Software for filling drinks machines



Creation of an application for controlling filling drinks machines.

Technologies used

JavaScript, ReactJS, Java, HTML5, CSS, Docker.


Customer is an european provider of automation technology for filling and packaging systems. Company supports the world’s leading manufacturers, completely renewing beverage filling lines. To optimally handle the specifics of each manufacturer, customer offers modifications that are tailored exactly to the respective requirements of production. Changing existing machines and adapting them to new tasks is done in combination with providing customized software for automation and management of all the processes. This software controls all production lines in the sector of filling drinks. 

The main task of our fullstack software developer was customization of an application for the specific production needs of one exact manufacturer. The backend code of the source program is written using Java language and the frontend part is implemented using React framework. Our engineer was responsible for realization of UI and backend enhancements. Software is able to control N-amount of connected filling drinks machines. Operator, who is responsible for the production process, has only to configure the settings with needed technology parameters. For example, beverage industry products may be packaged in bottles, cans, jars or other containers. Depending on the container varies also the amount of liquid filler that has to be filled into the tare. Simple graphical interface allows users to easily change the setting and the connected filling machines will be switched to the new mode.