Custom application development services


Staff a major resource of every company. By hiring professionals we let business develop and grow up. Chudovo focuses on development team organization, where each member responsible for his part of the development process. Reasonably, operative and productive teamwork is the first step in creating products business enterprises need.
Chudovo development team is an organized and complementing each other system. Our company's staff is represented with specialists with different level of experience in their expertise area, from Junior to Team Lead positions.
In particular, our specialists are professionals in various technological fields, essential in building IT infrastructure for any business. You can chose not only among the platforms, including mobile ones, but programming languages as well. When making a choice, please consider which program platform will meet your enterprise demand and whether it is agile enough to fulfil your objectives in future.
Creating an IT product often means keeping an eye on advancement of its crucial parts that is achieved by reasonable and efficient sharing of responsibilities among managers. Their core functions are focused on operative management and control over the quality, productivity and efficiency of their part, for instance, company’s official page, its technological advancement, etc. Thereupon, development of the IT product is a result of coordinated work of all managers.
System administration
Any technological process is impossible without constant control over system certificates, productivity monitoring, network configuration, access settings, etc., which contribute to normal workflow and further development of the project/product. Chudovo system administration staff deals with system resources organization according to client’s needs.
UI/UX Design
A visual appearance of the product is a responsibility of company’s designers’ team, in which each member is a specialist in various designing techniques, familiar with necessary materials and figures’ attributes, and visual standards. Graphic designer’s job is crucial not only for project technological development, but its further promotion and advertising by product manager.
Quality Assistance staff informs development team over any bugs and system errors, which should be fixed in correspondence with product’s standards. In addition to product quality assurance at all stages of development, production and operation of the software, it is a key responsibility of the QA to report and document all the findings and modeling of possible testing scenarios.
Position: Junior, Middle, Senior, Arhitect, Team/Technical lead
Technology: .NET, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby/Rails, Hadoop, iPhone, Android, Front-end, C++, Embedded(C, Java, Lisp, Assembler)
Management: Project manager, Scrum master, Product owner, Site manager
System administration: Unix, Linux, Windows, VoIP, IPTV, ATM
Design: Graphical designer, UX designer, Analyst
QA: Manual, Automatization, Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc
Others: Office manager, Assistant, Accounter