Marketplace for sharing IT-professionals



Implementation of the marketplace for personnel planning in IT field.

Technologies used

.NET Core, Entity Framework, Azure, Azure DB, Cosmos DB, Blob storage, Docker, Angular, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Google API.


Chudovo engineering team is engaged in realisation of online marketplace for sharing IT-specialists between companies. Platform for planning and allocation of available software resources was programmed from scratch. Backend part was implemented on .NET and frontend – using Angular. Realized system is a complex solution for companies with existing software teams and for customers with need to hire a team of developers.

IT firms often put their employees on bench if current project ends. System allows business owners to present qualifications of such experts and thus to share with others information about availabilities of particular technical specialists. Therefore software resources can be planned rationally and shared with other companies. On the one hand supplying companies profit from the work of their employees, on the other hand customers can hire web development team for their projects. 

Sometimes clients prefer to collaborate with already formed teams instead of cooperation with a few separate freelancers. The system enables users to find and to pick up a whole team within one company. For example, an enterprise has an idea for their product and for its realisation is looking for 1 Ruby on Rails developer, 1 Vue.js specialist and 1 QA. The customer can easily find companies with available specialists of needed stacks and choose a partner for cooperation.

Following modules were implemented by Chudovo team for the first version of application:

  • Employees module
  • Projects module
  • Search module
  • Conversations module
  • Payment module

Currently the system is under active development, a number of important business features are planned to be added, updates follow.

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