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Craft dynamic, robust PHP solutions to boost your business and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace! Our custom PHP web development services can help propel your business to the next level, enabling large-scale transformation.
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What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language well-suited for website and web application development. Created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, the official PHP reference implementation is now developed and managed by the PHP Group. The acronym for PHP has changed to Hypertext Preprocessor, which is recursive.

PHP differs from other programming languages, as it is not compiled but is interpreted on a web server. This interpreter called the Zend Engine, is released under the PHP license. It is compatible with frameworks like Laravel and Symfony and can be installed on many operating systems, platforms, and frameworks.

Additionally, it is easy to integrate with many database servers, such as MySQL. With the increasing number of APIs being developed, it is now even easier to use PHP.

PHP is often utilized for web development, yet it can also be used for various other projects, e.g., back-end mobile apps, GUI programs, data representation, and design. Though, it is most commonly seen in web development.

Construct robust, scalable, and enterprise-grade applications with effective PHP development solutions.

  • Reliable partnership

    Focusing on sustained and productive partnerships, we provide high-quality PHP services that offer great value. It is demonstrated by the more than 20 clients that have been with us for over five years.

  • Low attrition rate

    With an average employee tenure of three years, Chudovo minimizes the risk of losing key personnel on projects. It ensures knowledge is retained and your money is saved.

  • Fast project kickoff

    From signing the contract to launching the development process, we aim to have your fully-functional software ready within 1-2 weeks.

  • Expertise in different domains

    Our team of experts provides solutions that surpass all expectations. Our web applications will help you stand out and improve your product. Over the past 12 years, Chudovo specialists have gained a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, which can be applied to your project to help you jumpstart your revenue with the latest technologies.
PHP Web Development Services
Chudovo, a leading PHP website development firm, offers comprehensive and versatile PHP development services to create robust web applications utilizing various PHP frameworks, including Laravel and CodeIgniter.
Custom PHP Web Development
We provide tailored PHP web development services to meet business needs, crafting unique, database-driven websites for maximum performance. Customization is available.

PHP is essential for creating dynamic content for websites and web applications. Chudovo specializes in web development, providing businesses with custom-built, high-performance, visually appealing, easy-to-use sites and apps.
PHP Framework Development
Trust us as your PHP development partner to deliver customers a fast, intuitive, and feature-packed experience. Our services cover a range of solutions for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C, such as custom websites and apps, enterprise CMS (WordPress, Drupal), and digital experience platforms - all built with leading PHP frameworks like Laravel.
Full-Stack PHP Development
We provide full-stack PHP development services, offering custom front and back-end application development to meet the needs of businesses.

PHP is widely used for web development but has many other applications, such as design, data science, GUI applications, content management systems (CMS), and even mobile app development.
PHP API Development & Integrations
Enhance and expand web applications with our secure services, integrating existing and new third-party systems and devices. Automate your processes with our API, allowing computers to take care of the work and boosting your productivity by streamlining your workflows.
Custom CRM, ERP & Portal Development
Develop CRM, ERP, and portal solutions with PHP to accommodate the ever-evolving business requirements of clients.
PHP Back-end & Web Services
Construct applications and web services with reliable and secure PHP technology via robust back-end frameworks. Enhance your web, mobile, and IoT performance with a reliable foundation that encourages proper practices and ongoing assistance for managing under any load.
PHP Website Support & Maintenance
Our comprehensive support and maintenance services guarantee that your PHP websites and applications will work without interruption. After completing your project, we will still be available to provide support, perform maintenance, and carry out any necessary updates. We are committed to ensuring that your products will continue to run optimally now and in the future.
PHP Web APP Upgradation & Migration
Our full-stack PHP web development firm offers website migration services that cover performance boosts and application optimization. With PHP having one of the most robust and comprehensive ecosystems in the web development world, we provide you with the expertise to modernize and upgrade existing products and platforms. Our comprehensive PHP development services give you all you need to take your application to the next level. We also provide thorough testing to guarantee your applications are running optimally.
PHP CMS/Platforms Development
At Chudovo, we can provide you with a robust CMS website development platform built using PHP and MySQL. Our cutting-edge system will enable you to create a database-driven and dynamic website tailored to your business needs. This platform allows you to easily manage and update your content, scale up your processes, and reach your objectives.
Our custom PHP web development services can help propel your business to the next level, enabling large-scale transformation.
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PHP consulting
Our expertise in PHP projects can assist you in selecting the right technology mix for your planned project and provide recommendations on addressing tech challenges with an existing project. It includes:

• identifying potential system bottlenecks,

• assessing security vulnerabilities,

• creating an optimal scalability map.
PHP development
Depending on the desired interaction mode, you can select either a remote dedicated team or workforce enhancement. Our managers will ensure that suitable contenders are preselected following the specified criteria and available for your evaluation, with the process assisted by them. Furthermore, you can explore our PHP outsourcing services if you are looking for a vendor to manage the entire PHP development process.
Why PHP Development
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    PHP provides increased scalability and the ability to distribute workloads across multiple servers, allowing for more user requests to be handled through horizontal scalability.
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    Outsourcing your PHP web development needs provides compatibility with many platforms and frameworks, making it one of the most popular coding languages on the internet today. This results in a wide range of easy-to-use functionality.
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    Our team is committed to providing secure solutions and remarkable results with PHP. Sustaining and frequently updating the application is essential to ensure the best security.
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    PHP's wide acceptance is due to its strength. Apart from its ease of use, PHP enables you to use adaptive content on many different platforms and can be embedded into HTML to create new, dynamic code from existing code.
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    PHP's utilization of its memory lowers the server workload and loading time, leading to faster processing speeds. It significantly reduces the development time for web applications like eCommerce and CRM.
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    You can improve the performance of a website written in PHP by writing scalable and reliable code when handling large amounts of web pages.
Our PHP Development Process
Requirements Gathering
Requirements Gathering
Understanding the client's needs and identifying the essential elements of the product is the initial phase of any web or software development project. We will collaborate with you to discern your requirements for the project and decide the best course of action.
Map each project stage, assigning roles such as PHP developers, project managers, QA testers, and team members as required. Create a schedule and benchmarks, and allocate resources to craft a solid project plan.
Our developers will construct the product and execute unit testing to validate the code quality. We will also inform you of our progress during this stage of the PHP project.
UX designers focus on the product's visual aspects and user experience during the design stage. The aim is to create an engaging and enjoyable user experience with the website, app, or program.
QA specialists must perform extensive testing to confirm the project is ready for release. It includes evaluating performance, functionality, and load capacity and identifying errors and bugs. The development team will collaborate with the QA team to guarantee the product's quality.
Once all team members and the client are content with the product, deployment can occur, making it ready for market release. Nevertheless, there will always be the need for updates and maintenance afterward.
Once your product is launched, we promise to offer expert assistance.

PHP Development Frameworks

Your application based on Symfony provides a broad range of features. It includes various PHP components, an app framework, and a unified philosophy and community, all working harmoniously.
With its 480 million+ installations, Zend is a professional suite of PHP packages for creating web applications and services. It provides an object-oriented codebase and a wide range of language features to enable developers to craft sleek and sophisticated apps.
Laravel, an open-source PHP framework, offers web app development that follows the MVC pattern. It simplifies everyday tasks, allowing you to get your app to market faster.
CakePHP, an open-source, rapid-development framework, provides programmers with a structure on which to build, resulting in a more robust application in a shorter period of time. Rather than creating everything from scratch, CakePHP ensures you don't have to reinvent the wheel and can rely on its well-tested core.
Codeigniter, an open-source rapid development framework, is utilized by Jelvix to build dynamic websites and apps that connect to databases and execute various functions.
Yii2 offers a component-based framework that enables the fast development of amazing web apps. Its ease of use, speed, and scalability make it a great choice, so hire experienced PHP developers with Yii2 expertise.
Falcon is the fastest PHP framework based on the MVC pattern. Its innovative architecture and immersive experience help to create an innovative app that outperforms the competition.
PHPixie is an open-source web application framework that is straightforward yet able to manage and facilitate complex models. According to PHPixie, "You have full autonomy over what's occurring."
FuelPHP, an open-source web application framework, is fast, efficient, and highly flexible. It combines the best existing frameworks to create a new, innovative web application in less time.
Top 8 Benefits of Using PHP in Web Development
PHP, a server-side scripting language, offers numerous advantages, making it a popular choice for creating top-tier websites around the globe.

PHP web development is one of the most popular choices for website creation, with millions of sites built and counting. So what makes PHP so attractive? While open source and free access are certainly factors, there are other compelling reasons why PHP is so widely used. Let's explore some of these benefits and why PHP web development is so popular.
PHP offers maximum control over websites while requiring fewer lines of code than other languages. Changes can be made quickly and easily, making it an ideal choice for those needing frequent adjustments.
Cost efficient
You know that PHP is open source and free to use, so you don't need to purchase pricey software. Your website can be built with minimal cost.
Access to support
A considerable number of people are using PHP, creating an extensive community. Consequently, if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation, you can quickly get help from the community.
Platform independent
No matter what operating system you use - Windows, MacOS, Linux, or UNIX - it is compatible with all major web browsers.
Supports all servers
PHP is compatible with many web servers, including Microsoft IIS, Caudium, Apache, Netscape, and iPlanet. It also supports a variety of databases, such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and more than 20 others.
Creating websites and web applications using a secure protocol protects against viruses and other threats. This security layer provides an added layer of protection.
Tested, proven, and trusted
For over two decades, millions of people have tested this product's capabilities and proved its reliability, earning it the trust of developers worldwide.
PHP is Scalable
PHP's dynamic scalability makes it a practical choice for web development.

PHP's capabilities are constantly improving with regular updates, allowing your business website to grow alongside it.
Our PHP development services in the industries
Chudovo offers comprehensive PHP development services with 15+ years of experience. Working with one vendor proficient in all software creation areas is more cost-effective than partnering with multiple companies specializing in the front-end or back-end. It is also more manageable when there is only one provider. Our portfolio comprises a range of case studies from industries like healthcare, e-learning, sports, retail and e-commerce, media entertainment, automotive and transport, power supply, telecommunications, and finance.

Obtain a Safe and Easy-to-Operate Custom eLearning Service That Your Students Will Enjoy. We offer a range of eLearning software development services that give you complete control and the ability to create a specialized instructional design for your program and even sell it as your product.

Retail and E-commerce

We offer a variety of e-commerce projects, from creating web-based applications for booking seats and purchasing tickets in theaters, cinemas, airports, and transport companies, to developing web applications for furniture design, calculation, and order formation.

Media entertainment

Corporate Solutions for a survey, personnel training, and testing organizations. Alternative applications for creating marketing campaigns. Interactive applications to promote products and services for trading companies.


We specialize in delivering software solutions and mobile applications for the medical industry, including optimizing workflow in healthcare and developing an information web resource for organizing information on medicines and pharmaceutical products.


Construct a special software for the fitness and sports sector with CHUDOVO. We cover various product delivery, including mobile, web, and desktop sports app development. If you wish to have sports software from the ground up or improve the existing one – our team will provide a cutting-edge solution!

Auto and Transport

Constructing a mobile application to measure and analyze the acceleration speed of vehicles utilizing GPS and accelerometer technology. This application enables users to monitor various parameters of the car and engine in real time through a smartphone.

Power Supply

Implementing integrated solutions in the energy sector. Developing a system for power stations to collect, process, and account for electricity from remote industrial meters. Creating a portal and desktop application to manage and automate data collection from residential heat meters.


Developing digital, multi-faceted solutions in the multimedia sector. Designing custom TV channels, constructing rating analysis systems, and integrating CRM systems to manage customers. Establishing a web application that facilitates incoming call processing in a call center.

Finance and Banking

Implementing banking systems to integrate with international money transfer systems, coordinating budget requests and controlling budget use, automating business processes for credit, etc.

What is PHP, and how does it work?
PHP is an open-source, server-side scripting language that stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It allows for dynamic web development by being embedded into HTML codes.
What is the difference between PHP and JavaScript?
Comparing PHP and JavaScript, both commonly used for web development, it is clear that there are several critical distinctions between them. JavaScript is used primarily for front-end or client-side development, while PHP is used for server-side or back-end development. Additionally, JavaScript runs in the browser, while PHP does not. Some additional distinctions between them should also be noted.
What kind of applications can you build using PHP?
PHP is renowned for its use in web development, but it also has the potential to be used for a variety of other applications, such as eCommerce, data apps, and even mobile apps. In addition, PHP can be used for projects related to content management systems, databases, and more. Examples of apps powered by PHP and other languages are Facebook, Slack, Tumblr, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, and WordPress.
How much does it cost to build a PHP app?
The cost of constructing a PHP application is dependent on various elements. Submit a project request, and our team will provide a quotation.
How much time will it take to complete my PHP project?
The timeframe for your project will be determined by a range of aspects associated with it, such as the extent of personalization, the complexity of the app, and its advanced functions. Our team will strive to deliver it on time.
Your business's success depends on your ability to adjust to evolving market trends.