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What We Can Help You With:
  • As a seasoned AI/ML software development vendor, we employ the potential of AI, analytics, and the cloud to create new business solutions and perceptive experiences. Turn into a trailblazer in your domain and make the most of your data with the Machine Learning and AI development services we provide.
  • Chudovo leverages top-notch technological skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning development services to usher in a high degree of personalization and customer satisfaction. With our R&D competence and AI software development honed for rapid prototyping and bespoke machine learning solutions, our clients can enter yet-untapped market niches, augment their efficiency, and reach new business horizons. Chudovo makes it a point to oblige our customers and augment businesses by providing AI software solutions and machine learning development services.
How we create AI/ML solutions A 5-Step Roadmap for Successful Creation of Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Data gathering and vetting. Derive insights, sift through noise data, and transcode the obtained data into an easy-to-handle format.
  • Building or selecting a prediction scheme, creating a training batch to be employed for training the scheme.
  • Splitting training batch data and test set to monitor the results the prediction scheme yields.
  • Building a data set that will be applied for validation, adjustment, and streamlining of the prediction scheme.
  • Checking how the scheme works with a set of real-life data that was not a part of training.
AI Solutions We Build Can Be Employed in Multiple Industries
Retail and E-commerce
Monitor quality, step up services, usher innovation, and enhance product sales. Moreover, research data can be instrumental in shaping a market growth policy, optimization of inventory, and forecasting demand.
Introduce innovative workflows, upgrade data-fueled network services, attract new customers, and reach out to untapped markets on a greater scale.
Financials, Fintech, and Insurance
Onboard AI know-how to combat fraud, receive 24/7 chatbot support and obtain cutting-edge data analysis to help you in financial decision-making.
Guarantee data security during third-party integration and rev up your data analytics efforts.
Smart sensors utilized in IoT and AI-powered software enable predictive maintenance, thus letting your equipment serve you longer. They will become game-changers for your enterprise because they will rev up productivity and usher flexibility in the data processing.
Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics
Obtain data and insights in real-time, monitor the precise location, and perform efficient functioning while the tracking is on.
Our research base guarantees an exclusive level of data analytics and reports and is highly instrumental in mapping metadata.
Leverage AI-driven solutions to forecast the development of illnesses, enhance medical treatment, and step up the automation of the administrative pipeline in your hospital.
Improve medical facilities, streamline practice routines, monitor and receive data insights, cut down on cost, and overhaul the quality of services you provide for patients.
Media and entertainment
Generate top-notch content with smoothly integrated capabilities and track success with the help of essential analytics.
Launch a novel platform and approach to education, personalized learning practices with state-of-the-art know-how.
Travel & Hospitality
Bolster customer segmentation with analytics, augment your sales service, and map out future price strategies.
We can deliver a high-end AI-powered solution of any scope and complexity. Let’s discuss it!
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Pave the Way for New Prospects with Smart AI-Powered Solutions
Chatbot Development
Chatbot Development
Augment mobile app(s) you have via the integration of services you utilize regularly and thus enhance their use cases for the personnel and users. Text recognition. Streamlining business processes. Smart chatbot.
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
This AI-driven know-how enables users to get predictive insights into trends, expenditures, and customer churn. We at Chudovo can perform classification and cluster analysis for your enterprise, develop efficient recommendation engines, and pinpoint irregularities and frauds.
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing
Streamline and facilitate optical text recognition, treat big data, and configure meaning extraction algorithms. Besides, NLP enables text generation, categorization, and summarization, as well as allows the understanding of human language recorded in any format.
Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation
By harnessing this technology, you will minimize human errors, streamline workflows, step up data accuracy, accelerate pipeline procedures, and boost personnel satisfaction by eliminating redundant and repetitive assignments from their regular routine. Robotic process automation is especially effective when it goes about upgrading legacy environments, virtual desktop infrastructures, and databank access.
Self-Learning Analytic Tools
Self-Learning Analytic Tools
This kind of AI-driven software can analyze huge volumes of data within seconds, get meaningful insights, and sophisticate its methods and practices to be employed for tackling other similar tasks. Leverage these tools to absorb and process considerable data sets in real-time, fill in the existing blanks in them and promptly respond to customers' demands and queries with superb accuracy.
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
These state-of-the-art technologies comprise image generation and classification, object identification, recognition, and tracking, facial recognition, optical character recognition, 3D reconstruction, and other use cases. Thanks to them, the analysis and classification of real-time images become a breeze. The custom solutions we develop are instrumental in understanding digital pictures and videos, objects in which can be processed, analyzed, grouped into categories, and monitored.
ML development services and exclusive learning software development by Chudovo will enable you to enjoy:
Profit Increase
Utilized for data processing and analysis, AI-fueled solutions provide a deeper awareness of the market and clientele, thus propelling the quality of your services to a new level.
New Opportunities
Onboarded technologies allow enterprises to launch new products and provide services, opening fresh vistas for rapid business growth.
Improved Efficiency
AI and ML algorithms employed for providing real-time services to the user radically reduce human errors.
Reinforced Data Security
AI-driven cybersecurity tools excel at preventing unauthorized transactions and repelling cyber attacks.
What is AI-as-a-Service?
Simply put, it boils down to outsourcing AI-related services. This low-risk model doesn’t require any upfront investments but enables both startups and large enterprises to have a free hand in experimenting with new approaches to handle shop floor activities and upgrading various business procedures.
How can ML improve my business?
Due to the implementation of machine learning solutions, you can swiftly process raw data to extract valuable insights from it. As a result, your real-time decision-making is considerably streamlined, risks are identified at earlier stages, and accurate forecasts are enabled. Moreover, organizations that make use of ML-powered solutions report easier adaptation to volatile market circumstances, improvement of business routines, and better awareness of major business and consumer needs.
What programming languages are used to build AI-fueled software?
There are no limitations as to the languages utilized for this purpose, but we prefer Java, Python, and C++ as the most widespread ones.
How can you integrate your internal environment with AI solutions?
This is no-joke work that can be handled only by competent IT professionals. Our mavens possess the necessary expertise to perform such integration and make sure the upgraded system functions according to expectations.
What is the roster of your AI-related services?
We are a seasoned IT vendor with an extensive portfolio which contains multiple accomplished projects across a whole gamut of industries, such as real estate, fintech, construction, and more. Our expertise covers such domains as natural language processing, data science, computer vision, etc. Thus, we can deliver a high-end AI-powered solution of any scope and complexity – from a basic chatbot to custom enterprise software – within the stipulated time and budget.

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