retail industry by customizing and managing your product data, streamlining processes, and reducing administrative tasks.

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Fashion and Accessories

We also partner with top brands in the fashion industry to gain a competitive edge through strategic product placement and integrated solutions that ensure the right products reach the right customers.

Consumer Electronics

We assist consumer electronics brands in enhancing visibility, automating order fulfillment, and providing better customer service to drive profitability.

Renowned financial companies establish secure, real-time connections with their customers through our digital platforms, enabling intelligent and reliable interactions.

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Food and Beverages

Our solutions empower food and beverage brands to accelerate direct-to-consumer sales and leverage data and technology to meet evolving customer demands.


We collaborate with various FMCG brands, offering flexible web and mobile e-commerce applications that boost profits, reduce time to market, and optimize supply chain and order fulfillment processes.

Our experienced technical team understands user preferences and needs, enabling us to partner with leading telecommunication service providers to deliver real-time omnichannel services and expedite problem resolution.

Sports and Active Recreation

We work with prominent sports and outdoor brands, utilizing smart digital solutions to drive sales and enhance brand awareness.

We develop scalable and accurate healthcare solutions, enabling companies to leverage e-commerce and provide customers convenient and reliable access to healthcare products and services.

If you want to transform your ideas into robust web and mobile app solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you with your requests.

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Benefits of Custom e-Commerce Development Services

Mobile-friendly e-Commerce
Make your e-Commerce easily available and highly responsive across a range of mobile devices - we offer dedicated and cross-platform development of e-Commerce apps that let you cover a profitable mCommerce segment.
Enhanced capacity
Extensive scalability potential powered by cloud technology allows you to expand the performance capacities of your e-Commerce in line with individual needs, growing to handle more simultaneous transactions as a result.
Relevant technology
Achieve a feature-rich e-Commerce with superior performance that runs on a sturdy tech stack of the most relevant technologies, with advanced AI, machine learning, and interactive integrations completing the picture.
Improved customer relationships
The content management and CRM functionalities we provide help reinforce customer relationships by analyzing customer behaviors, buying preferences, seasonal shifts in demand, and other data that can be turned into conversion-boosting insights.
Simple content management
Our e-Commerce solutions are built with accessible content management systems at their core, ensuring easy data access, effective data quality maintenance, and convenient extraction of insights.
Higher search engine rankings
With our field experience and expertise, we provide various strategies to enhance the visibility of your e-Commerce site on search engines, including target audience analysis, keyword testing, and link building, resulting in higher search engine rankings.
Enhanced capacity
Enhanced scalability potential, powered by cloud technology, enables you to increase the performance capacities of your e-Commerce platform according to your specific requirements. It allows you to handle a larger number of simultaneous transactions.
Intuitive user experience
The intuitive user experience ensures easy-to-grasp interface navigation, leading every user seamlessly from product selection to order placement and checkout. It is crucial to satisfy and retain customers naturally.
Expertise-driven development
Obtain comprehensive professional support and assistance from highly experienced specialists at Chudovo. With our extensive expertise in managing full-cycle e-Commerce projects, we can help you save time and money while you focus on scaling your business. Let us take care of the rest.
Foolproof security
For each project we receive, we conduct a detailed examination of your current cybersecurity measures (if any) to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We then provide effective recommendations to enhance overall security using various established practices.

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What are e-Commerce software solutions? Answer
e-Commerce software can take on a lot of various shapes, mostly tools and assets that are put in the foundation of an online store, a commercial application, or any other form of digital commerce. Such software allows one to run and manage a retail website via a range of functionalities and features, like inventory dashboards, payment processing gateways, product navigation elements, etc.
What is the role of an e-Commerce website developer? Answer
An e-Commerce web developer helps you acquire the means of making your eCommerce available to the public by granting all the features and opportunities for users to navigate your store, browse and select products, and easily check out.

Such specialists handle everything from backend coding to frontend web design of your e-Commerce solution, offering skills in:

a. tailoring e-Commerce designs that both stand out and engage;

b. granting intuitive customer experiences via filters, navigation automations, etc.;

c. recommending the best-fitting features for your individual needs.
How do I determine what features my e-Commerce website needs? Answer
You may require absolutely different sets of features and capacities based on your individual needs and business model. Namely, your goals and underlying metrics dictate the most necessary functionalities that are focused exactly on your target audience.

The most basic list of features that your eCommerce needs in any case, however, includes:

• Product search with rich filters;

• SEO features;

• Social media and marketplace integrations;

• Speedy page load;

• Convenient shopping cart and checkout;

• Selection of payment options;

• Content management integration.
How can I ensure that my e-Commerce software performs well? Answer
Avoid common risks by turning to a reliable provider of full-cycle software development services that specializes in Agile workflow approaches. With this collaboration model in hand, you are getting a fully dedicated team that handles every aspect of the development project. Specialists at Chudovo, for instance, guarantee all-around polished solutions with proven quality by covering everything from product discovery and planning to testing/QA and post-release support.
What are the advantages of customized e-commerce development services? Answer
Specially designed, custom B2B and B2C e-Commerce solutions offer a distinct web design and user interface that aligns with your business needs. With custom e-Commerce development services provided by experienced vendors, you can expect clean and flexible code that facilitates seamless integration of new components and features to your website. Moreover, custom e-Commerce development is tailored to ensure your business's security, data privacy, and compliance, as the source code remains proprietary and inaccessible to the general public.
How long does c take to develop an E-commerce website? Answer
The development duration for an E-commerce website can vary depending on factors like complexity, desired features and functionalities, and team size. A basic website typically requires 10-14 weeks, whereas a more intricate one may take several months. At Chudovo, we employ a systematic development process and emphasize clear communication with our clients throughout the project.
Do you provide post-development support and maintenance for E-commerce websites? Answer
We offer support for your website after E-commerce development. We acknowledge that development is just the initial phase and can assist you with any issues that arise after your website is launched. Our service comprises frequent updates, bug resolution, performance enhancement, technical assistance, and data backup and restoration.