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.NET 5.0 – All Functional review

.NET 5.0 is a principal release, including C # 9 and F # 5 – with a wide range of new functions and impressive improvements. Teams at Microsoft and other companies have already actively used it in production and for performance monitoring. These teams share great results with us that show the performance improvement or cost reduction for their web applications.

We mention ASP.NET Core, EF Core, C # 9, and F # 5 in this article. You can download .NET 5.0 for Windows, MacOS, and Linux for x86, x64, Arm32, Arm64.

For Visual Studio users, you need Visual Studio 16.8 or onwards to use .NET 5.0 on Windows and the latest version of Visual Studio for Mac on macOS. The C # extension for Visual Studio Code already supports NET 5.0 and C # 9.

.NET 5.0 is the first version of the .NET Association Journey. NET 5.0  allows many more developers to migrate .NET Framework code and their apps to .NET 5.0. More information on .NET standardization you can find later in this post.

NET 5.0 main points for .NET developers

There are some main improvements to .NET programming:

  • our professionals have already tested.NET 5.0 as it has been hosted on Dot.NET and Bing.com (version) for months.
  • The productivity improves significantly in many components, and there is a detailed description under Performance improvements in .NET 5.0, Arm64 performance in .NET 5.0, and gRPC.
  • C # 9 and F # 5 offer new language improvements such as top-level programs and data sets for C # 9. F # 5 offers interactive programming and a productivity upgrade for functional programming. NET.
  • .NET libraries provide improved productivity for Json serialization, regular expressions, and HTTP (HTTP 1.1, HTTP / 2). As there were some improvements in the GC, the P95 latency has decreased.

The application delivery options are better: ClickOnce client app publishing, single-file apps, reduced container image size, and the addition of Server Core container images. Windows Arm64 and WebAssembly will expand the platform.

In the .NET 5.0 version, Blazor is the best example of the repo consolidation and .NET unification usage. The runtime and libraries for Blazor WebAssembly have the basis of the consolidated DotNet / Runtime repo. That means that Blazor WebAssembly and Blazor on the server use, for example, the same code for List. It was not with Blazor before .NET 5.0. The approach for Blazor

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The .NET 5.0 SDK includes C # 9 and F # 5 are the parts of the .NET 5.0 release. Visual Basic is also in the 5.0 SDK. It does not contain any language changes, but rather improvements to support the Visual Basic Application Framework under .NET Core.

Source generators are the significant new features of the C # compiler. They are technically not part of C # 9, as there is no language syntax. To get started with this new function, see the examples of New C # Source Generators.


C # 9 includes a new class type called a record. It has several advantages over regular classes, half of which relate to the tighter syntax. The following data set comes from the linking of the Bh1745 RGB sensor.


.NET 5.0 Windows Forms Designer has some improvements, target frameworks for .NET 5.0, and newer versions have some changes, some support changes for WinRT, and other upgrades.

Visual Studio 16.8 has upgrades in the Windows Forms Designer (for .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0) to support all control elements of Windows Forms.


  • net 5.0 is the new Target Framework Moniker (TFM) for .NET 5.0.
  • net 5.0 combines and replaces netcoreapp and netstandard TFMs.
  • net 5.0 supports the .NET Framework compatibility mode
  • net 5.0-windows contains Windows-specific functions such as .Net 5.0 Windows Forms, WPF and WinRT APIs.
  • .NET 6.0 takes the same approach as net6.0, adding net 6.0-ios and net6.0-android.
  • The operating system that refers to TFMs can contain system operating version numbers such as net6.0-ios14.
  • Portable APIs, like ASP.NET Core, can be used with net5.0. The same applies to Xamarin forms with net6.0.

Arm64 productivity

The following improvements in the GC consist:

  • JIT optimizations for Arm64 optimized
  • Hardware properties of Arm64 activated algorithms in libraries adapted for Arm64

Support of ICU for Windows

ICU library for Unicode and globalization support was previously only used on Linux and MacOS. Now it is also possible with Windows 10.


System.Text.Json has been significantly improved in .NET 5.0 to upgrade productivity and reliability. It also includes support for deserializing JSON objects into records.

ClickOnce .NET 5

ClickOnce has been a popular .NET deployment option for many years. Windows apps .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0. support it. Last year, the .NET and Visual Studio teams worked together to enable ClickOnce Publishing from both the command line and Visual Studio.

NET 5.0 is another perfect release that should improve many aspects of .NET. Many improvements relate to single-file applications, productivity, ease of use of Json serialization, and Arm64 activation. The new language improvements in C # 9 and F # 5 enable the .NET developer to write the code more expressively and effortlessly. NET 5.0 is also an excellent choice for the existing apps. In many cases, you can upgrade with little effort.

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