Software for cutting metal



Further development of software for controlling the operation of a machine for cutting metal.

Technologies used

.NET, WPF, Mercurial, PRISM.


Chudovo has provided senior WPF software engineer to the global supplier of cutting-edge technology in mechanical engineering. Professional software product is intended for controlling the operation of a machine for cutting metal in a 2D plane. System is able to support N-number of different machines. Software controls cutting operations such as cylindrical holes, straight cuts, exact bevel angles and parts with absolute dimensional accuracy. System is flexible to adjustments of all technology parameters according to the needs of production. For example, it is possible for an operator to customize the sizes, offsets and frequency of cuts.

The software has several modes depending on the machine used as machines of different brands have different technology parameters, capabilities and performance. Application is easy in use and has an obvious user interface. Software also includes a history module. Thus the system saves the history of all operations, parameters adjustments and responsible operators, the number of connected machines etc. Application is aimed on both small and large enterprises. Software is developed for production processes automation, shortening production times and reducing the risks of manufacturing defects occurrence.