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Partner with CHUDOVO to recruit Java developers who have undergone rigorous vetting to deliver dependable, expandable, and outcome-oriented software solutions that accelerate your enterprise's progress, ingenuity, and agility for tomorrow.
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With over two decades of expertise in Java development outsourcing, CHUDOVO guarantees secure, scalable, and cost-effective software products constructed with Java.

Our dedicated Java developers possess extensive knowledge and a vast talent pool to build your Java-based solution from the ground up and upscale your existing team. We have a proven record of delivering Java outsourcing services globally while operating in distributed teams at our development centers.

CHUDOVO Java developers have vast experience developing various solutions, such as content management platforms and blockchain-powered systems. Our experts engineer highly scalable, portable, secure enterprise systems, platform-agnostic web applications, IoT systems, cloud-enabled software, and more. We also offer comprehensive maintenance, upgrading, enhancement, and cross-technology migration of Java-based solutions.

We cater to Java outsourcing services for large-scale enterprises, ISVs, and startups across various industries such as fintech, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom, e-commerce, etc.

What Is Java in Commercial Development

Despite the emergence of various other technologies, Java software development has proven to be a solid and enduring programming language in the market. Its exceptional performance, scalability, and ease of maintenance make it an ideal choice for diverse applications, including custom web development, desktop software, and Java mobile development. Java is widely used for cutting-edge technologies such as data science, IoT infrastructure, machine learning platforms, and software based on microservices.

At CHUDOVO, we specialize in custom Java development services to help businesses navigate the complex software development landscape. Our team of experts creates both mature and innovative applications that align with your business goals and future-proof your company.

No matter the job's nature, whether creating a Java application from the ground up or providing additional assistance with an existing project, we are available to offer our support.

Dedicated Java Development Team
Are you in need of technical expertise or specialized skills in Java? Our dedicated team of Java developers can assist you in extending your resources and seamlessly collaborating with your company, whether under your direction or ours. This approach is particularly advantageous for extensive, long-term Java application development projects involving managing numerous tasks or having a well-defined vision of your future project objectives.

Our process involves promptly assigning a committed team of Java developers who operate as an offshore extension of your in-house team.
Fixed Bid
Fixed-cost pricing is the most appropriate option for Java software development projects with a specific and unchanging scope. Its key benefit is enabling clients to establish a precise budget and plan accordingly. We can collaborate with you to create comprehensive specifications if a project needs clarity. We will present a proposal outlining timeframes, expenses, team composition, and expected outcomes upon approval.
Time and Materials
This approach is typically adequate for creating prototypes or in cases where the client and our developers need a clearly defined project scope. Payment is based on mutually agreed-upon benchmarks, with the client taking on responsibility for all risks associated with the scope of work. The client plays an active role in developing Java software solutions and is provided with a team of skilled Java experts, with billing based on actual time expended.
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Java Software Development Services for Your Business
CHUDOVO provides a broad range of Java software development services to help your business stay ahead in the market competition.
Java Web Development
Our team of developers specializes in creating secure, responsive, and resilient solutions for organizations of all sizes. From simple CRM systems to enterprise-grade apps, our Java app development company empowers your web experience with robust Java frameworks.
Java Cloud Development
We assist you in leveraging the cloud with cloud-native and serverless apps based on Java. Our scalable, elastic solutions with high availability set up your cloud journey for success.
Java Mobile App Development
As a skilled Java Android app development company, we offer native apps that provide a smooth user experience based on Java technology. We can also add new features or improve the existing mobile experience.
Custom Development
Apart from our flagship services, we provide additional expertise on custom Java solutions. Our team covers the entire app development process and delivery, providing a complete product tailored to your requirements.
QA Services
Our QA engineers test every aspect of your application to enhance user experience and ensure perfect app performance. We can try solutions in production and existing Java applications.
Enterprise Solutions
Our company has extensive hands-on experience in offering Java solutions for large-scale projects. We rely on API development, integration, and the best Java technologies to support the needs of mature organizations across industries.
Java Consulting
Our Java consulting services include issue diagnosis, code review, and expert technical support. We provide deep insights into the challenges you face.
Java-Based Solutions Development
We use Java to develop a backend-based solution for industry-specific mobile apps, backend APIs, web applications, websites, and portals.
Java Team Extension
Looking for additional Java experts to join your team? Our Java Developers have specialized skill sets that can enhance your team and contribute to the successful completion of your project!
Our Java Development Process
At CHUDOVO, the Java software development process follows the SDLC model, consisting of five phases utilized throughout the project, from analyzing the project scope to working on specific tasks or features in agile sprints.

These phases enable us to improve the development process and deliver top-quality products by providing requirements and recommendations in several categories, including Business Domains, Data models, Performance, Security, Documentation, System infrastructure, Application Architecture, Quality, and Monitoring.
Design (software)
Deployment / Maintenance
The objective of this stage is to collect the necessary specifications for the project or a specific component of the project (such as MVP, features, epic, etc.) to evaluate the required resources for planning work. It includes selecting the most suitable solution and commencing with the development process.
Design (software)
During this stage, the primary objective is to select suitable tools and strategies for the project, considering the requirements gathered in the previous phase. Some of the essential elements of the design phase include:

• Identifying the appropriate Java-based technology stack

• Outlining critical components of the system from an architecture and infrastructure standpoint

• Creating clear diagrams and documentation to aid other stakeholders' understanding

• Assessing the required talent and skill set

• Conducting a threat modeling assessment to identify and mitigate key project risks.
The development stage is crucial in Java software development as it involves implementing the requirements and architecture defined in the previous step into functional code. The primary objective of this phase is to deliver software that provides business value and consultation services to meet the requirements. It is important to emphasize that the focus of the development phase is to ensure that the final product delivers functional software that adds value to the business.
The testing phase encompasses more than just Quality Assurance. It covers all activities, procedures, and materials connected to testing our products, including the contributions of QAs, Developers, DevOps engineers, Security Engineers, automated tools, and other types of testing. CHUDOVO places significant emphasis on the quality of our products, which is why our SDLC implements a range of testing-related components. These components are executed at different stages of work and involve diverse stakeholders depending on the project specifications and areas of focus.
Deployment / Maintenance
The ultimate step of the development cycle is the Release/Deployment phase. During this stage, the new code is transferred to the intended environment, whether the testing or production environment. Any further advancements or alterations to the software are halted while the project is stabilized. The team monitors the system metrics to assess its current usage and ensure it complies with the agreed Service Level Objective (SLO). Java offers distinctive programming advantages over other languages.
What Java Offers That Other Programming Languages Don't
We are well-versed in the intricacies of technology and assist our clients in utilizing the full potential of Java. Using the well-known principle of "write once, run everywhere," we tap into the numerous advantages of personalized Java development. With the modern Java tech stack, you can quickly and cost-effectively create sustainable, high-performing applications. Java is a flexible tool with powerful frameworks, diverse libraries, and reusable components. It is ideal for constructing anything your company requires, from scalable enterprise systems to cross-platform applications and data-intensive solutions.
Reduce your development costs and expand your market reach with Cross-Platform Java. Write once and run anywhere, doing more with less.
Flexibility of Integration
Integrate your apps per your business needs, tapping into an unlimited range of integrations to boost customer experience and lower costs.
Mature Ecosystem
Java has been fueling millions of applications since 1995, providing unmatched functionality, rich libraries, and custom extensions.
Java's proven frameworks, libraries, and tools make it resourceful for building anything from customer portals and mobile apps to large enterprise solutions with rich functionality.
Java is among the best choices for building robust, resilient, and reliable software that withstands modern scalability, compliance, and data security requirements.
Java-powered products can perform multiple tasks simultaneously without overweighting your application, making it useful for real-time trading platforms, large web, gaming, and animation-heavy solutions.
Short time-to-market
CHUDOVO Java developers can write code faster with fewer bugs, thanks to a well-developed Java ecosystem and a well-designed intuitive set of APIs, enabling optimal time-to-market periods.
Java development makes it easy for enterprises to scale up, offering various components available from multiple vendors vital for building scalable solutions.
Our Domain Expertise
Java offers an extensive collection of libraries and frameworks that empower us to build tailored solutions for various industries. Our organization has gathered diverse expertise to assist you in crafting Java solutions that align with your business goals.
Delivery Applications

Our team develops Java-powered software for efficient delivery management, route planning, optimal routing, and delivering real-time tracking updates to customers.

Fintech Applications

We focus on delivering secure financial management tools that allow users to track their investments, make payments, and exchange currencies. We use Java’s robust security features to give our clients peace of mind when managing their finances.

Retail Applications

Our inventory management solution offers a centralized database built on Java and enables real-time tracking to assist businesses in managing their inventory efficiently. It also provides tools to track sales and analyze customer data, helping companies make data-driven decisions to enhance their operations.

Healthcare Applications

Java creates functionalities such as electronic medical records (EMRs), systems supporting clinical decisions (CDSSs), and software processing medical images.

Ecommerce Applications

Java is employed in our eCommerce solutions encompassing simple shopping carts, payment processing, and elaborate enterprise-grade systems.

Technology Applications

Java is a versatile technology that empowers us to develop various functionalities such as personalized applications, a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, and an easy-to-use user interface.

Real Estate Applications

Our Java capabilities cater to personal and business needs, encompassing overseeing properties, tenants, leases, and finances. We also offer custom agency CRM development.

Entertainment Applications

Java is a language in high demand in the entertainment industry because of its application in constructing 3D animations and streaming platforms.

What is Java language used for?
Java is a flexible tool with a multitude of uses. The TIOBE Index ranks it the world's third most popular programming language, making it widely applicable across various industries - gaming, mobile app development, and web applications. Additionally, Java is the backbone for cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, and edge computing.

Developers frequently use Java to create desktop, web, and Android applications. It is also a popular choice for server-side applications, with many of the world's top websites - such as Amazon and eBay - relying on its power.
Is Java a popular programming language?
Java is undeniably one of the most widely used programming languages worldwide. It has earned a spot near the peak of numerous measures outlining the popularity of programming languages.
Is Java still in demand in 2022?
Java remains highly sought after as a coding technology with global popularity. Its versatility enables it to serve as the driving force behind various applications and platforms, ranging from Java game development to Java Android app development.

Over the years, Java has undergone significant advancements, making it more robust and adaptable to modern computing requirements. Additionally, several tech industry giants, including Google, Airbnb, Spotify, and eBay, have integrated Java into their tech stacks.
How much does Java application development cost?
The expenses involved in creating a Java application depend on various crucial factors, including the product's intricacy, the necessary database specifications, the number of resources deployed, and others. Seeking advice from our Java development specialists would be the most appropriate way to obtain an accurate estimation of costs.
I want to hire Java developers for my ongoing project. Can you help?
With a history of over 15 years of tackling complex project demands, our specialists have honed their skills in developing Java-based applications that are secure and adaptable to growing demands.
How long does going live with a custom Java development project take?
The time it takes to complete a project depends on what the client wants. If the project requires advanced technology and customization on a large scale, it could take several weeks or even months to provide the outcome.
Our Java development specialists are available for consultation for more accurate comprehension.