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Entrust Your Software Development to Experienced Professionals

Aspiring small-to-medium-scale businesses are looking at the ultimate business and tech expansion opportunities by outsourcing software development. Outsourcing software development services the opportunities that save costs and speed up software delivery at the same time.

Certain needs and tasks are best handled with the help of specific problem-solving approaches and outsourcing models, so you should have your facts straight before going for outsourcing.
Namely, know exactly the problem, challenge, or task you need to tackle. The clearer the requirements, the better fitting specialists you’ll get.

At Chudovo, we have the capacities of a global software development provider focused on outsourcing options that fit widely ranging needs of businesses operating across various industries.

Chudovo’s professionals jump into projects at any development lifecycle stage and handle workflows of any scale and complexity.

Partnering with us, you will get

    Speed up project completion and product time-to-market by turning to specialists ready to jump into your project at once and prioritize individual deadlines.


    Get the risks of employee burnout, missed deadlines, and insufficient focus on software quality out of the way with flexible outsourced collaboration.


    Hire narrowly-specialized developers with high qualifications and vast experience in exactly the domain they are servicing, achieving firm project reliability.


    Avoid unnecessary and optimize relevant project expenses with timely launches, consistent software delivery sprints, and prompt reaction to challenges.


    Turn increased cybersecurity into a common project standard with the by-default reinforced protection from data tampering and leaks.

Software development outsourcing models
Staff augmentation
You get to remain the sole owner of the project throughout its whole lifecycle, augmenting the required tech talents only to fill the expertise gaps and reinforce the existing team.
Managed team
You share project ownership and responsibilities with your provider, who fully manages the talents they provide, with an outsourced Project Manager tracking the workflow. A hired managed team doesn’t depend on your in-house team.
You provide workflow specifications based on which the outsourcing provider launches a project that they fully oversee, manage, and complete from start to finish, delivering finished solutions and specific results.
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Why Should you Opt for Outsourcing in Software Development?
High qualifications from the get-go
By hiring outsourced talent from a reliable provider, you get a guaranteed level of competence and quality of performance delivered by profiled specialists consolidated into versatile, extensively skillful teams.
Flexible team organization
Yet another immense benefit of outsourcing your software development is that you may flexibly tailor a required team of professionals on demand. Ultimately, this enables you to intricately scale your project exactly where and when you see fit.
Immediate access to top tech and talent
A massive advantage of outsourcing is the ability to obtain world-class tools along with the talent to wield them without going too far or paying too much. Outsourced professionals usually come with their own instruments, while you can also get managerial benefits and collaborative solutions.
Time-efficient talent hiring
Time is the most precious currency of any business, and you get to save loads of it by hiring pre-approved professionals. An outsourcing provider does all the recruitment routine “behind the scenes”, offering well-researched, pre-made pools of specialists. All you need to do is state your objectives and requirements - hiring an outsourced team is easier and faster than even hiring a single highly-recommended professional.
Managed team opportunities
On top of all things considered, outsourced management can be a huge time and money saver as well. Finding and recruiting the right in-house team manager is quite a challenge, no matter the resources and prospects you are able to offer. And this challenge is eliminated automatically when you hire a managed team with a dedicated Project Manager ready to take on any degree of responsibility you wish.
Focus on core business needs
Last but not least, with software development outsourcing, you get a full-on focus on making your project prosper from your business disposition, without any distractions or dispersed responsibilities. You get to keep in tune with the original project concept at all times and do your thing, boosting the chances for success.
How to outsource software development processes
There are a range of best practices for smoothness and efficiency of outsourced collaboration. What to know when looking for and then approaching a provider? How to pick a suitable software development methodology? And what other crucial things to keep in mind? Make sure to have a good understanding of the following processes for the best results.
Picking A Best-Fitting Methodology
Defining A Project Specification
Choosing An Outsourcing Partner
Tracking Project Process
Prioritizing QA and Testing
Picking A Best-Fitting Methodology
Waterfall or Agile? Scrum or Kanban? DevOps or FDD (Feature-Driven Development)? This crucial choice of software development management methodology is based on the scope, complexity, timescale, and budget underlying your project. A reliable provider will guide you in the most individually efficient direction.
Defining A Project Specification
One should never downplay the importance a project brief bears in shaping the overall project success. Based on clear, to-the-point specifications, specialists comprehend the specifics, efficiently plan out the workflow, and reliably implement exactly the solution you expect in the first place.
Choosing An Outsourcing Partner
Before all else, make sure to have a clear understanding of what expertise your existing team lacks or what range of outsourced input your project requires (e.g., full project completion, partial participation, specific skills, etc.). On top of that, always check the reputation and go through a portfolio of the provider you are about to turn to.
Tracking Project Process
Be prepared to collaborate via project management solutions like Jira, Asana, Trello, or others if you are looking to track and monitor any details of the outsourced workflow. Workflow documenting, calendar scheduling, and common messaging are other auxiliary processes that you should be involved with.
Prioritizing QA and Testing
Thorough testing and Quality Assurance should never be downplayed or overlooked. A reliable provider must have both tasks listed as a separate service, source testing and QA professionals, and guarantee tools to thoroughly test and polish your project’s results.
Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development
Quick start, prompt results
Ultimately efficient and responsive, an outsource team dives into your project head-to-toe and delivers well-adjusted performance.
Ongoing staff management
We continuously monitor processes, supervise specialists, and manage human resources and payroll, keeping your outsourcing endeavor long-term efficient.
Cut expenses
Chudovo offers opportunities that help you avoid the time and expenses associated with recruiting, onboarding, and educating in-house staff.
Higher software quality
Turning to Chudovo outsourcing services, you get immediate access to a pool of seasoned professionals whose experience and expertise are tailored to both your individual needs and industry-wide standards.
Why do I need software development outsourcing?
Software development outsourcing is a well-proven cost-cutting, speed-boosting alternative to in-house development that gives every client such ultimate benefits as:

  • Easily scalable teams and workflows;
  • Immediate access to lacking expertise;
  • An ability to hire industry’s brightest minds;
  • Pre-approved experience and skills;
  • Fully custom-tailored teams;
  • Well-adjusted collaboration.
  • Smooth management and communication.
What is the procedure for requesting a modification in my project/code/application?

We always define the terms of the provision of outsourcing software development services according to the client and sealed terms of cooperation. Our specialists deliver the finished product along with the report on tracked working hours.

Professionals sourced by Chudovo really dedicate to project workflows and promptly respond to inquiries and feedback. We also prioritize client satisfaction and proper results by emphasizing an early introduction of edits and changes.

How to protect Intellectual Property when Outsourcing?

It's crucial to take the required precautions to safeguard your intellectual property when trying to outsource in order to achieve time- and cost-efficient, flexible, and enhanced project workflow. If you are aware of how crucial the legal framework governing your IP is, you might want to evaluate previous outsourcing agreements and edit them in certain places.

Another precaution would be to also restrict your provider’s access to project-wise data and underlying servers. And feel free to clarify important questions concerning IP protection with the outsourcing provider so that you can strategically approach any future outsourcing agreements or partnerships.

What is the best engagement model for outsourcing software development?
The choice of a best-fitting engagement model is a very individual case that is dictated by your project’s scope and goals. You may always switch to another model if the existing conditions don’t seem to satisfy you. We have Project Managers to outsource to make your life easier and will eagerly consult you on all the specifics.
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