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Chudovo is a leading software development company known for its dedicated offshore development centers serving different clients around the world. We prioritize cost-effective, long-term partnerships with our clients and believe in adequately providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed.
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When you hire a dedicated development team from Chudovo

Our collaborative approach offers a flexible solution for customizing your business operations. We assign specific roles and responsibilities to each member of our dedicated development team, ensuring they are aligned with your processes and methodology.

Our dedicated development center model provides you with a high level of control over the constantly evolving software requirements, research and development, testing, maintenance, support, and other complex needs.

You gain access to our comprehensive development and testing infrastructure, which helps to enhance the software development capabilities of your organization.

In addition to providing top-quality communication systems and the latest IT infrastructure, our Dedicated Development Center Services also include support for accessing a highly skilled team of professionals. With Chudovo on your side, you can effectively manage software projects of any complexity, size, or industry.


We are pleased to offer our customers the option of a dedicated development center for their software needs. Here are some of the things that makes us special:

  • In our center, we will work with you to determine the specific team number and qualifications of the team members based on the scope of your project.

  • Assigned developers will be 100% fully dedicated to your project, ensuring a high level of attention to detail.

  • It is scalable, allowing us to bring on additional specialists as needed.

  • One of the factors that separates Chudovo from competitors is our commitment to cost-effective, long-term partnerships with clients around the world.
Why Choose Chudovo as your Dedicated Development Center
Our dedicated development team is fully focused on your project, allowing for a quicker return on investment without the need for long-term investment. This model acts as a virtual extension of your business, providing flexible pricing for software development work.
Maintain transparency in getting the extra resources and expertise you need. There are no skeleton in our cupboard and all our dedicated development center process from our team, mobilized resources to cost implications are open for all stakeholders to see
Available on Demand
Our full-fledged dedicated IT team is available on demand and provides skilled labor and exceptional operational support from project managers, technology heads, and dedicated developers who go above and beyond expectations.
You can easily access additional resources and expertise as needed, and adjust the size of the team, working hours, and engagement of skilled professionals according to your convenience.
Focus on the Essentials
The Dedicated Development Center model offers only the essentials to clients, eliminating unnecessary overhead costs such as payment, office infrastructure, technology upgrades, training, and HR.
We offer access to mid to senior level IT experts with expertise in various emerging technologies who are fully aware of your business operations and challenges.
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How our Dedicated Development Center Model Works
Setting up the center
Quick start and immediate results
Administration and HR support
Taking ownership of the center
Setting up the center
We work with you to establish a dedicated development center in Chudovo, taking into consideration the complexity, technology requirements, scope, and characteristics of your business and potential clients. We also help you determine the appropriate size and expertise level of the dedicated development team that will work on your project. Our HR team will provide full support in recruiting the necessary talent and accessing our IT infrastructure.
Quick start and immediate results
An experienced project manager and dedicated development team are assigned to address all of your queries and concerns. We clearly define roles and responsibilities in advance to eliminate ambiguity and follow a systematic development methodology that adheres to best practices thereby making your organization decide faster and achieve quick results within the least amount of time possible.
Administration and HR support
Our HR and Administration department handles all necessary tasks, including assigning the dedicated development team and enforcing strict non-disclosure agreements based on skills, roles, and time zone differences.
Taking ownership of the center
Once everything is set up, you have the freedom to manage the size of the dedicated development team as deem fit and retain full control over product development. We provide the necessary tools and continue to offer assistance, and you can involve us at any stage of the collaboration to facilitate communication and relationships with your team.
For companies planning to further expand their software development operations and capabilities, a Dedicated Development Center model could be the perfect solution. This model provides a full-time team of experts working with the latest technology and equipment in a convenient language-based environment. This model also offers significant savings in operational costs. Taking all these benefits into account, creating a Dedicated Development Center (DDC) is definitely an attractive proposition for companies searching for an affordable and professional solution. Having said that, our DDC have the following unique features:
Practical Approach
Chudovo has a top-notch team of dedicated software developers who are qualified computer engineers with a strong technical foundation. We also adopt a practical approach to managing and delivering enterprise applications and programming.
Standard Coding Practices
Our professionals follow standard quality coding practices to help businesses achieve their desired results and avoid any project difficulties.
Flexibility and Adaptability
As members of your internal team, our offshore developers will follow your work processes and workflows, and you'll have access to the best pricing options with no hidden expenses. We are flexible and adaptable, so you can count on us to support your project needs.
100% Security and Reliability
Our developers are dedicated to providing the highest level of security and reliability for your information, ideas, and processes. We also have contracts in place to ensure the confidentiality of data for both our employees and clients.
Administration and HR
A fully equipped office with all necessary hardware, software, and internet connections. In-house administrative staff handle all office management and legal procedures.
Dedicated Team
A team of qualified developers and testers who are dedicated to working on your projects and aligning with your company's policies and culture.
Access to talent pools
Access to the local labor market on the number of emerging regions and partnerships with a set of contractors for future recruitment needs.
Established Onboarding Process
It allows for new employees to be integrated into the team more efficiently and effectively, as they are able to work in close collaboration with their colleagues on site.
What is the difference between a dedicated development center and a dedicated team?
A dedicated development center has a deeper integration with the client's business, effectively functioning as the client's default technology division. A dedicated team, on the other hand, may be more focused on specific tasks or projects.
Do you offer flexibility in choosing the team hire model based on requirements?
Yes, you have the option to interview and hire senior experts to join your project delivery team.
How do you ensure that the project is completed seamlessly and high-quality code is written?
We provide tools and online resources to monitor the development of your project and ensure the delivery of each sprint.
Will the dedicated development center team be remote or collocated?
Both options are feasible, but the form of model may affect the speed of staffing.